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All Sevens Set

There are 4 ways to make a seven with this set, and it is more forgiving, with ...

Hard Way Set

Other than the All Sevens set this is probably the only other set a new precision

The 2 "V" Set

This set is a good set for the 4 and 10 as each face is either a four or a ten.

The 3 "V" Set

Good for sixes and eights as all four sides show only sixes and eights.

Straight Sixes Set

An advanced set that is good for Come Out rolls and ...

6/5 - 5/4 Set

Another great set for place bets. 12 possible place numbers.

6/5 - 4/4 Set

Great for inside numbers. 12 place numbers.

Crossed Sixes Set

Good for come out roll and outside numbers.

6/4 - 5/6 Set

This is a good set for inside numbers, whirls and horns.

6/5-5/6 Set

Good for come out roll ONLY! NOT good for place numbers! Click on any of the dice set photos to see additional information on the category, an overview of the set, and when to use the set.

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