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2-Finger Front Diagonal

The diagonal grip is used to minimize skin friction even more than other types of Grips.
This grip is applied to the opposing edges of the dice. The thumb is placed on the bottom back edges and exerts equal pressure to both dice. The fingers are placed on the top-front edges, and again, equal pressure is applied to both dice.

3 Finger Front

The index, middle and ring fingers are placed across the far upper edge of the dice as they sit side by side on the table. The pinkie finger is not used.

The thumb is situated about half way down on the two near faces, pressing about 50/50 on each side and directly opposed to the middle finger. Use a light grip, but not loose, keeping the dice parallel to the table. The dice have to be perfectly square to each other and flat or parallel to the table surface.

3 Finger Front Diagonal

The thumb is on the back edge of the dice with the three fingers on the front edge of the dice. In this grip the thumb and all of the fingers are on the edges of the dice.





Ice Tong

With the Ice Tong grip the thumb is placed on the left side and the index or middle finger is placed on the right side. No other fingers are used. Remember to keep both die parallel to the table surface.


This is the Stacked Grip where the two die are "stacked", one on top of the other.
The idea is that the top die acts as a hammer to stop the bottom die from moving. The energy of the top die is somewhat diminished by this "hammer" action.


Primary use is for underhand. Index and little fingers on the outside faces of the dice and the thumb set on the rear of the dice. Equal pressure applied, the forefinger and the ring fingers are centered on the front faces of the dice.

2-Finger Pincer

If one cannot master the 3-finger front grip at first, try this grip; it really works. This grip requires little force with very little friction. Just the right amount of back spin with a light loft for a very soft landing.



Courtesy of DiceCoach.com