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Howard rock n roller's Trip Reports

A Day in Las Vegas - March 2023

Posted on March 9, 2023

 Trip Report - A Day in Las Vegas

Hi everyone, I was in Las Vegas from January 11 till February 13th and it was a great trip! I got to see many of my old friends, Michael Feldman and his wife Debbie, my wife Ivy, my sister Arlene, and friends Leslie, Eric Hazel, Boris from Pennsylvania, Doug (Coaster) from Tampa and many of my local friends. I also was able to attend the Super Bowl Party at Paris thanks to my buddy Eric. Plus, Ivy and I went to Arizona one weekend and visited our son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren.

It was a very busy month. I taught classes just about every day, seven days a week, and had 45 students throughout the trip come to my Vegas craps pit for classes. Many of them posted in my Facebook Group about their successful casino sessions and thanked me for helping them with their toss. Below is just one of the many stories of interesting things that happened out in Las Vegas. 

On January 31, after my class, I played with some old friends from my old Golden Group... They’ve been hearing about my success teaching and shooting, but today they wanted to see me in action.

They didn’t really want to shoot, but they wanted me to shoot.. Can I still hit home runs like the old days? Author Frank Scoblete coined me “The Babe Ruth of Dice Control” in his books. I was known for having hour-long rolls and hitting lots of Hard Ways.
The pressure to perform was on...

So the dice came to me, I’m shooting straight out, and I went into my “Zone”… totally focused, very relaxed. I used my Parr On-Axis Toss, with a 3 finger grip.
I tossed for an hour, with a 62 number roll!! I hit the Firebet too, making 6 points, some were repeat points. Also making the tall.. but couldn’t seem to find Aces to make the small and everything! I also hit lots of hard ways!!

Towards the end, the dealer next to me started screwing around to distract me, and finally it worked, and got me out of my zone. It was pretty dumb of him to do that, because players had bets on all the numbers for the dealers.

Everyone made lots of money and all were cheering.. What a great day at the craps tables.. best of all, I proved to everyone, I still got it!!

A Day in Las Vegas - November 20, 2022

Posted on December 4, 2022

 Hi everyone, I want to personally wish all of you a wonderful Holiday Season! Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah!!!

I just returned from my three week Las Vegas adventure. I'm humbled by so many people that came over to my Vegas craps pit for classes. I was in Las Vegas for three weeks and all of my classes were sold out! I love teaching, sharing, and helping people with their toss. 

I always tweak and correct their on-axis parr toss first, and then teach my Specialty Tosses which enable them to shoot from different positions... I like to consider them additional tools in their tool boxes to beat the casinos.

Here is a day in my life during my most recent Las Vegas Adventure...

Las Vegas - November 20, 2022

I taught 2 classes, played a 2 hour casino session, at night I had a wonderful steak dinner with my student Bryan Parker, and saw a great show!!!!

My morning student was Tim T. He came over for a Half day 4 hr. class. He had never had any formal training, so the first thing I did was correct his grip, so all three fingers would line up straight across on the front of the dice. Then, we worked on the toss, and after some practice and hands on instruction, his toss was looking good, with the dice staying and rotating together.

We worked on shooting on axis from stick right, stick left and straight out.
Once he mastered the on axis parr toss. we moved on to the Yuri toss, from all positions around the table. He was a natural with this toss and found it easy to master. We worked on it the rest of the morning. I had just enough time to demonstrate and teach him one more toss.. Dice Magic from Straight Out. After some practice he enjoyed doing this toss, and had good results.

Now, Tim has some great tools in his roll box, to help him win at the craps table. I have so many great toss techniques, I’m not able to teach all of them in one class… I’l l teach additional techniques during the Refresher Class.

I took a short break for lunch, and then picked up Frank N. for his 4 hr. afternoon class. This class was Frank’s second part of his full day class. We discussed how he was doing at the tables. He said he had some very good rolls. Then, after class, he talked to someone else who gave him a complicated betting system, and he was so focused on that, they he couldn’t get a good roll going. So, when he told me that, I knew we had to start from the beginning, and review his tosses, and build back his confidence. His tosses were looking good after I tuned them up.

I told him how I bet.. I keep it very simple, because as a good shooter, I want to stay in my right brain, the creative side, and toss the dice perfectly every time.. After our review of the tosses that I previously taught him, amd his confidence was high, we went on to some of my “Specialty Tosses”. I demonstrated a few of them, but the one he liked the best was “Ice Tong Magic”. He found this toss easy to master and began having good rolls just after about 10 minutes of training. He especially liked it from Stick Left… He was so excited with the results, that he couldn’t wait to try it in the casino.


He asked if we could do the last 2 hours of our class at the casino. I agreed, and off we went. I first got the dice and tossed from Straight out, using my Parr toss … I had a good roll, making a repeater… but soon something fantastic happened..
Frank tossed from Stick left, just like in my craps pit, and used the new technique that we practiced.. “Ice Tong Magic”. He tossed a fantastic 44 number roll!! Great shooting Frank!!!!

At night my student Bryan from Texas treated me to a wonderful Steak Dinner at Gallagher’s Restaurant, in NY, NY casino/ hotel. Dinner was excellent! Next we went to see a show at the T Mobile Arena. It was a comedy show starring Joe Koy. He was really funny and entertaining. First there was a warm up comedian, then. a hip hop dance troup called Jabbawockeez (or something like that 🙂)

Next Joe Koy came out and everyone in the theater seemed to love him ( I had never heard of him) but he was really popular and funny.Then he brought out some friends  and they all started singing together.. His friends were “Boys to Men” group…

What a great show they all put on!! It was full of surprises, because Joe Koy was the only one on the bill. What a great day!!!

Las Vegas Trip Report - May 2022

Posted on July 1, 2022

 Hi Everyone,

Happy Fourth of July! I just got back from five weeks in Las Vegas. So much has happened while I was there! 

Back in May... a black stretch MGM limo pulls up to my Vegas Condo development. Six happy students, come out of the limo to meet me, and are looking forward to my full day class. Nick organized the group, and told me that they are all related... brothers, sisters, cousins, and boyfriends.

They had a private jet fly them into Las Vegas from California. They were high rollers and so much fun to be with. Most were young in their 30s and full of energy, and eager to learn how to influence the dice.

The first toss that I taught the was the On Axis Toss from stick left. Some were beginners with the 3 finger grip and toss, others had some experience. I worked privately with each student, until they became competent with the toss technique, and had good rolls.

Then, we moved on to the On Axis Toss from Stick Right, and afterwards Straight out. Each one learned learned the toss and had success on my craps table.

The next toss I taught them was the Yuri toss.. I demonstrated what it should look like, and how to do it from stick left, Stick right, and Straight Out. We worked on this toss for a while, until everyone was successful at it.
Soon it was 12:30 and time for lunch, but since some of the students were leaving Vegas the next day, they were anxious to play in the casino. They felt that they now had the tools to beat the casino.
The students really love playing craps, and the action and excitement they have when playing.

Frankie was the highest roller of the group, although they were all high rollers in my eyes 🙂 He made a lunch reservation at a wonderful Mexican restaurant at Aria.. It’s located near to the craps tables. They asked me to join them, and we had a great time!!

I was told that one guy in the group lost $250,000 the night before. I was told that when we go to our Private Reserved Table, if I have a big roll, he’ll buy me a new house in Vegas …
Man, the pressure to perform was on… They knew my reputation of being a great shooter…but no one can hit a home run every time at bat.. not even Babe Ruth, or Mickey Mantle.. But, I’ll give it my best effort, I’ve been on a hot streak all week in Vegas.

Well, we get to our reserved $25 min table at Aria, and I noticed it’s a Crapless Table. The group loves playing the crapsless table. Everyone is betting $50 each of the 10 numbers. (Thats $500) Then, I look at Frankie’s bets on stick right one… He has $42,000 across...

Holy smokes, the pressure is on, and the dice come to me at Stick left one… I use my low Yuri toss, and toss for over an hour… a 58 number roll!!

Everyone was cheering and making thousands and thousands of dollars!! Wow! I came through in the clutch, with a grand slam!!!!

One of my students, Jen, was so happy she tossed me a Black chip and told me that I just made her $8,000 on my roll.
Frankie had so many large denomination chips, his rack was filled up…. He was really happy!!! 
My student Nick, who just learned the Yuri toss in my class, followed up with a nice 24 number roll!!
Jen tossed a 23 number roll! My students were having great rolls too.. what a day!!!!!

It was now around 5:30 pm and I was really tired, and it was time to cash out a big winner. The group and I said our goodbyes and look forward to the next time we get together.

They thanked me for my class and told me that they learned a lot and really enjoyed it. Everyone was so warm and friendly, what a great group of students who I now consider my friends.

I want to thank Nick, Frankie, Tricia, Jen, Carlos, and Marshall for coming over to my craps pit for a class. You are all wonderful people and we had a great time together!!! I’m really looking forward to getting together again.

On the way home I got a call from an old student named Terry, who was in town for just 2 days, and asked for a class… The only time I had was a 2 hr evening session.. and prayed that I would have to energy to do it…
We had dinner together and then had a great 2 hr class at my craps pit from 8pm-10pm… then, it was finally time to get some sleep… because the next day I was teaching an 8 hour full day class... Whew!!

A week later, two wonderful people from that group, Marshall and Trish came to visit my Craps pit for a second class because they enjoyed the first one so much!

I taught them a new toss from Straight out that my student/friend Coaster developed. It’s an Ice Tong Toss from Straight out, and with a turn of the wrist gets a similar effect on the dice as the Yuri toss. He’s been having great rolls all over town using it.

They really liked this toss, and we practiced it for quite a while.. until Marshall and Trish were making points, and having rolls in the 20s. For the rest of the morning class, we worked on perfecting their skill using the Low Yuri toss from stick left, and from stick right.

They really became good at this toss, and they were making lots of box numbers. We used the 3V set, which gave them a lot of 6 and 8s... sometimes hard 4s and hard 10s too.

Once they became comfortable and proficient with the Yuri toss, it was time to go to the casino... I had the afternoon off from teaching, so I was able to play in the Casino with my students and friends.
We played at an off strip property, and we had a nice group there. Trish, Marshall, Coaster, and Dennis. My sisters Arlene and Shelly came too, and had fun playing the slots.

When we got to the casino, the table was about half full. Coaster and Marshall played from Straight Out. Dennis was in the far hook and I took stick left 1, and Trish was stick left 2.

The shooter at stick right one had the dice first. She was a good shooter and from Hawaii. She tossed for about an hour.. it was a great roll!!! The only thing odd was between points, she always tossed a come out 7, which killed the All Tall, Small bet... We had to keep replacing them. Finally she hit the Tall, and all she needed was one more number for the Small and All… it never came and the 7 finally showed.

I got that dice next at stick left one. I focused and got into my zone and tossed a mid 30s roll… which lasted for about an hour.
I used my low Yuri toss from stick left one .. I was on my zone, feeling relaxed, and landing the dice on axis in the same spot each time. Then, some big guy crowded me, while standing behind me anxiously waiting to get in the game.
I lost my focus and 7 out. I hit the Tall, just needing the 2 for the Small and Everything..

By the time the woman on stick right tossed, and I tossed, 2 hours went by. We were way up in profit and I also hit a number of hard ways during my roll.

The other side of the table where Coaster and Marshall were standing never did get the dice...
It was getting late, so we all colored up. We headed to Ellis Island for our Bar-b-que dinner with Coaster, Dice Guy, and my sisters Shelly and Arlene, and my friend Dennis. We had a great dinner and a lot of laughs, and good conversation.
It was our last dinner as a group for a while, because Coaster and Shelly were flying home. I’m going to miss my shooting buddy Coaster, we’ve been winning all over town together. I’m also going to miss my sister Shelly. We had a great time, and are a very close family.
We stopped off at one last casino, The Silverton Casino to check out the Aquarium, which is really great.. soon it was time to drop off Coaster and my sister Shelly at the airport.

A few days later, my wife Ivy, Michael Feldman, Leslie, and Rich, came into Vegas and we all had dinner together at the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace. It was great to spend time with old friends again.
I’m keeping busy... but feel blessed that so many people are asking me to help them with their toss, and teaching them new techniques.

Las Vegas Trip Report (April 2022)

Posted on May 4, 2022

 Hi Everyone,

I flew into town on April 17. It was a pretty long flight from Ft Lauderdale, 5 hrs, but I entertained myself watching an Elvis movie, and some old DVDs I made years ago of the old Geraldo Show… On this particular show he had Little Richard and the Broadway cast of Buddy (Buddy Holly)

The next Geraldo Show has stars from the 50’s and Early 60s… Bobby Vee, Connie Stevens, Eddie Fisher, Vince Everett (Ben Casey) and Tommy Sands…

The show were nostalgic and kept me entertained for the whole flight.

When I arrived in Vegas I had to wait another 40 minutes for them to locate an SUV for me and have it washed.. There is a shortage of rental cars, but they found me a nice one.

Yesterday was my first day in Vegas, and since I didn’t have much sleep I had some jet lag, plus getting. Used to the 3 hr time difference from the East Coast.

I called up some of old local buddies to make plans to get together. One of my local friends, Ronny Binkier who is a GTC instructor was available, and we had a nice breakfast together.

After doing some shopping for my condo, I met Ronny at Casino Quest at the Fashion Mall on the Strip.

He introduced me to the owners and other people working there… They were all very nice people.

Ronny and I spent the afternoon warming up practicing our tosses on their tables.. We had a great time together!

I called my friend David Carlin to make plans to have dinner and some casino play together. Dave Carlin has an excellent channel on YouTube called the Same Bet Show.

In the past year we have done a number of interviews together. They are all good shows and have had thousands of views. Dave is from Kansas and has a great radio voice.

I also invited my friend Dennis F. for dinner with us. He is an old friend from the Parr days with Jerry Patterson and Sharpshooter.
I picked up Dennis and Dave and we headed over to the South Point Casino. They have one of the few buffets open in Vegas, and the food is very good… Unfortunately, as we headed South on the Strip to South Point, we soon found the line to the buffet very long.. it was about an hour and a half wait. So, we went another restaurant and had a great time together.

After dinner, we played a session on their craps tables. They have a bad reputation of giving controlled shooters heat.. especially if they see you using the pendulum swing toss… I still call it the Parr toss, bit it’s the on axis toss, most dice setters use today. The session started out a little slow, nothing much happening, then, I said to myself, I may get heat, but I’m going to do my on axis parr toss that I’m famous for… Sure enough, I soon got dialed in and tossed a 28 number roll!!!

It was a nice way to end the evening with a winning session, and get the first day jitters out.


My second day in Las Vegas was an exciting one!
I picked up my student Charles ( Chuck) from our meeting place at the Gold Coast. We drove 5 minutes over to my Craps Pit for a tune up class. He had a pretty good toss, and was had previously taken a class with my old group GTC. It was nice reminiscing about my old friends in the group.

His toss looked good, but just needed a little tweaking. We worked on his grip, and softening his toss. We worked on it for about an hour, and when he tossed a 32 roll, during our practice session, we knew that his toss was really on.

We then worked on tossing from a second position, stick right.. staying with the Parr on axis toss. He wasn’t comfortable with it at first, but as we practiced his toss was steadily improving.

I demonstrated my low Yuri Toss, which he really liked.. and told me that he would practice it when he got home. We did a final review of his primary on axis toss from stick left, and it looked really great.

After class, I had some free time, and told him that I can drop him off Downtown, where he had told me that he wanted to go… So on the way downtown, on Decatur, we approached Arizona Charles Casino… I’m pretty spontaneous, so I said “Do you want to play a session there and have lunch afterwards?” He said sure…

We walked in and took a look at the craps table.. It was totally empty of players, so we bought in at stick left. Charles went first had a pretty good roll..He wasn’t as relaxed as he was at my craps pit.. It’s funny how being in a real casino, with money at risk, and the Pit-boss staring at you, can tighten you up and affect your game. Charles texted me later, and told me that he was having good rolls, and was more relaxed at the table.

I got the dice next, tossed from stick left, using my on axis Parr toss and soon got dialed in. I ended up making 10 points, and tossed a 50 roll hand!!!! Man, that felt good!!

We had lunch and celebrated. Chuck told me he made all of his money back that he spent on his class, plus a lot more. 🙂

After I dropped Charles off Downtown, I got a call from one of my local buddies, who used to teach with the Parr organization. His name is Bill D. and he asked me to join him at a casino called Jerry’s Nugget. I said Ok. Jerrys Nugget, is a low end casino, about a mile North of Fremont Street. They have a $5.00 game, with only one 14’ table open during the week. It’s kind of disturbing driving towards it, seeing all of the homeless and the people camping out… I really don’t really recommend this place.
Anyway, to make my friend happy I stopped by... just to say hello. The table was packed and you had to put your name on a waiting list to get a spot on the table. I waited for a little while, and sat at a Blackjack table nearby. I did pretty good at Blackjack and doubled my buy in and cashed out.

My name finally was called to play craps.. the spot they gave was stick left 3. I laid back and watch the random shooters have short rolls, and finally the dice came to my friend Bill.

He tossed a beautiful 26 number roll. We colored up and left winners. It was a fun winning day. My second day in Vegas.


My third day was another good day in las Vegas. I had the morning free so after breakfast, I went to Ellis Island Casino to play a session. During the week the table opens up at 10 am.. So I got there a few minutes early to get my spot on stick left 1.. I figured that I would use my Parr on-axis toss like I did over at Arizona Charlie’s Casino, when I tossed a 50 roll hand.. I knew that it would be a hit and run session, which means getting the dice once, having a big roll and leaving.

When the table opened, it filled up fast. The table was full of beginner random rollers, so I knew that after roll, I wasn’t going to stick around.

So, the dice starts going around, and finally came to me at Stick Left 1… It looks like a mine field of chips in the landing zone area. I tossed my first shot, wow, the dice really bounced… This is not the same layout that they had on the last time I played there 3 months ago. They must have put a pad under the felt layout.

So, I switched techniques and used my low Yuri toss… The sharp edge of new dice dug into the felt and never made it to the back wall. Uh oh. When I played there last time the surface was hard and I had a monster roll with the Yuri toss.. the table conditions had changed this time.

The next shooter was my student Charles from yesterday’s class. He had a nice hand, adjusting his trajectory and made a few points, but it soon ended when the dice hit someone’s chips.

I was down a little for this session, so I went to the blackjack table and won my money back, plus a little profit. While looking at the table, I realized what happened. They put the good hard 12 ft. table in the back, and only open it during the evening. The table that was open in the front in the morning, was a new 14’ bouncier table..

I headed downtown to meet my old friend Beau Parker aka Dice Coach for lunch. We met way back during the Parr and Jerry Patterson days. We’ve been pals for 22 years, and whenever I come to Vegas we always get together for lunch and to catch up with what’s new in our lives. He has a lovey wife named Beth, who my wife Ivy is good friends with too. When Ivy comes to town, we always get together with Beau and Beth. They are wonderful friends.

During lunch my student from New Jersey named Gary C. Called and told me that he just landed in Vegas. I told him that I’d pick him up at his hotel and we’ll start our afternoon class. A few weeks ago, Gary flew into Ft Lauderdale for a full day class. He enjoyed it so much, that he signed up for a second full day class.. this time in Las Vegas. We’ll do the class In two days… Yesterday was the first half and today is the second half…

Last night I met my local friends Tony and Dennis for a delicious barbecue rib dinner, at Ellis Islands Barbecue restaurant. It was very nice of the pitboss to comp us.

I picked up my student Gary C, from NJ from his hotel at Paris. Gary has become a very good shooter. He had previously taken the GTC class, where they did a good job teaching the On Axis Toss from stick left.

So, all he needed was a tune up with that toss. We worked on his grip and also softening his toss. Gary had taken my class in Ft Lauderdale a few weeks ago, when he was in town. He enjoyed learning some new toss techniques, such as the Low Yuri toss, softball toss, and also shooting on axis from Stick right and Straight Out.

He came to Las Vegas to take another full day class with me, he said that he enjoyed it so much, he wanted to do it again, and perfect his tosses.

His favorite toss is the Low Yuri Toss from Straight Out. Yesterday, he practiced it for hours, under my supervision, and couldn’t wait to use it in the Casino.

The previous night he played at a Paris and was like a Rock Star 🙂. He had 2 big rolls using it and was the star of the craps tables. All of the young college age players were congratulating his and asking him “How do you toss the dice that way?and have these long rolls. He also hit the All, Tall and Small bet.
Yesterday, around lunch time he said I’m warmed up and ready, let’s play in the casino.

The first casino we went to was Arizona Charlie’s on Decatur Blvd. I previously had a 50 roll hand there the other day… so I was hoping for another big roll.

I took stick left one, Gary played the straight out position. We had so much fun together. We both had rolls in the mid 20s and making one side of the All Tall Small bet 4 different times. We came close to hitting all of numbers 2 different times, with usually the 12 missing. We played for about 2 1/2 hours having a great time. The Pit Boss treated us to lunch with a $40 comp… plus yesterday was 20 percent off for those of us that are over 55 years of age… We ate like kings! 🙂

Next, we took a ride over to Bally’s.. There was only one table open and it was packed… We walked through the connecting mall to Paris and the regular table was crowded, and the Crapless table was empty. I bought in and used my Dice Magic (split shot) from stick left 2… This technique worked great!!! I was making points, and always seemed to hit the ace-deuce (3) which payed Nicely on the $15 table.

By the time Gary arrived, I was way up in profit… Gary bought in, but kept looking at the regular craps table behind him… That was the table that he had the big rolls on the night before…
When his spot at straight out became available, he wanted to move over to that table.. Reluctantly, I moved too… I was doing so well on the Crapless table, I hated to leave…

The regular table was so-so, I was way back in the hook and out of position, so I didn’t shoot.. One guy on the table had and decent roll from stick left 1, about 15 numbers.. but all and all, it was a mistake to change tables, especially one full of random shooters..

I was tired and took a break, went back to my condo to take a nap. Gary stayed and said he had 2 good rolls after I left.
We met later around 7:30 pm once again at Paris… I watched, the table was cold, nothing much was going on…

I suggested let’s see what’s doing at Ballys…They we’re opening a new table… just one side was open because they didn’t have enough dealers… That table was soooo hard, it’s like they put the microfiber layout with no underlay, right on top of plywood … it was a rock hard table… It was a big adjustment from the Paris and Arizona Charlie’s tables.

We decided to walk on the Strip to try other Caesars Properties. We stopped off at The Cromwell.. The table was full of random, college age students..but they were cheering and having fun. It looked like it was their first time playing. Gary tossed from straight out, on the stick right side… the dice acted a little funny when they hit the back wall… I checked the alligator skin on the left back wall… The glue had given away and it was loose and bubbles out a bit… not good conditions for us … We soon left… Took a walk over to Flamingo, O’Sheas, Linq… all of the tables were packed.. We couldn’t get on them.

We stopped off for a slice of Pizza a the food court at the Flamingo… I guess that place is under new ownership.. because they no longer used casino points on out players cards, and the cheese pizza slices were smaller and kind of dried out.. not much cheese or sauce… not good like to used to be, and way over priced.. By then it was 10 pm , time to call it a night for me, because I have 3 students coming over for classes, and I want to be at my best when I teach…

Day 5: I taught two classes, had 3 wonderful people come over to my craps pit for classes, and saw a great show with Peter Noone, Herman’s Hermits... 60s band from England.. at the Golden Nugget….They were part of the mid 60’s British Invasion.

In 1964, The Beatles started it off when they appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show… soon followed The Dave Clark 5, The Rolling Stones, Herman’s Hermits, The Animals, Gerry and the Pacemakers.. and many other great groups from England.
Herman’s Hermits biggest hits are: I’m into something Good, Kind of Hush, Mrs Brown you’ve got a lovely Daughter, No milk today, and many other songs… On YouTube you can see their videos..

I was invited to a special dinner celebration with great friends, and tomorrow I’m a “Special Guest” at the Hawaii Craps Shooters, Meet and Greet at Casino Quest at the Fashion Mall…. All wonderful things…
I want to thank Andrew B. from Hawaii, and Fran and Gary for coming over for classes. We had a great class, and they couldn’t wait to try out their tosses and new skills in casino. The On axis Parr toss and The Yuri toss seem to be their favorites.


Day 6: in the afternoon Andrew from Hawaii came over for the 2nd part of his full day class… We reviewed all of the toss techniques that I taught him the day before, and then went on to learn new techniques to beat the craps tables in the casinos. Our class went great and we had a terrific time.

In the Evening, it was time Celebrate my good friend Bryan’s (Money Shot) Birthday. I was honored to be invited to this wonderful celebration.

We had a large table at The Red Wood Steak House at The California Casino. I met and made so many new friends with the Hawaii Craps Group. There must have been 30 or more guests.

We had such a great Birthday Celebration for Bryan! When we sang happy Birthday, Kevin played his ukulele as musical accompaniment. Soon Bryan was playing it too as we songs from the 50’ and 60’s.. Then UnKo Hoko started playing some great Hawaiian Songs.. We all had so much fun, I wanted the evening to never end.

Everyone was so warm and friendly.. such a wonderful group of friends.. I’m so happy that I was able to be part of Bryan’s Birthday Celebration.

At 2 pm... The Hawaii Craps Shooters, Meet and Greet, at Casino Quest at the Fashion Mall… I really looked forward to meeting everyone and making new friends, and seeing old friends. Bryan, Cory, Mar, Chef Dice and I were there with the Hawaii Craps Shooters.


The next morning my friend from Hawaii, Kevin Kap Farm took me out to breakfast at the Main Street Station buffet restaurant..
As I was walking through the California Casino, on the way to Main Street Casino, I ran into Money Shot, Mar, and Chef Dice filming their bubble craps video. Mar was so excited, because I gave her a couple of shooting tips the night before at Bryan’s Birthday Party, and right after dinner, she tossed a monster roll… a 32 roll!
I congratulated her, and told everyone I’d see them later, I was on my way to meet Kevin for breakfast.

Kevin and I had a great breakfast and good conversation. Then, we met UnKo Hoku, who was explaining his betting strategy, which is a very good regression strategy.. as he approaches his average roll number.

After breakfast Kevin and I went back to my craps pit for a little tune up/ warm up practice. Then as 1 pm approached, we headed over to the the fashion Mall.

Yesterday was The Hawaii Craps Shooters Meet & Greet at Casino Quest on the Fashion Mall. I was being featured as Their Special Guest, which was very exciting, and quite an honor.

The Meet and Greet went really well, I met so many new people and old friends, it was really great!! I took lots of pictures with everyone, and everyone was so warm and friendly. Many of the people recognized me from YouTube, when Bryan, Cory and Mar came over for a class at my Vegas Craps Pit, and also an interview… That video is so popular that over 17,500 people have already viewed and enjoyed it. It’s on The Hawaii Craps Shooter YouTube channel…

When I first got to the Meet and Greet, I said lots of hellos, then went to the craps tables to practice, and warm up with the guests… I demonstrated some of my on axis tosses from Stick left, Stick right and Straight Out and also the low Yuri Toss.

Soon there were about 50 people or more attending.. My friend Ronny Binkier was there working as a dealer, Kerri Koda soon arrived, Garrison and Miss Megan came by to say hi, and so many wonderful people came to the Meet and Greet.

Money Shot, Chef Dice, Mar, and Cory did a great job organizing and hosting the event… The owner Alex, of Casino Quest and my friend Ronny B , did a great job as dealers, running the craps table. There were about 16 people on the craps table competing for the longest roll, and making the most money ( chips.. not real money :)).

There were so many good rolls and everyone had a great time. It really was a fantastic event!

I can’t wait to get together with my friends Hawaii Craps Shooters again!!

My last day in Vegas for this trip... It has been a very exciting week.
I want to thank everyone who came over to my Vegas craps pit for classes this past week.
I also want to thank Bryan (Money Shot) and the Hawaii Craps Shooters for inviting me to Bryan’s Birthday Party, and also making me the Special Guest at their Meet and Greet at Casino Quest. We had such a great time together!!! Bryan, Mar, Elmer, and Cory are really special people and good friends.

I also want to thank Kevin Kap Farm for taking me out for Breakfast and also my new friend and student, Andrew and his girlfriend for inviting me to a wonderful dinner on Sunday Night. Also , thank you Andrew for a wonderful dinner together on Sunday night.

Also, i want to thank my friend Ronny Binkier who surprised me with a DVD of my old pals Jerry Patterson and Sharpshooter from 22 years ago… when modern day dice control first began. .It was great being part of this movement from the very beginning. This is where is all began, and I met my friends Dominator, and author Frank Scoblete. It’s been a wonderful journey so far.

I’m excited to fly back to Ft Lauderdale, because I’m going to enjoy the weekend with my Daughter, Son in-law and my two Grandchildren at Disney World, in Orlando. I really love being with my family and sharing a wonderful trip together. I love to share the excitement of Disney world with my two grandsons. I know they are very excited to go with their Grandpa Howie coming. 🙂

So, I’ll enjoy about 3 weeks in Ft Lauderdale, Visiting Disney World then, Celebrating Mother’s Day with my wife Ivy, my Daughter April and Sister Arlene, and my our Grandkids ….plus take my daily walks on the beach. If anyone would like to come over for a private class in Ft Lauderdale, I’ll be available, from May 2-May 16.. Just give me a call or send me an e mail.. Then, I’ll be heading back to Las Vegas May 17-June 21 and will be teaching private and small group classes for a whole month!… then, back to Florida for the month of July.

My friend from Hawaii, Rodney, came over for a tune up class. I’ve known Rodney for many, Many years.. He knows all of my tosses… but today, I surprised him with a new toss… The Softball toss.. He loved it!!! He later told me that he used the Yuri toss and had a big winning session at a casino on the strip.

In the afternoon, a new student named Jim came over for a 4 hour class. He was pretty new to dice setting and controlled tossing… I worked with him on the on axis toss, until his toss was looking good. It turns out that he tossed much better from stick right. We used the 3 finger grip and he after a while his toss was looking good.. I also taught him a few of my Specialty Tosses, which are actually easier to learn, and when he saw the results with longer rolls. It really built up his confidence.

In the Evening, I met my old friends Bankerdude, Banker Bro, and his son Banker Jr. Bankerdude treated us to a wonderful Italian Dinner at the NY NY Casino… It was really great seeing my old friends.. We’ve gone on cruises together, and had classes together.. they are wonderful friends.
After dinner we played a sessions at Arizona Charlie’s .. I had a 50 roll hand there a few days ago… This time I had two good rolls, made a few points … not the 50 I had a hoped for, but one of the guys heard the dealer say that my last roll was the longest roll the table had all weekend. Bankerdude, had a good roll too. Rodney also joined us at the table. It was a fun event with good friends.

I’m teaching a full day class… Then having dinner with my local friends Tony and Dennis “Ping Pang Pong” at The Gold Coast Casino, before I head out to the airport… Whew! Another busy, and fun trip in Las Vegas!!’

Meeting Las Vegas Royalty

Posted on November 20, 2021

 Meeting Las Vegas Royalty  🎲🎲  

Hi Everyone, 

I’m going to call this story “Meeting Las Vegas Royalty”. During my last visit to Las Vegas, a gentleman named Marvin Roth came over to my Las Vegas Craps Pit to learn some Dice Control techniques.

The class went very well, and soon we became friends.  During our conversation, he mentioned that his wife was Joan Adams and was Miss Nevada in 1957.

He said when I had some free time, come over to our house and meet Joanie. So one day, I took a break from teaching and took a ride over to their house.

Marvin welcomed me warmly, and when I walked through the front door, the first thing I noticed was a real Lion. I mean, you couldn’t miss it... it was in attack mode! I looked around the room, and everywhere I looked were pictures of Las Vegas, and Joanie posing with just about every big name performer that came to Vegas.

There she was with Elvis Presley, Liberace, Johnny Carson, Frank Sinatra, Paul Anka, Pat Boone, Tom Jones and just about every celebrity that ever performed there.

I sat down and Marvin began telling me stories of Joanie and old Las Vegas… I love that era of Las Vegas of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Soon Joannie walked in, I got up to meet her, although so many years have passed, she’s still beautiful and looks at least 20 years younger than she is.


We sat and talked for hours about old Las Vegas.. Since I was a kid, I’ve always been a big Elvis fan, so when I saw pictures of her with Elvis, and then found out that they dated for a while, It really piqued my interest. I mean, how many people do we know, who actually knew Elvis, and spent time together. She told me some wonderful stories about that time in her life.

I soon found out that Joanie dated Frank Sinatra and and later Johnny Carson for three years. She was friends with the Las Vegas Mayor and every important person in town.  

She later met and married Alex Shoofey who was the Top Gaming and Casino Executive at the Sahara Hotel, The Flamingo Hotel, and later the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas. In 1969, He was the President and General Manager of the new International Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Mr. Shoofey, was the one who brought Elvis back to Las Vegas in 1969.
He  made a deal with Colonel Tom Parker, and signed Elvis Presley for a long contact as the main Performer at the International Hotel… (later the hotel became the Hilton, and is presently called The Westgate Hotel.)

Joanie was instrumental in getting Elvis to appear at the International Hotel.  She was also instrumental in bringing a new comer to Las Vegas, during the 60s...Tom Jones, plus so many others.
In later years she met Marvin Roth and they are still married today. They are a wonderful couple.

I had such a wonderful afternoon, listening to Joanie’s stories about Las Vegas, the celebrities she knows, the ones she dated... It was really great!!!

I can’t wait to visit them once again in January.  She is Las Vegas Royalty, and watched the Strip and the city grow from the early days. She is a wealth of information,  and I’m looking forward to hearing more of her stories.

Checking out Craps at the Hollywood Hard Rock Casino  🎲🎲  

Hi Everyone, 

A student named Tom flew into Ft Lauderdale from Maine for a full day, 8 hour class. To make his visit easier, I picked him up at the airport, and divided the class into two days of instruction. We did a 4 hour class the first day and a second 4 hour class the next day.

This gave us plenty of time to perfect his On-Axis Toss, from Stick Right, Stick Left and Straight Out. I also demonstrated, and taught him the Low Yuri Toss from Straight Out, and stick Right. Then, I taught him the Dice Magic toss from Straight out and from Stick Right. Lastly we reviewed the Corner toss.

Tom is a great student, and picked up the techniques pretty quickly, and by the end of the class he tossed rolls in the mid-20s.

Tom and I took a ride to the Hollywood Hard Rock Casino… The Guitar Hotel was all lit up and beautiful! We walked around and were so happy to see the new craps tables they have installed.. 
They had two 12 foot tables in the high roller room. We were told that they were going to be $25 min.

Hollywood Hard Rock Casino High Roller Room

Then, we saw another craps pit nearby on the casino floor with 2 tables. The pit boss said they were going to have up to 12 craps tables throughout the casino, most likely $10-$15 minimums.
The largest craps pit was going to be set up in front of main cashier cage.

Next, we drove South about 1/4 of a mile from the Hard Rock to The Seminole Classic Casino. This property is an older property. It reminds me of an old Downtown Vegas casino, similar to Binions. The Pit boss told us that they will be installing 2 craps tables next week. This will be their lower end local casino... probably the table will be $10 min.

After class, we took a drive to a casino about 15 minutes away, The Isle, which is a racino owned by Caesars Corp. It’s also known as Pompano Race Track… They have races with the trotters at night.
This casino is beautiful, pretty large, very high ceilings, smoke free and features a large poker room on the second floor, lots of slot machines, bubble craps and bubble roulette.. The new addition was table games… of 3 card poker, pai gow poker, stud poker etc…. no live blackjack or live craps… the Seminoles have the exclusive.

Finally, we headed back toward my craps pit and stopped by the Coconut Creek Casino. The craps pit is complete, with 4 beautiful tables. The pitboss said that they are expecting them to be open within the next few days. They were installing the roulette tables... It’s getting very exciting here in Florida!!

Seminole Coconut Creek Casino

If you would like to come over for a class or tune up in Ft. Lauderdale area, and then play craps in our new casinos, please contact me for information or to schedules a one on one class.. I’m running a special.. if you bring a friend or spouse to the class, they can come for 1/2 price.
I’ll be teaching one on one classes at me Ft Lauderdale craps pit, 
from November 1 - January 10th.
Then I’ll be teaching classes at my Las Vegas Craps pit from January 10th - February 9th... a full month.

Then back to Ft Lauderdale again February 10th - March 10th to teach more one on one classes.