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Howard rock n roller's Trip Reports

Biloxi Trip Report - March 2019

Posted on March 29, 2019

My journey began on March 21st, waking up at 5 am to get an early start for our 12 hour drive from Ft. Lauderdale to Biloxi, MS.

Ivy joined me on this trip, and she got sentimental as we passed by Tallahassee and Florida State University (FSU) where both of our children graduated. We used to love to visit them and watch the football games together.

So, we were traveling due west on I-10 and eventually entering Central Time (we turned our watches back an hour), passed Pensacola, then the “Sweet Home Alabama” sign, Mobile Bay, and finally welcome to Mississippi... Soon we start seeing casino billboards... we’re getting closer and eventually saw the 110 sign south to Biloxi. We saw the Scarlet Pearl and the IP and knew we were finally there. Whew! That was a long drive.

We checked into the the Hard Rock Casino/Hotel and got a beautiful room over looking the Gulf of Mexico and the beautiful swimming pool. Life is good.

I called my pal Heavy up on the phone to meet for dinner. We didn’t want to drive anymore, and the Casino was nice enough to offer us a free buffet.. so off we went and enjoyed a nice dinner together.

After dinner, Ivy went upstairs to relax and Heavy and chose to play a session. Of course, we broke our rule of not playing on the first day of arriving in town after a long drive. 

It all turned out alright.. Joe “Hoof” had two good rolls, a 22 and a 34 roll hand, hitting the All Tall bonus bet. Helping us secure a winning session.

We were off to a good start!

The next day, Friday, we all got up early to play at Treasure Bay Casino. The table was empty, and we were ready for a big session. Unfortunately, the session was a dud. There were quite a few rolls that ended at the 12-15 roll mark... when all of our bets were pressed up. There were some shorter ones too. I had the longest roll... an 18 roll hand. The casino did, however, give us a comp to their buffet. That was the best part of the session — eating and socializing.

After breakfast we headed over to the Hard Rock casino for the second session of the day.

I started things off with a nice hand... a 21 roll hand hitting five 4s... the next time the dice came around to me, I got dialed in and tossed a 34 roll hand!

As I look on my chart I see a few pretty good rolls: Biloximan and Biloxilady both tossed rolls in the mid teens. Later in the session Biloximan tossed another good roll, a 17 roll hand. The rest of the session was so-so with the guys making a point here and there, but no long rolls. 

Friday night was the Meet and Greet for our class. It was held in a private room at a restaurant across from Harrahs, called “The Blind Tiger”. We had a big group of between 35-40 people. Some of the students brought their spouses. It was a fun evening of getting to know each other. Heavy treated the group to pitchers of beer. Everyone had a great time! 

Afterwards, a few of us decided to go to a very nice restaurant across the bridge in Ocean Springs called McElroy’s. Behind the restaurant is a bayou and it has big oak trees and a pier. During the day, it’s a very picturesque scene. The restaurant specializes in local seafood and oysters. Ivy and I sat with Heavy, Rich and his wife, Bankerdude, 22inside and Slowdriver. We all enjoyed good food and good conversation.

The next day, Saturday, was our class. Heavy, 22inside, and I got up early and had breakfast at Waffle House and then headed over to the Dealer School for our class. 

When we arrived, we were greeted by many of the students waiting outside for us. Everyone was eager to learn, and also to have a good time in the classroom. The classroom at the Dealer School had three tables: two 12 footers and one 14 footer. I chose the longer table because it had a neutral bounce. 

22inside’s table focused on tuning up everyone’s classic “on-axis toss”. Heavy’s Table focused on betting techniques, progressions, regressions etc. My table focused on tuning up everyone’s on-axis toss, and then demonstrating and teaching some of my Specialty tosses, such as the “Corner Toss”, the “Ice Tong Toss”, the “The Split Shot”, and “Underhand Rolling Toss.”

Each group of students (we had a large class of 24-28 students) rotated clockwise after a while, to make sure everyone had a chance to work with the instructors at each table.

We took a lunch break at a place across the street called “Monster Subs.” They make excellent sandwiches.

During the afternoon session, we continued our class till 6 pm.

Heavy and I were really tired and didn’t feel like traveling anymore so we opted for another comped buffet at The Hard Rock Casino, where Ivy joined us.

After dinner, the casino was really crowded and full of excitement. Heavy and I found an empty spot on one of the 14 foot tables near the bar. It was a $15 table full of random shooters.. all young people out to have a good time on Saturday night. I had a decent roll, as did the shooter next to me... but the band playing rock music nearby was so loud, it was uncomfortable, so I soon colored up and went to bed.

Sunday morning was the day that the instructors played with the students. Heavy and I were staying at the Hard Rock, so that is we met our group at 7 am. 22inside was staying at Harrahs. So that was where he played with his group.

We had a good 1st session with our group.. the stand out shooters for this session were:
Howard tossed an 18 roll hand, Rich tossed a magnificent 32 roll hand, Dave tossed a 20 roll hand and one of our students tossed a 28 roll hand. When the rolls got shorter, it was time to color up a winner.

After our first session we went for breakfast at the Hard Rock restaurant called the “Sugar Factory”. They are known for their desserts and ice cream, but they also had a breakfast menu. The food was good, but service needs some improvement. It was comped, so we really can’t complain.

We played a second session with our students at the Hard Rock around 11 am.
Heavy started things off with a nice 18 roll hand. Diane tossed a hand in the mid teens. Vin tossed a beautiful hand of 30 numbers. Heavy tossed a good hand of 23 numbers. Bankerdude and 22inside tossed good money hands in the mid teens... then the rolls got shorter and it was time to color up.

Later in the day we played one more session before dinner, at the Beau Rivage. The tables used to be padded and bouncy at the Beau.. so even though it is a beautiful hotel/casino, most DIs avoided it. But, I’m happy to say that the padding has been removed or matted down, and the bounce was neutral..
The problem is that some adjustment is needed because the rails are higher and the bowl is deeper than the other casino tables. 

This session wasn’t so good... many of the rolls were 10 numbers or less. Heavy tossed a decent money hand of 15, Mark 22 inside tossed a 16 roll hand, Bamkerdude tossed a 15 roll hand and the longest roll was by Tony, who tossed an 18 roll hand.

Monday morning we all woke up early and met for a session at the Hard Rock once again.

Bob started things off with a great roll from Straight Out.... He tossed a 30 roll hand.. Heavy tossed a 16 roll hand, Bob had another great roll.. a 28 roll hand, Rich tossed a mid teens roll and Buffalo yo tossed a 21 roll hand .

Later that morning, we ventured over to the Golden Nugget Casino. Dennis had a nice roll of 28. The rest of the shooters tossed mid teen rolls or less.

Next we headed over to Treasure Bay. There we played with some old fiends Mila and John. We didn’t stay long, because we had plans on meeting Heavy and the guys over at IP Casino around 4 pm.

At the IP we bought in at one of the tables... unfortunately, we were on the wrong table. Our table was soooo cold... either variance or something else was going on with the dice. I never saw so many point 7 outs. I managed to have a decent roll of 18 using one of my Specialty tosses.. the Split Shot .. and Bankerdude tossed a 15 roll hand ... but for the rest of the shooters it was 7 out galore ... so many 7s!!!

Heavy and 22inside switched to the other table.. I did too, for a little while... then I heard cheering on the first table so I went back. Big mistake.. it seemed that some one finally made a point.. that was why they were cheering .. but then it became poor 7 out city once again... 

In the meantime, the table that Heavy and 22inside were on got hot and the long rolls began... It was then too crowded for me to get back in. That table was so hot that Heavy was willing to miss dinner with us... I can’t blame him.. “Never leave in the middle of a hot table.”

We had dinner at the IP buffet with a nice group of students, who had now become friends.

The next day, Tuesday, was our last day. Most of the students and friends were leaving today. 

We started our first session as usual at the Hard Rock casino.
This was a pretty good winning session. I started things off with a nice hand of 20, using my High parr toss from straight out.

The Wizard has a nice roll using his Underhand rolling toss, an 18 roll hand.

Then there were a few rolls by the guys in the mid teens.
Dennis has a nice roll of 24 using his low rolling Yuri toss.
I had another good roll from straight out of around 18 numbers and it was time to color up winners.

We had another comped breakfast at The Sugar Factory again.. once again the servers seem to need more training.. but the food was good and it’s Comped ... so I can’t complain.

After breakfast we headed over to Harrahs to play on their “Tub”.
It’s a small 6 Ft or so table... but they soon closed it and opened the 12 Ft table... we were doing well on the Tub ... too bad they closed it.

We next went to the Palace Casino. This was a great session!!
22inside tossed a fantastic 30 roll hand! Later in the session Ronny tossed a big hand too! His roll was a 36 number roll.

Later in the afternoon, we headed over to the IP. I had some free promotion chips to use, and they were giving away a free vacuum cleaner. 

There were some very good rolls this session. Bankerdude was ready to leave town and on his last roll, he wanted to get a quick 7 out, Playing the Don’t side.
As often happens.. Toss after toss.. no 7s ...He finally 7d our after around 16rolls.

I had a nice hand using my Split shot and tossed 20 numbers.
Then the guys had some short rolls. I got the dice once again and tossed an 18roll hand.

Then, London Shooter got the dice from straight out and tossed a magnificent roll making the All Tall and Small bet!!! With a 32 roll hand! Later in the evening he hit it the ATS a second time!!

Ivy, me, Slow Driver, Mark, Kenny and his wife had very nice dinner at a very rustic seafood restaurant in Ocean Springs, called “Mikey’s on the Bayou”. It’s on the water.. and I saw a sign that they also sell bait.. It was a good local place... very old and rustic looking.

Well, that’s end of my story.. We had a great time in Biloxi.. Heavy and I had a sold out class, made many new friends and students and I forgot to mention the whole trip was comped and the casinos were very generous. On a few days they even gave away gifts.. I got a free vacuum cleaner, electric frying pan and a free electric mixer... 

I love visiting and playing in Biloxi!

Las Vegas Trip Report - January 2019

Posted on February 24, 2019

Hi everyone,

Since January, I've been on the road playing craps almost every day and I'm sorry I missed my February newsletter!  My journey started January 9th, when I hosted my Atlantic City Winter Dice Control Class. I had a nice sized turnout, and it was very successful. The students had their on-axis toss tweaked, and learned some new toss techniques, and had good results in the casino.

Then, after a few days at home resting, I left on another trip, this time to Las Vegas from January 18th until February 7th, for three weeks of playing craps and teaching One-on-One dice classes.

When I returned home to Fort Lauderdale on February 7, I only had two days to rest and do laundry before I was on the road again... but this time, on a Craps Cruise on Valentine's week, with my friend Heavy. 

I have so many stories to tell about my dice class and week in Atlantic City, my three weeks in Las Vegas, and my week on the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Sea, Craps Cruise, that I can't fit it all in one trip report! 

This trip report, I'd like to focus on my Las Vegas trip, and then, in my next trip report, I'd like to talk about the Craps Cruise.

My adventure started when I arrived in Las Vegas on Friday night, January 18. It was around 11 pm Vegas time when I landed. Then, I went to the car rental facility, and before you knew it, I was at my Vegas condo and asleep by 12 o'clock midnight.

The next morning I met my friend/student Bankerdude for breakfast at the Gold Coast Buffet where they make very good omelettes to order.
The one table that was open at The Gold Coast was crowded, so we took a ride over to Ballys. There we met Mike Mora at the craps table. At first we struggled a bit, then when we switched tables, Bankerdude got dialed in and tossed a 20roll hand making 2 points.

We took a walk over to Paris where a shooter at the table tossed a 28 roll hand... time to color up a second winning session. Hit and run style. As my friend Heavy says “Get in, Get up, Get Gone.”

The next day, Sunday morning Bankerdude and I played at Bally’s once again. There we met Mike M. and one of my students named Travis. Travis had taken my class a few months ago when I was in Vegas. This session was pretty good.. no real big rolls, but many in the 12-18 range. I used my Axis toss from stick right and had a nice hand making 2 points.

We struggled a bit with our next session in Paris... nothing great happened there. Once again, a couple of decent rolls but no monster hands.

We went for lunch and an interesting guy named Gary joined us. Bankerdude, Gary, Travis and I played a session together at Gold Coast after lunch. There, the table trend was cold... no points were being made, so I capitalized on it and won many bets playing the Don’t side. I even played the Don’t side when I got the dice ..$25 don't pass.. set for a point ... then used the all 7 set and win!! Gary had a good roll, tossing 27 numbers, then the table turned cold after, once again.

Later in the day, during another session, Mike M got hot and tossed a 30 roll hand and Travis got dialed in and tossed a 32 roll hand! Soon some old friends from the old PARR group showed up at our table. They are experts at the Dr Z and Dice Magic toss from the old Jerry Patterson days.

Later that night, Bankerdude, Dennis, Steve R and his friend had a very nice dinner at Nora’s Italian Restaurant off the Strip. we talked about old times and watched the end of the Patriots/Kansas City game... what a close game! It was very exciting!!

On Monday, a very nice student named Tom and his brother in law came over for a One on One Class. Tom had some experience in tossing the dice by watching YouTube, but needed a professional to tweak his toss technique. After
analyzing his toss and making some tweaks, his toss was looking good. His brother in-law Ed, has never taken a lesson before. So we started from scratch... before long, his toss looked pretty good too.

We played a session at the Gold Coast.. And my old friend Steve R, and his friend, joined us. He was friends with Dr Z, years ago when I was learning that technique.. for old times sake He used the Dr Z -2 toss... man, it looked great! Everyone else that didn’t know that technique was scratching their head, wondering what kind of toss is that ? He executed it perfectly as he tossed 2 nice hands in the 15-18 range.
Bankerdude got dialed in and tossed a 30 roll hand !! 

I received a beautiful text from Tom later that night..Here is what he wrote...
"Howard, thank you so much for your class today. I just tossed a 40 roll at the Plaza Casino Downtown. Ended up making $2,100 dollars profit. Ed finished up with a $720 dollar profit . Home tomorrow. Thanks Again!"

This is what really makes me happy...Helping people become good shooters. This text really made my day! Thanks Tom and Ed.

On Monday two other friends arrived in town..Michael Feldman and Sureshot. Michael F. arrived very late. But, I had a chance to sit down, have a bite to eat with Sureshot at dinner time and catch up. It was great seeing her again. It had been a couple of years since we last got together. We’ve been friends for the past 4-5 years since she attended our class in Tunica.

The next morning,Tuesday, I played with Michael, Pat, Janice, Bankerdude, Sureshot at Bally’s. Bankerdude tossed a 20 roll hand from Straight out. I followed up with a 21 roll hand with my Axis Toss from stick right using a 2V set.

Our next session was a Paris where I really got hot..and tossed a 30 roll hand. Stick Right on Axis Toss again.

We took a walk over to Bellagio next. The temperature was in the 60s outside, so it was enjoyable to walk over.. At the Bellagio we did Ok ... nothing great.. Sureshot tossed a good hand and made couple of points. Someone tossed a 22 roll hand, made 4-5 points... after that we colored up and left.

The highlight of our evening was dinner at Gordon Ramsay’s Steak House at Paris. We had a nice group of friends joining us..Bankerdude, Sureshot. Michael Feldman, Kerry, Dave R, Mike, and
Jason.. We had a great dinner with great friends!!!

On Wed, I played a session with Sureshot at Paris around 9am. A shooter at the table got hot and tossed a 28 roll hand. We colored up right after... hit and run style.

Later that morning we took a walk over to Bally’s and Dave R joined us at the tables.

I started the session off with an 18 roll hand from stick right with my Axis Toss. Dave R. got the dice next and tossed a nice hand of 17 numbers... Sureshot tossed a 17 roll hand.
Dave R. tossed 2 more good hands... an 18 roll hand and a magnificent 29 roll hand. His toss was really on!!

We had lunch at the Pizza/sandwich shop at Paris. (on the Parisian Street area)

Later we played a session at the Gold Coast. Sureshot tossed a nice hand of 18 numbers. I used my Ice Tong Toss and threw a hand of 18 numbers too.. many of them hardways.

My Ice Tong toss was really on and I tossed two not times... a 19 roll hand and a 28 roll hand.

Later that night Michael F., Dave R, Mike, Jason and myself went for dinner at Caesar’s Bacchanal Buffet. We had a lot of laughs and a great time together.

Afterwards, I was too full and tired to play. so I said good night and goodbye to my friend Sureshot and all the guys.

On Thursday, I needed a break from playing. I had been playing everyday for the past week and a half. Soooo, I took my new friends Mike and Jason, who are from NY, sightseeing. We took a ride over to Red Rock Canyon and we enjoyed the beautiful Red Rock formations and the mountains. Then we took the scenic drive all the way down to Blue Diamond... had lunch at Famous Dave’s Bar B Que and eventually headed back to the Strip .. it was as great day for seeing the sights and being outdoors.
The temperature was in the 60’s.

Later that night we had dinner with Michael F, Mike and Jason at Montanaros Italian Restaurant at Paris and took in a show.

The next day Friday, I played a session with Michael, Dave R. and his friend Walt, at The Stratosphere Casino. They have Crapless Craps that the guys wanted to try.

I used my Ice Tong Toss and and tossed two rolls 18 rolls long . After that, we weren’t getting anywhere, so we decided to call it a day. Actually it was Dave and Michael's last day, so they wanted to keep on playing. I, on the other hand, was still going to be in Vegas for another two weeks, so I didn’t have that urgent feeling to play... I needed to pace myself... plus the following week, I had a lot of students scheduled for private “One on One” classes at my Vegas Craps Pit.

So Mike, Jason and I, went on another sight seeing trip... This time to Hoover Dam. What a great day we had enjoying the beautiful vistas and walking across the dam.. it was a great day!

Late that night Michael F, Jason, Mike and I enjoyed a great steak dinner at BLT Steak House in Bally’s . They have one of the best Bone-in Ribeyes I’ve ever eaten!!!! It was a great meal with good friends!!!
After dinner we said our goodbyes to Michael F, Jason, Mike and Dave R.... who were all flying home later that night.

During my second week in Vegas a new group of friends, students and family came into town to visit me.

Some of the students that came to visit me and signed up for one on one classes were Randy, Hai and his friend Annie, BiloxiMan and Biloxilady, Cody, Jon k-9, Coaster, David and his friend Ed, Lee, Rich, John, Sock-eye and his wife Sophie and many others. We had a great time!! I love to teach Dice Control Techniques (DI) and love to play with the students afterwards and watch their progress... Nothing makes me happier than watch the students have big rolls or report back to me about their big rolls, during their Vegas Vacation.
It was fun playing and seeing with some of the locals.. Hypnochuck, Kerry, Bill, Dennis, Tony and Koi.

Here are a few of the highlights of some our sessions. 

At Ellis Island, Biloximan tossed a 28 roll hand. I tossed a 24 roll hand shortly after from straight out. Biloxilady has a good roll too.

At Palace Station Biloximan tossed a 32 roll hand. Koi tossed an 18 roll hand.

On Tuesday we played a session at the Orleans Casino. Biloxilady tossed a 20roll hand!!
Jon K-9 had a 40 roll hand!! 

Later in the day, we went to The Paris Casino, where Biloximan tossed an 85roll hand last year... this year his roll was a bit shorter... but Jon K-9 lit up the table with a 35 roll hand!

Next we walked over to Bally’s where I had an 18 roll hand, using my Ice tong toss from stick left..

Someone at the table tossed a 25 roll hand and Jon K-9 followed up with a 31roll hand, using the Yuri toss from the end that we practiced at my Craps pit.

My sister Arlene came into town as well as my brother-in-law Cedric. His handle is “Cedric the flea”  because he’s a $5 bettor.. 2 hits and down... per shooter. He’s pretty new to Craps .. I taught him the Ice Tong Toss.. Hardway set and he had some pretty good rolls. He gives away all of his Craps profit to charity... which is really nice.

My sister Arlene, loves to play the Slot Machines and explore the hotels along the Strip.

The next day, Coaster had a good roll at the Orleans from Straight Out, using the low Yuri toss. I had a nice 19 roll hand with my ice tong shot again and made a few points. Jon k-9 tossed a 22 roll hand from Straight out again.

The next day we played a session at Margaritaville, which is defunct and now just part of Bally’s. The table was empty when we got there. We should have known better, since all the other tables at the Flamingo were busy.... We each took a turn with the dice, and soon left. Nothing much was happening there.

Later in the week, we played a session at Gold Coast, I tossed a 30 hand using my corner toss from stick left. Dave tossed a 28 hand roll... Sophie tossed a 16roll hand.

On Friday morning, February 1st, I played a session at Ballys with Stephen T. and Biloximan . The table was quiet and I noticed when the shooters would toss the dice, the rolls were short and no points were being made..The Dealer said to me that the table has been like this all morning. That’s all I needed to hear... Time to check out another casino and not waste our money. Was the table cold because of variance or something else? All morning is a long time... Of course, it’s a perfect table to play the Don’t side, but I was with friends/students that want to shoot on the do side.

So we walked over to Paris... What a difference!!! The table at Paris was red hot...We got on 3 big rolls. We never even got the dice... We walked away big winners!!

On Friday night I took Arlene and Cedric to see the Neil Sedaka show at the Orleans Casino. He still sounds great, plays piano fantastically and sang all of his hit records... “Breaking up is hard to Do”, ”Happy Birthday Sweet 16, ”Calendar Girl, “Next Door to an Angel”
“The Diary”, “Oh Carol” ... plus his songs from ‘70s with Elton John... “Bad Blood”, slow version of “Breaking up is hard to do”
“Laughter in the Rain” “Love will keep us Together” etc. It was a great evening, dinner and a show with family.

On Saturday Sockeye and his wife Sophie came over for “one on one” class. We had some good sessions together..

I’m missing some of my charts so I’m doing my best to remember. I know that my students and I had many good rolls, but without the charts, it’s hard to remember where and when and how long they were.

I do remember that I had a session at Gold Coast and I tossed eight 8s in a row... the first 3 were hard 8s.. using my ice tong toss 2/4-4/2 set from stick left.. the roll was about 26 numbers long.

I went with Koi to Ellis Island where we had some good rolls. Koi tossed a 30roll hand, and a 22 roll hand. I tossed a 28 roll hand .

A student came over to perfect the “Split Shot”. We worked on it from Straight Out, then stick left and stick right... Plus we practiced his “on Axis Toss”.

We went to the Orleans after his class and he tossed a 34 roll hand with the “Split Shot” from Straight Out! 

One day Sockeye and Sophie and i all had big rolls in the 20s at the Gold Coast . A fellow shooter at the table noticed our skill and came over to talk afterwards. I gave him my card and a few days later he called for a private “one on one” class. He did very well and he told me that I helped give him back his confidence to throw the dice again.

My son Brian came to town to visit. He was in town for his cousin’s Bachelor Party. Well, on the first day he visited.. February 4th, Arlene, Cedric, Brian and I met for breakfast, and then went sightseeing... We took a ride to Red Rock Canyon and then over to Howard Hughes' Ranch... We took a guided tour thorough his house and we had a great time ... it was getting cold and a storm was moving in. We soon headed to the east side of town where the rain hadn’t started yet.. and went to a Wet Lands Park.. east of Boulder Highway. Afterwards we toured Sam’s Town Casino...I like the forest park In the middle.

Later that night we had had very nice dinner and took in a show at the new home for "The Bronx Wanderes” at the LINQ Hotel.
As usual it was a great show.. Dion and the Belmont songs, 4 Seasons songs, and some nice surprises added to the show.

I also took my sister and Cedric to Hoover Dam which they really enjoyed....I didn’t get much playing time in towards the end of the trip... I was so busy teaching and also showing my family a good time... I didn’t have much free time. But that’s OK, because I came out way a head for the trip, limited the house exposure,
and when I did play either my students had big rolls, or I had big rolls, and sometimes, we both had big rolls!

Oh, I almost forgot this story...my son is an engineer and is very bright... but he also has a good sense of humor. His cousin wanted to see the “Backstreet Boys” at Planet Hollywood... It was kind of a goof because they were popular with teenie boppers back in the 90s... and they would probably be the only guys there... Well my son, to make it even goofier, had tee shirts made up with picture of members of Nsync with a heart around each face ... for each member of the bachelor party to wear to the show.... Talk about embarrassing... the groom to be had Justin Timberlake’s picture with a heart around it. 

Oh, I almost forgot... I was in Vegas during The Super Bowl. The town was crazy!!’ All of the Craps tables min started at $25 and up...The casinos were really taking advantage of the crowds that were there.

I was lucky enough to get tickets to a Super Bowl Party at Bally’s.. thanks to my host.
The party was great!!!!! It was in the largest room I had ever seen. Everyone had an assigned seat at a banquet table that held 12 people... I took My brother in-law Cedric as my guest...
There were 179 banquet tables... lots of food stations...
carved turkey, hot dogs, chicken wings, dessert tables, full bar... all around the banquet hall... free food, free snacks, free drinks
And a lots of beer on the tables...

There were big screens all around, so every seat was a good one! Now, the game could have been a little more exciting, with more action. But, I didn’t mind, because instead of playing Craps on that Sunday... I bet on the game...I figured Tom Brady is like a DI... except instead of controlling dice ...He controls the football... he’s the best quarterback out there... so... I won big time!!!! Had a great time and didn’t have to deal with the casinos overpricing their games and fighting he crowd.

On my last day in Vegas, as I was driving my brother-in-law Cedric to the airport, we had a couple of hours before he was due to be dropped off. I took him for a ride to see the new football stadium being built, which will be the home of the Las Vegas Raiders. Then, we took a ride over to Ethel M's Chocolate Factory near the airport. This place is a fun place to go because you can watch them making chocolate, and they are very generous giving out samples. Outside, they have a wonderful cactus garden featuring cacti from around the world. 

I had a great three weeks visiting Las Vegas, and seeing so many friends and students. I can't wait to return!

I'm planning on returning to Las Vegas early June through July.

Detroit/Windsor Trip Report - December 2018

Posted on January 7, 2019

On Monday morning Dec 3... My friend/student David aka “The Cleaner” met me at the Ft Lauderdale Airport to fly out for our adventure in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. I was pleasantly surprised that the trip took less than 3 hours.

Gary aka “Six Shooter” was very nice and met us at the Detroit Airport. From there we would drive through Downtown Detroit and then go through the Tunnel (under the Detroit River) into Windsor Canada.

So as we were driving, The Cleaner mentioned that it would be fun to stop off at famous restaurant in Downtown Detroit named Coney Island. Both the Cleaner and Six Shooter are from Detroit, so they really know their way around.

The American Coney Island restaurant is famous for their Hot Dogs, chili Dogs and Loose Dogs. Now the Loose Dogs were a new experience for me. It’s ground beef (hamburger meat) that is more like the the meat in a Taco... they put it in a hot dog bun, put chili, mustard and chopped onions on it... and there it is.

It turns out that David’s Grandfather opened this restaurant around 1917. David’s family still owns it and we met the manager, who is his first cousin. There is an old black and white picture on the wall of the restaurant back in the day, with The Cleaner’s mother and Grandfather and other family members in it.

After lunch, we went through the tunnel and stopped off at the Border Patrol Station... a quick show of our passport, and then answered a few questions and we were now in Canada.

The Caesar’s Windsor Casino Resort was only a couple of blocks away... it was pretty cold with snow flurries for me this trip... most days were in the low 30’s during the day and the 20’s at night.

The Casino and Hotel are beautiful, clean, safe, modern and non-smoking. The people that work there as well as the gamblers are all very nice and polite. The rooms are spacious and you can request a river view which also has the skyline of Detroit. There are towers. I prefer the Forum tower, with a river view. In my room, I was able to pick up a phone signal from Detroit, so I didn’t have to call long distance from Canada.


During my week in Canada the weather was pretty cold outside, and I got to experience snow flurries, which is always cool, coming from Florida. The temperature was 30’s during the day and 20s at night. The only time that we left the casino to go outside, was to eat breakfast and lunch at our favorite local restaurant.

So, Sixshooter, The Cleaner and I checked into our hotel rooms at the Forum Tower. We met at the Craps tables about a half hour later for our first session.

The casino is smoke free and everyone, including the dealers, are all friendly. Sixshooter seems know everyone there. Lots of hellos and friendly conversation. The tables are all $10 minimums, are 12 feet long with hard true bounce. The feature bet is the Firebet.

Our first session went very well with the three of us tossing hands in the 15-18range. Then, someone had a fantastic roll of 41 numbers to finish our our session.

The next session was just before dinner. Sixshooter got things going started, using his special set on his come out roll, hitting four 7’s and two 2’s... all while betting the pass line and world bet. Once a point was established, one point was made, and it soon ended.

David was up next and got dialed in using his Parr toss from stick left, and tossed a 24 roll hand.

The dice came around to me and I was in the stick right position. I tried out a new shot that Koi and I had been working on, the last time that I was in Vegas. It’s a stacking shot that worked great on the new bouncy Rio layout. I had been practicing it from stick left... but this time I was at stick right, so I decided to try it out.

My first roll was so-so... I hit about 12 numbers, but also made 3 points... So it looked promising. The next time that I got the dice, I fared better with a 20number roll.

We colored up and had a nice leisurely dinner at the buffet. After dinner, we were all tired, since it was a travel day and we had to get up early to catch our plane.


The next day, Tuesday we got into a regular routine for the rest of the trip. We met downstairs at the Craps table for our first session before breakfast. They have a free coffee and juice machine in the casino.

Everyday the casino gives gifts, free play or a show to its regular players... Today, was a free gift... A full set of silverware.

Our first session was not a good one... most of the 7 outs were on the 6 and 7th roll. We each got the dice twice and cut our losses. We weren’t there very long.

We went outside, and I got to experience a little winter weather... some snow flurries, which is always fun for just a couple of days. We went to a little Mom and Pop breakfast place. Usually, a very nice woman is there doing taking the orders, cooking the meal, and also being being the cashier... She runs the whole place beautifully!

After breakfast, more friends joined us at the tables... John C. A and Lee from the Cleveland Crew, and Justin and Greg from the Detroit area.

Since this was my second day at the tables, I was still experimenting with some new shots to see which ones would work best. I used my helicopter toss from stick left... it’s a new shot that I’ve been practicing at home. My friend Lefty AJ in Atlantic City has really gotten good with this toss and has consistently beat the AC tables using this technique. I had a pretty good roll using it ... a 19number roll... not bad for using a new technique in the casino.

Justin had a beautiful on axis Parr toss from stick Right and tossed a 34number roll... making a 4 point Fire Bet... which pays 25 to 1.

We went upstairs in the casino to a little pizza & hot dog snack place. I had a nice Conversation with John C.. about old times. He was my student about 15 years ago when I was teaching with the Golden Craps Group. We would also meet in Vegas for Super Bowl Weekend. This year, I’ll be in Vegss once again for the Super Bowl parties. It’s been a while since I’ve seen some of the Cleveland crew.

Our next session was one of those long marathon sessions. It was up and down we stayed way too long! We had some great rolls and some short rolls... but, I have to admit... we had a lot of fun playing together... I made the 1000 tier point bonus, which is always a good thing for ratings and comps.

I used my on axis corner toss from stick left one 4/2 - 2/4 set and had some nice results.. hitting lots of 6 and 8s.. I tossed the dice very softly, on axis, and had some great results... an 1820 and a 24 roll hand.

Justin and Greg tossed some good hands in the 18-20 range.

We took a break for dinner...Guess where? Yep... back at the buffet... what was nice, was that we all had a chance talk at dinner and get to know each other.

We played one more session after dinner and there were few good rolls and some short ones too.
The highlight are someone tossed a 21 roll hand. Justin tossed a 22 roll hand one of the guys tossed a 30 roll hand! It’s not clear on my chart who it was.

On Wednesday morning, we played our first session around 7:30am. The crew consisted of David aka The Cleaner, Six Shooter, John C, Justin, Greg and myself.

David got dialed in early, and tossed a 36 roll hand... He made 4 points to the Firebet and set the 5th point. At this point, Six Shooter, who has money on the Firebet, decides to lay the 5th point... If David makes the 5th point, Six Shooter will be paid $250 to 1.... so if you have a $5.00 Firebet, you would get paid $1250.... if you lay the point you can’t lose. You get paid if the 5th point hits or you’ll get paid if the shooter 7s out.

Unfortunately, David didn’t know about that strategy and when Six Shooter laid the point and was asking the dealers advice on how much to the lay amount would pay off.

Well, this took David out of his zone and on the next roll he 7’d out! Man, was he angry at Six Shooter and swearing up a storm... Yikes!! He soon left the table to cool off.

Then, there were a couple of short rolls after that. Then, Greg got in the zone and tossed a beautiful 28 roll hand to finish off our morning session.

We all went to our favorite breakfast restaurant in town...experienced some more snow flurries and soon it was time to head back to the casino.

Our 11 am session was really lackluster... most rolls were around 7-8 numbers.. With Greg tossing the longest roll at 18 numbers. We each got the dice once... it wasn’t going well so we colored up.

We went to the pool area to relax and talk about our sessions... The pool has large windows with a beautiful view of the River and Detroit Skyline.. it’s very relaxing in there.

Six Shooter and I took a break and headed back into town for lunch. We went to a deli named Malic’s.. The Corned Beef and Pastrami are excellent... on the softest, freshest Rye Bread I’ve ever had.

We all went to our rooms rest up for the next session at 5 pm. This session was a short one ... and a good one! We each got one turn with the dice.

I got dialed in with my Stacking shot from stick left and tossed a 28 roll hand!

Greg followed up with a 22 roll hand.

While I was resting in the room before our 5 pm session, I got a call from Ron and Rose, telling me that they checked into the Detroit MGM casino.... uh oh! I thought they were coming to Windsor to meet and play with us... It seems that they hadn’t received their passport in time.. and they couldn’t cross the border into Canada.

Six Shooter was a good sport about it ... and after the 5 pm session we hopped in his car and went back to Detroit to meet them at the MGM casino..

It was great seeing them and soon we took a drive over to a very nice old-time traditional Italian restaurant. The food, the atmosphere and the company were excellent!

I had 3 nights comped at Caesars Windsor, and my 4th night was going to cost around $200 with tax and fees... since Ron and Rose were staying at the MGM, they helped me secure a room for Thursday night fully comped.

After dinner we dropped Ron and Rose back to the MGM, and we continued driving through Downtown Detroit. It was getting late and dark. While we were stopped at a light, we saw 2 undercover cops hop out of their unmarked car and arrest someone.... We drove over to the tunnel... but the tunnel was closed for repair, so we had to drive a few miles to get to the bridge to go to Canada... The bridge was backed up a bit... I never saw so many Semi’s... really large trucks, backed up for about a mile... each truck has to stop and go through the border crossing, showing a passport and answering questions.

Eventually, we got back to our Caesars Hotel in Windsor. We played one last session for the night. It’s a blur and I can’t find my chart for that session, but I think it went alright.


The next morning, Thursday, we played a session once again at 7:30 am... this session was another good one! David got things started with an 18 roll hand, once again making a 4 point Firebet.

I made a couple of points and then Six Shooter, changes his position and shot from stick left one and tossed a great hand... He tossed 38 numbers!!

We took a break and I checked out of the hotel and soon took a lunch break at our favorite deli in town. John and David headed back to Detroit, where David was meeting and then staying with his brother.. John and his wife headed back to Cleveland.

After lunch, Six Shooter and I took in a show at Caesars.. Tony Orlando and Dawn were appearing. They put on a great show! It was Christmas oriented... but of course my favorite part was when they sang their hits... Candida, Knock 3 times, Tie a yellow Ribbon around the old oak tree.. plus others.
They sounded great, just like their records.

After the show, Six Shooter dropped me off at the Detroit MGM to meet Ron and Rose. We said our goodbyes and Six Shooter went back to his home in the Detroit suburbs.

Ron and Rose and I had a very nice dinner at the MGM.. I checked into my room and after a while we said our good nights.

The next morning, Friday, we played an early morning session at the Craps table. The tables are all $15, unless the table is quiet... they’ll make it $10. As soon as it fills up, they raise it back to $15.
The table bounce is OK... the layout is a little weird because it’s a very dark brown/black and they use Yellow—Amber dice.

Rose has a good 22 number roll from stick right 2...Ron had a really nice roll.. using the Yuri low rolling toss from stick right 1, with a 21 roll hand

I tossed from stick left 2 and used my Split Shot.. it worked great on those tables and I tossed a 30 roll hand! Making 5 points and 7 passes.

They have a weird bonus bet... it only pays when you make 5 or more passes... come out 7s and 11s count as well as making points. I made 7 passes, which made the players very happy.

Soon it was time to head to the airport to catch my plane... Ron and Rose drove me to the airport on the way back to Indiana. I met Dave at the airport and when we finally landed in Ft Lauderdale, he was very nice to drive me home.

Thanks Six Shooter for your hospitality and picking me up at the airport. Thanks Ron and Rose for driving up and visiting, our great dinners and taking me to the Detroit airport, and thanks Dave for driving me home and good companionship .. what wonderful friends I have!!

Las Vegas Trip Report - November 2018

Posted on November 27, 2018

Hi Everyone,

Here is my recent Vegas adventure....
I flew into Las Vegas on Monday night, October 29. After getting off the plane, walking through the terminal at McCarran Airport, which felt like a 1/2 mile walk..I hopped on the bus to take me to the car rental plaza.

It was now about midnight and the rental agent at Budget rent a car told me that they ran out of full size cars. They offered me a nice upgrade, no extra charge...a new Toyota Rav 4... which is really great!

After getting to my condo and unpacking, it was time to get some sleep... it’s now 2am Vegas time... I turn on the TV and a morning news show comes on... I remember. It’s 5am in Florida.. time to get some sleep.

I woke up at 6:30am Vegas time.. my body clock is still on East Coast time. I relaxed a bit longer, and called my friend Koi and asked if he’d like to out for breakfast with me.

We enjoyed the buffet at Gold Coast and then took a ride over to Bally’s to play our first session. I usually do well at Bally’s which has tables with a hard solid bounce layout.
On Tuesday, unfortunately the table that was open was in a very strong cold trend. I chatted and watched the other players shoot the dice... and after a couple of rolls 7 out...one of the dealers tipped me off that the table has been cold all night and morning .... Well whether it's variance or screwed up dice... I’m betting with the trend.

I would rather play the do side and get on a hot roll but, since I didn’t see any chance of that happening, I decided to play the Don’t side. Sometimes i would lay the point, sometimes I would play don’t pass and don’t come ... depending on what numbers were rolling. 

I played for a while until the other players got tired of losing and left the table.. I found myself alone at the table.. so it was my pleasure to beat the casino at their own game.

I bet $25 on Don’t Pass, then set the dice and tossed my perfect on axis Parr toss from stick right to establish a point... then, I set for the 7s and within a couple of rolls I’d 7 out and win my bet...I asked for the same dice and repeated ....winning the next 8 bets ... I left when I tossed a 7 on the come out... picking off my Don’t pass bet... time to color up and lock up my profit.

My next session was at Paris where I ran into some old DI friends, Wyatt and Chaz. It’s always good to see old friends. This session was choppy with many rolls in the teens or less.

Later in the day Koi and I met Tony Dice Guy at the Ellis Island Casino behind Bally’s. They have a wonderful bar-b-que restaurant there.. If you go there get a players card, put it in the kiosk and get a $3 discount on you bar-b-que meal.

They open their Craps table at 6 pm. It’s a low key local joint, and they could use more light above the Craps table. But the dealers are friendly and the table conditions are good.

Koi started things off with a 20 roll hand with his Mr Miyagi toss.. I noticed his toss was drifting toward the right as the roll went on, eventually hitting someone pass line bet in near the right corner. Chaz Met is there and tossed a nice hand of 16, making 3 points. I tossed a hand in the mid teens and it was time to color up and call it a night.

The next day was Wednesday and Halloween 🎃

At Halloween, Vegas has a lot of energy and excitement going .. A lot of people came into town to party...some started wearing their costumes early.

After breakfast, I called a couple of local friends to join at the tables . Koi, George and VDC soon joined me at the Orleans Casino.
I took my stick right position and used my classic on axis Parr toss that made me famous while in the "Golden Group" a few years ago and tossed a nice 32roll hand, making 4 points.
Lately, I’ve been shooting primarily from straight out and giving my friends and students Stick right... but I must admit it felt good being back in Stick right 2. The dice looked glued together.

There was a fellow at the table who used the classic "Golden Group" toss on stick left 1. After his roll, I introduced myself to him as Howard. When the dice came around to me and he witnessed my toss. He said "I know who you are ... You’re Rock n roller!" He told me that he would like to come over for a class next week...so that was very cool!

We took a break for lunch at the Cafe at the Orleans..Soup and half a sandwich...

After lunch, we took a ride over to Palace Station. The group grew a little bit with Scribe joining me, Koi, George and VDC. When I come into town, I really enjoy getting everyone together. I’m very sociable and enjoy being with good people.

It was a profitable session with Koi tossing a 15 and 16 roll hand. Scribe and I tossed rolls in the teens... and VDC tossed a 20 roll hand.

We took a break and got tickets for a show that night... I figured that it was going to be crazy on the Strip and Downtown on Halloween Eve... so we went to see a Vegas show, and avoid the crazy outside.

We saw the show “Wow” at the Rio. It was a great show and it had a water theme, lots of acrobatics similar to the cirque shows. The women in the show, were all beautiful! Pretty faces and very athletic bodies ... many were probably gymnasts.. We all kept saying wow! What a great show!!

On Thursday, the day after Halloween, I woke up early and played a solo session at the Orleans Casino. I used my on axis Parr toss from stick right. My toss was looking good with the dice rotation on axis together, looking like they were glued together. I tossed two times and had 22 and 28 roll hands.

I soon called my friends that were in town ... Koi, George, and Mike M. Koi and George prefer to play on $5.00 tables, which are tough to find in Vegas these days, unless we play Downtown or off the Strip. We chose to play at Texas Station... would you believe the table minimum was only $3.00? Well, Koi and George were happy, and I aim to accommodate my friends and students.

Mike M soon joined us. Unfortunately, the session was a so-so one.. most of the rolls were in the 12-15 range.. The highlight was Mike saving the session hitting the “Tall” bonus bet.. paying $30 to 1.

In the afternoon, we went to Bally’s. There were a couple of good rolls, making it a winning session. Mike got dialed in on stick right and tossed a beautiful 28roll hand!

I went back to my condo to take a nap... it was going to be a late night.. Ivy was flying into Las Vegas at 11:30 pm, and I promised that I would pick her up at the airport.

Soon, George and Koi came over to my condo to practice their toss on my table, to get ready for our next session.

Around 5 pm or so we drove Downtown to meet Koi’s nephew, Mark, who was in town working at the SEMA automotive show, at the Convention Center. We head dinner at my favorite buffet Downtown.. the Main Street Station Buffet.

After dinner, we took a ride to The Ellis Island Casino. We had a nice group of student and friends. Koi, Mark, George, Elena and Wilton.

The session was a bit choppy.. a few decent rolls and a few short rolls... but then, all of the sudden Koi’s nephew Mark, who was shooting from Straight out, got hot and rolled for about an hour!! From what I heard it was around 45numbers. Unfortunately, during the middle of his great roll, Ivy called me from the airport and asked me to pick her up... Well, I hated to leave in the middle of a hot hand... but I always keep my promises :)

On Friday morning, Ivy and I went for breakfast and afterwards took a walk on the famous Vegas Strip. I played a morning session at the Gold Coast and had a nice roll from stick left, rolling 24 numbers using my on axis corner toss, with lots of back spin.

Later in the day I met Koi and Ivan at the Gold Coast casino. I got there first and decided to warm up my toss from stick right.

While I was waiting for my friends to arrive, I played the Don’t side... after all with 7 as my point it’s a lot easier to hit it. I placed $25 on Don’t pass.. used the hardway set and established a point. I then added some lay odds and proceeded to set for the 7 (all 7s set). I focused and tossed my on axis Parr toss as perfect as I could and within a couple of rolls tossed the 7.. rinse and repeat.. same routine over and over again as I kept winning... 

After a while Koi showed up and bought in.. I also met a very nice shooter named Ivan. I changed my strategy and played the do side.

Koi tossed a 20 roll hand using his Mr Miyagi toss..He followed up with a another good roll... Ivan tossed a good hand too.

I took a ride over to Bally’s where I met my old student Michael M. His toss was looking good from stick left. He tossed a 30 roll hand!

Later, we played a session at Texas Station. I tossed a 21 roll hand from straight out. Michael M tossed a 24 roll hand. It was great seeing and playing with Michael again.

At night I called a new student named Travis to confirm our class on Saturday. He told me that he was playing Craps with Michael M and they were both having big rolls at Paris and Ballys.

The next Morning, Saturday, I picked up my student Travis at the Gold Coast and drove about a mile back to my Craps pit, for his class. He requested a 2 hour, one on one class.

We discussed Craps and I soon found out that he had previously taken a couple of Golden Craps classes. I observed his toss to see if there were any improvements I could recommend.
He tossed from stick left one and you know what? I was pleasantly surprised how good his toss looked. I made a couple of suggestion and tweaks... but because his toss looked good and he has been having success at the tables, I didn’t make any major adjustments. He warmed up tossed for quite a while hitting lots of box numbers.. 

We then worked on shooting from a second position, In case stick left was taken. We practiced shooting from stick right and also my Corner toss. We also worked on a low toss, which effective on bouncy tables.

Koi loves nearby, and towards the end of the class, I invited him to come over and meet Travis and also warm up his toss.

After class. we played a live casino session at The Gold Coast Casino. Travis’ toss was really on!! The class helped get his toss tweaked. 
Travis tossed 2 great rolls... the first roll was a 38, hitting 3 repeater bets!
His second roll was 24 numbers long and once again hitting 3 repeater bets!

We took a break for lunch and then decided play another session at the Gold Coast... Ivy had our car and was exploring the outskirts of Las Vegas.. she loves driving on the 15 near the mountains on the West side of town.

During our session at Gold Coast, I tossed a 21 roll hand form straight out... Travis was still on, and tossed a 22 number roll, hitting 2 repeater bets.

Saturday night, I took Ivy out for dinner and a show. First we walked on the Strip
And the visited the Linq area. It was full of life and excitement. It’s a great place to people watch.

Later we saw the Legends show at The Flamingo Hotel... I always enjoy the Legends shows... Where else can you see Elvis, Donna Summer, Bruno Mars and George Michael... all in one show?

The acts were all great .. it was a very enjoyable Saturday night out... Good times in Las Vegas!!!

On Sunday morning, Ivy and I went out for breakfast. 

She wanted to see a movie at around 11:30 am... but I wanted to play... after all I’m in Vegas!!!.. We compromised and we decided that I would take her to the Orleans Casino, which has a terrific movie theater... We decided to meet for lunch at around 1:30 a the Garden Cafe in the Orleans Casino.

My casino session went well...The random shooters weren’t making any points... so I went with the trend and won on the Don’t side.... When the dice came to me, I was in the Stick left 1 position. I decided to use my on axis Corner toss... I found the table a bit soft and bouncy, so I put a lot of back spin on my dice .. which helped me control the dice ... I tossed a 32 number roll!

I met Ivy for lunch, just as we planned at 1:30, after her movie ended. I dropped her off at our condo, and called Koi to join me in a session. We then played another session at the Orleans.
Koi tossed an 18 roll hand... I followed up with a 26 roll hand,
Using my corner toss with lots of back spin.. I tossed five 9s in a row.! 

Later, Koi and I went to meet up with Travis and Falcon Fixer at the Paris casino. By the time we got there they were finished playing and were heading to Bally’s. The tables at Paris were crowded and minimums were all $15.

We walked over to Ballys and found the same crowded conditions... Travis wanted to play at Caesars properties to increase his tier level to get a Diamond Card... so off we went to find stood table on the Strip... we checked out the Cromwell, Flamingo, Margaritaville, the Linq, and finally Harrahs...
All of the tables were crowded and on Sunday afternoon.. $15 minimums.

Koi, who is 92 years old, was getting tired off the walking... so on the way back to Paris, where I was parked, I suggested that he relax at The Cromwell sports book and watch the football game as I walked back with Travis, back to Paris to get the car at the Valet.

By the time I got my car, and Travis got his suitcase at Ballys it was almost time for Travis to catch his plane.

I picked up Koi at the Cromwell Sports book and we headed to the airport... on the way, while we were passing Ellis Island, we stopped off for a quick 1/2 hour session... a player tossed a 30 roll hand ..and it was time to head to the airport, so Travis could fly back home. 

That night Ivy, Koi and I enjoyed a wonderful Bar B Que dinner at the Ellis Island casino.

On Monday we went to the movies at the Orleans Casino/Hotel. They have a very modern movie theater on the second floor.

We saw the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody”. It’s the story of Freddie Mercury and the rock group Queen. What a great movie! I highly recommend it.

I played an early morning session at the Orleans. I used my corner toss and tossed an 18 and a 21 roll hand.

I spent some time with Ivy, enjoy the Las Vegas Strip.
At night we had dinner and took in a show.. We saw The Donnie and Marie Show at the Flamingo Casino/Hotel. Donnie and Marie put on a great show!!! They’ve been performing since they were children. They are really talented.. Greet voices and greet performers... We had a great night out on the town!!!!

The next morning, Ivy and I went out for breakfast... afterwards we stopped off at the Post Office to mail out 3 sticks of dice that a student had ordered.

Next, we took a beautiful scenic drive to Red Rock Canyon, and afterward stayed on the scenic road all the way to Blue Diamond.

We stopped for lunch and then Ivy asked to be taken home to rest, which gave me time to play and make some money :)

I called up my buddy Koi and we headed over to Rio Casino.

The table was only about 1/2 full, so we bought in.
Koi took stick right 1 and I took stick left 1. At first the random shooters couldn’t get past 2-4 rolls... but then the dice came to Koi.

Koi stated things off with a 17 roll hand, making 4 points.
The dice came to me next and I soon got into my zone and tossed a 28 roll hand! Making 3 point. Hitting a few hardways along the way.

The dice went around the table and soon came back to Koi. Koi tossed a beautiful 35 roll hand!!! Hitting 4 hard 8s!!

We colored up with a big win... no way were we going to give the casino a chance to get their money back.

A few hours later. Ivy and I joined koi, Tony the dice guy and his wife, and VDC for dinner at the Red Rock Casino Buffet... we head such a good time... we stayed talking until it was time to close.

What a great day we had in Las Vegas!!

The next two days, Thursday and Friday, were fun days in Las Vegas. My friend Heavy came into town and it was great to see him.

Thursday Morning, Koi, Heavy and I met the Rio casino to play a session. Rio has changed it layout and put in microfiber with a pad under it which makes it bouncy. The regular parr toss doesn’t work as well there as before, unless you throw it low...but Koi’s Miyagi toss actually works better on the new layout. This new layout has been the Rio tables for about a year.

I got the dice first and used the Miyagi toss. It was working well, just like it did yesterday when I tossed a 28 number roll. Unfortunately, this time I started talking to the female dealer..big mistake... after my 18th roll... 7 out.

Koi got the dice next and stayed focused and tossed a whopping 40 number roll!!!!

We went for lunch and afterwards met with the rest of the crew.. Darthnater, Bankerdude, Heavy, koi and myself.

During this afternoon session at Rio, there were no monster hands .. most of the rolls were pretty good in the 12-15 roll range.. unfortunately by the time we got our bets pressed up the 7 would suddenly show up and end the hand.

There were a few stand out rolls this session. 
Darthnater tossed an 18 roll hand... and Heavy tossed a 20 roll hand.. hitting four 4’s making the repeater bet.

We had a fun dinner at the Rio Buffet with Ivy joining us... We all ate and talked for a long time... What I love about going to the buffet with my friends is the variety of food available and also we can sit for hours talking and socializing... In a regular restaurant, after you eat, the waiter hands you your check and you are expected to leave... they will even start hinting as they clean your table.. but at the buffet it’s very casual and you can socialize as long as you want .

On Friday I got together with my friends Heavy, Aloha Jonny, Bankerdude and Koi, for a casino session at Gold Coast.

I tossed from straight out using my parr on axis toss and tossed a nice 22 roll hand... hitting the number 6 nine times!! almost all back to back. I followed up with another pretty good roll of 18 numbers. A rhythm roller at the table rolled a 30 roll hand. Aloha Jonny, Heavy and Bankerdude had decent hands.

It was a good way to start the morning with good friends.

We took a break and then drove to Bally’s for another casino session. This time a very nice student named Cecil joined us. This session was a bit choppy, but there were some standout rolls. Bankerdude tossed a 29 roll hand from Straight Out making 4 points! Heavy hit a couple of repeater numbers with an 18 roll hand. Cecil tossed an 18 roll hand as well. 

We had a nice lunch at Le Brasarie. It’s always great to have lunch wit good friends.

In the early evening Ivy and I drove up to Beau’s house for the Meet and Greet. We all had a good time conversing, hanging out at Beau’s beautiful pool and pool deck.. it looks like a resort. Beth and Beau were excellent hosts.. My friends, Heavy, Aloha Johnny, Koi, Beau and Beth, Ivy, Cecil, James, Bankerdude, Darthnater and others all had a great time. We also had a no 7s contest which is always fun. Thanks Beau and Beth for a wonderful evening.

Saturday, Aloha Johnny, Koi and Ivy and I met at Einstein’s Bagels for breakfast. Afterwards Ivy took the car to explore car to explore the Vegas suburbs and go shopping . That gave me free time to hang out with the guys and play craps :)

We went to Gold Coast first and found the one table open very crowded... We took a walk over to Rio and unfortunately, they only had one table open and it was-also crowded. 

We walked back to Gold Coast... I didn’t mind walking because I could use the exercise. We were told that a second table would open in 1/2 an hour. We got our positions and waited... My friend Mike M soon joined us. The table finally opened and the session was really choppy... We couldn’t seem to get any good rolls going.... finally at 12 noon, they opened another table.

Aloha Johnny said this is his favorite table.. and sure enough, we had good rolls!
Aloha stated things off with an 18 roll hand. I took my stick right position and used my classic parr toss making 2 points and about 17 numbers.

Next Koi got hot and tossed a 26 roll hand from stick right, hitting 2 repeater bets.! We had a great comeback from the previous session.

After the session, Ivy picked us up outside the casino and we took a ride to Famous Dave’s Bar B Que for a very enjoyable lunch. 

Afterwards, we took Koi shopping for a new phone... He now has his first smart phone.. He’s 92 years old and is now learning new technology... I think learning new things will help keep him young. Aloha Jonny has a lot of patience teaching koi how to use his new phone.. I think Koi will enjoy using it after he gets used to it.

At night, Heavy, Koi, Aloha Jonny, Bankerdude, Ivy and myself had a very nice dinner at the Asian Restaurant in Rio...

Soon it was time to say goodbye and I drove Ivy to the airport to fly back home to Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

The next day, I spent with Koi... We played 2 good sessions.

The first session was at Gold Coast, with pretty good results. 
Koi tossed a 24 roll hand and I tossed from straight out a 22 roll hand... after that, while waiting for the dice, the table turned cold so we colored up and savored our win.

Next, we want to Palace Station and had some pretty good rolls... just missing the ATS by one number.
Koi tossed a 17 roll hand and I used my Split Shot and rolled a 21 roll hand.

I then got a text from Heavy and Bankerdude to meet them Downtown... Because Las Vegas Blvd was closed due to the Marathon Race we took the side streets... oh boy... Big Mistake!!! All of the roads close to Downtown were blocked off
by barricades or Police Cars.... We headed back south away from Downtown to Charleston and got on the 15 to take us Downtown.

We finally parked at the Fremont Hotel and searched different casinos looking for Heavy and the guys... We found them at The Four Queens... and got on the table..unfortunately the table was cold and the guys couldn’t seem to get a roll going.

I looked across at the other table where Koi was playing, and noticed his rack growing with chips.... I quickly changed tables and man, what a positive table it was! A random shooter was in the middle of a hot roll... I caught the last 20 numbers of it... which gave me a nice winning season... winning my money back from the previous table... plus a profit.

We colored up and said goodbye to the guys. Heavy, Koi and I enjoyed a good buffet at Main Street Station... good company, with good people.

This was the day of the Veteran’s Day group play Downtown. We played at the 4 Queens once again... we had a nice group of Veterans with us ... I got the dice first and tossed a 20 roll hand making a few points...I had another pretty good roll after that in the teens...nothing else was happening at the table ..... time to color up.

The next day, we left downtown and arrived at Ballys. I stopped off for breakfast with Koi on the way. I arrived at Ballys a little late. There were a lot of talented shooters there, but unfortunately, no one could get things going. The repeater bets are all $5 each there so, if no one hits any of them, it puts a big dent in your bankroll. It was a short session and we colored up and cut our losses.

We took a ride over to Palace Station for lunch and to play a session. It’s Veteran’s Day so Veterans eat free at the Buffet. The Palace Station Buffet has moved to the main floor and looks brand new. It was very good!

After lunch, I said my goodbyes to the guys... Heavy, Bankerdude, and Cecil. It was time for me to pick up a student for a “one on one” class at my Craps pit... Koi came along to help, as stickman.

Later I heard that after I left, Bankerdude tossed a great hand at Palace Station. Congratulations Bankerdude!!

I picked up my student at The South Point Casino. He is a professional bowler and was there for a tournament. 

At my Vegas Craps pit, I tuned up his toss from stick right. We worked on softening his toss and keeping the dice together on axis. He explained that his wrist was a bit sore from previous injuries and from bowling earlier so, I taught him the corner toss, which is easier in his wrist and on his lower back.

He was a natural and after s few practice tosses, he was really doing well... tossing lots of box numbers.

I taught his how to toss from stick left and also from straight out. Then, we worked in the Low Yuri toss from Straight Out... this toss, he pick up really fast.. he’s a natural at it... I guess the tosses comes natural to him because he’s a profession athlete.

I got a nice text today from my student... Last night at South Point he used the corner toss that I taught him. He got the dice twice during the session and two good rolls..

He rolled a 17 number roll, and a 31 roll hand!...Making 3 points each time. Great shooting, I’m proud of you!

My last day in Vegas was Wednesday. Unfortunately Heavy, Bankerdude, Darthnater and the guys had already gone home.

I got up early Wednesday morning and put up some laundry, and did last minute packing and cleaning my condo... I like leaving it looking like new, so when I return it’s clean, fresh and welcoming.

I went out to Rio for an early session, while my laundry was in the dryer. I had a nice hand there using one of my “Specialty tosses” from stick right. I tossed a 29 roll hand! It was a great way to start my day. After I colored up, I went to the Diamond registration to download my boarding pass. My flight was leaving at 11:30 pm that night.

I picked up a very nice student at the Gold Coast Casino. A few weeks ago he had scheduled a 3 hour, one on one class.

The class went very well! He flew in from Hawaii and was eager to have his on axis parr toss tweaked and improved. For the first hour we worked on his toss.. after observing a number of rolls I began making adjustments on his grip, landing zone, slowing down and softening his toss. Landing zone, breathing and body posture. He is a great guy and followed my instructions and soon his toss was looking great!

We then worked on some of my Specialty tosses... He was soon tossing my Low Yuri toss, from straight out, like a pro!! It really came naturally to him. He had previously trained with the PARR organization, back in the day..so, he knew all of the Dr Z, LJ, and Dice Magic Tosses. 

Towards the end of the class Koi stopped by to demonstrate some of his tosses. We soon left my Craps pit for lunch at the “Fat Greek” restaurant nearby in Vegas. 

Since it was my last day in town, many of my friends who live locally wanted to get together.. We met up to play Downtown... We had a nice group of good, experienced shooters. The group consisted of Dennis, Koi, my Student, Bill, Tony and myself.

We all shot pretty well over at The Fremont Casino and soon did even better at the Downtown D casino.. 

There my student really excelled with the Low Yuri toss from Straight Out.. tossed a 24 roll hand. Koi, Dennis, Tony and myself had nice winning hands there. I was using my “Split Shot” from Stick left hook... and had tossed around 18 numbers, when the chip fill came in. The tables of chips were blocking me , I should have waited ‘till they were finished, but the dice were passed to me and I changed my shot just a little to over come the blockade.... you can guess what happened next... 

Soon it was time to take a break for dinner... We walked over to The Main Street Station Casino buffet and really enjoyed the food and company.. we talked for hours... soon it was time to say goodbye to the guys and Las Vegas and head over to the airport.

I really had a great time in Vegas!!! I’m already planning on another trip to Vegas in mid January, and staying through the excitement of the Super Bowl into the first week and 1/2 of February. I’ll be out there playing and teaching “One on One” classes once again... I love teaching and playing the great game of Craps. When you win using a skilled toss, it makes it so much better.

Biloxi Trip Report - October 2018

Posted on October 25, 2018

I arrived in Biloxi on Monday night, October 8. I drove up from my home in Ft. Lauderdale and traveled for 12 hours, north on I-75, then through the Florida Panhandle, all the way to Biloxi.

On the way, the lines for gas at the gas stations were getting increasingly longer. Many Floridians were checking into the Biloxi hotels to get away from Hurricane Michael.

The weather in Biloxi was warm and nice, no rain, a bit breezy... I thought our weekend should have beautiful weather. Lots of people were in the pool at Harrahs. 

Hurricane Michael was approaching the Florida panhandle and expected to hit  Wednesday. It seemed to be sliding a little further to the East, so Biloxi and Mobile were out of the Cone.

The day started off great! I played with Dennis, BiloxiMan and Biloxilady at The Palace Casino. Later in the day Bobby Bones and Mrs Bones and Scout soon joined us.

During our first Biloxi session, the first few random shooters at the table had short rolls... then Biloximan who was shooting from Straight out got the dice. He tossed a 25 roll hand, hitting the All, Tall and Small bet!!! Later he tossed a 21roll hand.
The next shooter hit the Small!

It was soon time to color up and enjoy our winning session..

We had a so-so session at Treasure Bay. I was in the middle of a pretty good roll, when a big guy straight out started arguing... His behavior was so hostile that the Supervisor threatened to kick him out if he made one more comment. I tried my best to stay focused but the roll ended after a few more rolls... all I needed was one more number for the bonus bet.

Afterwards, we played a short session at the Scarlet Pearl. We had trouble getting dialed in on their bouncy table, so we cut the session short.

We had lunch at a restaurant at the Scarlet Pearl and had lots of fun and laughter. My sister Arlene joined us. The service wasn’t very good, but the company was excellent and all of our meals got comped, plus the manager gave us 3 comped desserts to keep us happy....We has a good laugh when we asked for the manager and were told he was out back unloading the truck or in the warehouse. We had a great time anyway.

We played an afternoon session around 3 pm and I got dialed in and tossed a 24 roll hand hitting many 4s and Hard 10s.

On Tuesday night I played a session at Harrahs. I took stick right and had a nice hand using my classic PARR toss.. a 28 roll hand.

Wednesday the 10th was another great day in Biloxi. I played three sessions and won all 3. 

The day started with taking my sister Arlene out for breakfast. I made plans with my local friends/students to meet at the Hard Rock Casino for our first session of the day. At the table were Bobby Bones, Mrs Bones, Ronny, Dennis, Biloxilady and Biloximan.

When I first arrived Bobby was in the middle of an 18 roll hand.

I got the dice, shooting from Straight out , using my high Parr toss... I tossed a 20 roll hand, making 5 points.. Biloxilady kept me focused on what numbers I needed to hit. She would say hit the 4 and the next roll would be a 4.... etc.

Ronny used his Parr on axis toss from stick left and tossed a beautiful 35 roll hand.

We colored up and decided to meet at the IP casino.

I dropped my sister Arlene off at the mall and then met the crew at the IP. I got there a little late and heard that Ronny had another good roll. 

Biloxilady tossed a 28 roll hand making the “Tall”... all she needed was one number to make the “Small” and “Everything".

We took a break for lunch at the IP buffet and had some good laughs and good conversation 

After lunch, we played a session at the IP... Ronny got hot again, shooting from stick left and tossed a 28 roll hand! 
Bobby had a good roll- an 18 number hand.

I tossed a 24 roll hand from straight out... Biloxilady helped keep me focused.

The dice were soon passed to Heavy, he had already laid up his lucky cigar, seemed relaxed and tossed a beautiful 30 roll hand. 

Soon Ronny, Dennis, Bobby and Mrs Bones left. I made a couple of points from straight out, Biloxilady had a good roll.

Biloximan got dialed in and tossed a fantastic 48 roll hand!!!

Afterwards everyone went home, I picked Arlene up at the Mall and went back to my room to rest. We went out for dinner at the Palace Casino restaurant.

I decided to play one more session to end the day, at Harrahs. At first the table was packed... they only had one table open when I arrived at 8:30pm... I waited a bit and soon the table turned cold... I switched sides and played the Don’t side... I won my first 5 bets... then, a shooter knocked my Don’t bet off and and I switched to the do side. It was a good move because the shooter tossed a 21roll hand. Later, I tossed a good hand, a 19 roll... and then didn’t bet on the other shooters, locking up
my profit.

The rest of the session was choppy, but i had good discipline and was able to hold on to my winnings... 

I soon colored up having a perfect day at the tables ... 3 for 3 winning sessions ... life is good!

Here is the view from my room at Harrahs...

Thursday was another fantastic day. I met my crew at 8:45am at The Hard Rock casino. I invited a very nice student named Eric to join us. At the table was Dennis, Bobby Bones, Ronnie, Biloximan and Biloxilady.

When the dice came to me, I quickly got dialed in, shooting from Straight out, tossing a 21 roll hand.. hitting 6 hardways.

The next time the dice came around, I tossed a 23 roll hand, making 4 points.

The rest of the session was very positive rolls . The Biloxi crew were all having 16-18 roll hands! Great money hands!

We soon took a ride over to the IP for another casino session. This time it was Biloxilady’s time to shine.... She got dialed in from Straight Out and tossed a 28roll hand!! Making the all “Tall”... all she needed was a. 2 to hit the Small and Everything.

We enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the Hard Rock casino and then took a break.

Later in the afternoon we all met at the IP to play in the slot tournament.... I came in 2nd place in my group and had a lot of fun participating.

Later, Heavy came into town and joined us at the Hard Rock for an evening session. 
Bobby Bones started the session off with an excellent roll, a 22 number roll!

Next I got the dice and had a nice hand. Soon it was Heavy’s turn to toss the dice. He had a great roll! He tossed a beautiful 30 roll hand!

We colored up and celebrated once again at the Hard Rock Buffet, where we talked for hours until the server hinted that they were closing. It was a great way to end another successful day in Biloxi.

Here is a picture that I took of Harrahs

Friday started with Arlene and I having breakfast at the local Waffle House across the street from The Beau Rivage.

After breakfast I met Heavy, The Cleaner, Biloxilady, Biloximan, Eric and Hoof at the Hard Rock casino.

The table was really cold and our crew just couldn’t get things going. Heavy and Eric colored up and relaxed nearby. 

I was playing the Don’t side and was winning on the last few shooters .... all of the sudden things started to change.

The next shooter, who was shooting from straight out, started rolling numbers and picked off my Don’t bets. He was a ruthless roller, throwing the dice the same way each time.
I switched over to the do side which was a good thing, because he rolled for an hour... rolling 58 numbers!!

After his roll, we colored up and took a short drive over to Harrah’s casino.

Biloxilady was very persuasive, and requested that the Crapless table open at 11am, instead of the regular Craps table. With the set that I’m using from straight out... the “Straight sixes”... I’m able to hit many 12’s, 3s, 2s and 11s../ which pay very well on the crapless table.

Biloximan got the dice first.. shooting from Straight out.
He used the same set that I use ... the Straight sixes.
He tossed a monster roll.. hitting 45 numbers!!! What a great winning Session!!!! Great shooting Biloximan!!!!

Around 5 pm we all met at the Hard Rock for another session before dinner.

Hoof got the dice first and gets dialed in... He ends up tossing the 3rd monster roll of the day. He tossed a 42 roll hand!! Great Shooting Hoof!!!

We played 3 casino sessions and each session had a monster roll as part of it.

Soon, it was time for our Meet and Greet. We had it at a fun restaurant on stilts, above the sand on the beach... across from Harrahs... called Flying Tigers Grill.

We had our own room for our Meet and Greet... with a beautiful view of the sun setting on the Gulf. We had over 20 students attend our party and we all had a great time together. The food was good and the atmosphere was fun.

The next day was Saturday and the Heavy and Howard Biloxi class, with special guest 22Inside helping out. The class was rather large and 22inside did a great job teaching on the 3rd Craps table.

The class went very well. First, we gave each student plenty of time to demonstrate their toss... then after observing, we made suggestions and tweaked each student’s toss, until the technique looked just right. I also worked with each student demonstrating and teaching some of my “Specialty Tosses” as well as how to shoot on axis from stick right and Straight out.

Some of the tosses that I taught were the “Ice tong toss” and Split Shot. The students seemed to really enjoy learning some new techniques, which enabled them to shoot from another position.

We had a great lunch at “Monster Subs” nearby in Gulfport and it was a chance to socialize and get to know the students a little better.

The afternoon session was all about perfecting one’s toss, reviewing the Specialty tosses and betting the Do or the Don’t side. We had a no sevens contest, and everyone had a great time!

At night we had dinner at the Hard Rock Buffet.. which is excellent.. then we played a session at the Hard Rock... The Craps pit was near the bar and the band playing was loud but excellent... but the casino was really crowded.. there was a “Salt n Pepper” concert... and as Heavy says...’it was Saturday Night Fever”. Not a good time to play for a controlled shooter.

Sunday was our first casino session with the class. We met early in the morning at the IP.

Biloximan had a nice hand. I got the dice next, shooting from straight and got dialed in and tossed a 24 roll hand... making 5 points!

Biloxilady standing next to me, had a good 18 roll hand. Lon tossed a 16 roll hand... so we were off to a good start. The rolls began to get shorter so it was soon time to color up.

We stayed at the IP and switched over to the crapless table.

Nick got things going with a beautiful 24 roll hand.
I tossed an 18 roll hand. 
Biloxilady tossed and 18 roll hand.
Biloximan tossed an 18 roll hand.
John, using the Split shot from straight out, tossed a 19 roll hand.
22inside tossed a 15 roll hand and Heavy tossed a 17 roll hand.

It was a great session... all very consistent money-making rolls with the instructors and the student.

We enjoyed lunch at the IP buffet, which gave us more time to socialize and get to know the group.

Session 3 with the class took place around 2 pm at the Hard Rock.

During this session it was Bob’s turn to shine with a 20 roll hand.
Next Ronny had a good roll and then new guy joined us... Ronny’s son.. who tossed a 22 roll hand from Straight Out.

London Shooter has a nice hand of 16 numbers, Ronny’s son had a good hand of 15 numbers... then the rolls got shorter and it was time to color up.

At night we played a session at Harrahs, where we struggled a bit to get anything going. The best roll was by a Don’t player who tossed an 18 roll hand...time to call it a night.

The Final Chapter! On Monday we played a session at the Hard Rock Casino...
But first, I dropped my sister Arlene off at the Biloxi Mall. When I arrived at the table the whole gang was there and 22inside was on a monster roll. I caught he last part of it... He ended up tossing 42 numbers!!! 

For our second session of the day we drove over to Harrahs Crapless Table... Orvie got dialed in and tossed a 24 roll!  I think Orvie could have kept on rolling but he got distracted... He was in the zone.

We took a break and got together again at the IP in the afternoon. There were a few good rolls this session.

One of the students rolled a 22. Bob rolled a 16, Nick rolled an 18 roll hand. The rest of the rolls 13 or less.

We played one last session for my trip.. It was back at the Hard Rock Casino... Unfortunately, the table was pretty cold with some short rolls... but, there were two highlights.

London Shooter tossed a 19 roll hand and 22inside tossed a 20 roll hand.

We took a ride over to Harrahs to enjoy their buffet for dinner and afterwards found Crimson Tide playing slots and Nick playing Craps. I’m glad that we had a chance to say goodbye to them and the rest of the guys .

On Tuesday morning at 6 am I stared my 12 hour journey with my sister Arlene back to my home in Ft Lauderdale Florida.

Everyone had such a great time In Biloxi, Heavy and I are planning on having another seminar March 22–24, 2019!