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Las Vegas Trip Report - August/September 2018

Posted on September 16, 2018

Hi everyone,

Fall is in the air! I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer. In this month's newsletter, I'd like to tell you about my latest adventure in Las Vegas.

I flew into Vegas on the evening of August 17th. The flight went well, and when I landed in Vegas, I couldn’t believe how busy the airport was. When I arrived at the car rental facility, the lines to rent cars were pretty long. So, my plane landed at 11 pm .. by the time I got off, walked about a mile in the airport, got on line for the bus to the car rental, waited on line for a car... I finally arrived at my condo at 1am... it took two hours from the time I landed! I think next time I’ll just take an Uber to my condo to save time and make things easier.

My condo looked great when I arrived, but in the morning, I noticed that the carpeting was wet at the entrance to the master bedroom... uh oh! It looks like a leak from the people living above me on the 2nd floor... or it could be the condensation tube from the air conditioner leaking. I schedule a repairman to find out where the leak is coming from. The wet area was only about a 4 Ft diameter in the doorway to my bedroom, so in the meantime I had a fan blowing on it and towels absorbing the water.

Thank goodness my Craps pit in my living room was nice and dry, so I was open for business. I had 2 students coming over that day for “One on One” private 2 hour classes and casino session. 

Yesterday, I spent the day with my friends Beau, Aloha Johnny and Koi. We spent much of the day at Beau’s house helping put on a new on a new layout on his table ... it was really great seeing everyone and the new layout looks really great.

In the early evening I took a ride with Koi to Treasure Island... it’s been a long time since I’ve been there. I got the dice and tossed a nice 20 roll hand from Stick right, using my classic Parr on-axis toss.

Soon, we took a ride over to another casino to meet up with Aloha Johnny. I tossed from straight out and rolled about 18 numbers making 4 points. Aloha Johnny had a good toss with a technique I had never seen before... a forward rolling toss with a very unusual grip... the dice stayed on axis.. it was a pretty impressive technique.

My second day in Vegas was a busy one for me. I had a student come over for a class in the morning. He had taken a few classes over the years and has become a very good shooter from Straight Out. He just needed a few tweaks and his toss looked great! We played a session at Paris ... where another student met us. After the casino session, the new student came over to my condo for a class as well. 

He was also a veteran shooter and didn’t really think that he needed a class. But, I explained my rule... if you want to have a casino session with me, you first have to come over to my Craps pit for a class/tune up. I observed his toss, made some adjustments, changed the set... showed him an alternate toss technique... and soon he was telling me how happy he was for coming in for private instruction.

I forgot to mention, that while I was at the table with my first student, I got a text from another student who heard I was in town and wanted a 2 hour “one on one” class too.

So, after I dropped off my second student I picked up student number three for a class. He is a GTC student who had gone into a slump and needed some instruction to help him.

The class went very well. After I fixed his classic Parr on-axis toss, we worked on some “Specialty” tosses... He really like doing the “Split Shot”

At night I had a nice Thai dinner with my friend Dennis... Dennis and I were good friends with the late Dr Z. After dinner we went back to my Craps pit and practiced all of the Dr. Z shots.
We had a great time and some pretty long rolls.

Afterwards, I played a session at Bally’s with CeeJayy and Joe S. The tables at Bally’s were re-felted with microfiber. There is no padding underneath so it’s rock hard...I personally liked the old layout better with felt, because felt absorbs some of the energy when the dice land. The new hard layout doesn’t absorb the energy.... so I used my Low Yuri toss from straight out... it worked well and I had some decent rolls around 15 numbers.

The other shooters struggled so, I sat and waited for the dice to come around... I moved over to the hook at stick left and decided to use my “Split Shot” which works great on hard tables.

I had 2 good rolls a 24 and a 28. One of my friends at the table told me that he was down $800... and got it all back plus a profit on my rolls....on my third try, after a few rolls I missed my target, and one die hit the pyramid on the left side causing it to veer to the left... 7 out... I was there for 2 hours.... time to color up a winner and relax.

Koi, Dennis and went to Buffet of Asia for dinner to celebrate a good day in Vegas.

I haven’t written much lately, because of the aggravation of getting the leak fixed in my bedroom. It turns out that the leak was caused by the PVC pipe coming out of my air conditioner inside the wall at an elbow joint. My handyman cut a hole in my wall and discovered the leak. After repairing the elbow joint, we noticed that there was another leak coming from the PVC pipe of the people living above my unit.

It took a few days for the people upstairs to get their leak fixed... now everything is dry... my Craps pit is open for business... we are in the final stages of getting my master bedroom drywall repaired and the floor re-carpeted.

On Saturday, I met one of my students that took a tune up earlier in the week, at the Cromwell casino. I had a nice 19 roll hand from straight out using my High Parr toss. My student, whose name is Stephen, is very extremely generous and gave me 2 tickets to see Brooks Dunn and Reba McIntyre at the Caesars Colosseum later that night..

Ivy didn’t come with me on this trip, so I took my friend Dennis, who lives in Vegas. What a great show!! We sat in the 2nd row...I could swear Reba smiled and winked at me. The show lasted 2 hours.. It was a great show!!! Two of my favorite songs were “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” and together with Reba ... a song called “Oklahoma Swing”... It was a great show!

So yesterday, a student came over for a 4 hour “one on one” class.... The lesson went very well. I tuned up his on axis Parr toss and taught him a few of my “Specialty Tosses” 

Koi (Mr Miyagi) soon showed up and Coal Miner (Boris) called me and came into town.

We played a session at the Orleans and later a short session Downtown at the Fremont Casino, where Tony Dice Guy was waiting for us... Boris had a fantastic 24 roll hand, and my student tossed an 18 roll hand, making 2 points.

Afterwards we had dinner at the Main Street Station Casino buffet. The five of us talked for hours ... it was a great evening.

The next day, I got together with Boris and Koi for lunch. After lunch we played a session at a Strip Casino. Koi got dialed in with a fantastic 50 roll hand hitting numerous repeater bets.

I got the dice next and had a nice 25 roll hand, using my hot Parr toss from Straight out.

Boris, Koi, Dennis and myself took in a show at the Jubilee theater at Bally’s.. The show is called Master of Illusions. It was very entertaining and we had a great evening. 

After the show we went for dinner at Ellis Island.. it’s down the block from Bally’s. If you have a player's card, you can have a full steak dinner for $9.99. We all had a good time at dinner talking about the show.

We hit another casino on the way home and my winning streak continued.. Koi tossed a 20 roll hand, I tossed an 18 roll hand and Boris made 4 points with a 16 roll hand hitting his parley on hard 4 with $25.

A couple of days ago we had a nice crew of friends and students playing together at the Rio casino. Koi, Boris, Tony dice guy, Dennis, VDC, and myself. The highlight of the session was when VDC tossed a one hour roll from straight out. I followed up with a 19 roll hand.

We celebrated afterwards at the American Grill at Rio and talked for hours. What a great group of guys! My student/friend Stephen, stopped by Rio to join us at the craps table, but the table was so crowded that he soon left. He went to play at  Paris and reported back to me, that he tossed a big roll in the mid 30s making 5 points!!! He used the on axis Parr toss that I had worked with him on in class, from straight out. The last time that we played together, his toss looked really great!

The last day of August was a great day in Vegas. It was the start of the Labor Day weekend.

My handyman came over and put the finishing touches my condo. While he was working, my friends Boris, Dennis and Koi were playing downtown. They told me that I didn’t miss much as they were struggling to get a good roll going.

I met them downtown later in the afternoon, and we had a decent session at Main Street Station casino. After our session the casino treated us to their Seafood Buffet. Dennis was in mood for a Philly Cheese steak sandwich at the Triple 7s restaurant. He soon joined us at the buffet.

After dinner we went over to an off-strip casino to play a session. All of us had pretty good rolls mostly in the 15-20 number roll range. Boris got dialed in and tossed a 24 roll hand.. hitting the hard 4 for $25 and parlaying it.. and hitting it right back!!

It was a fun evening with my friends at the tables. Great shooting guys!

I have a very nice couple from Hawaii coming over for a one on one class, and afterwards a casino session.

On Sep. 1st, I picked up this wonderful couple from Hawaii... although they now live in Arizona. There are really nice people and we had a great 2 hour class together. 

Their classic on-axis toss (I still call it the Parr toss) looked very good. They had already taken classes from others. So they new how to execute the toss with proficiency. All they needed was a little tweaking... soften their toss, dice must be squared to the wall and another dice set.

They were really interested in learning some of my “Specialty Shots”. I taught them the “corner toss,” the “Yuri toss” from Straight Out and the “Split Shot” and the Parr toss from Straight Out. We had a great time and they seemed to really like my one on one class.

Koi came over to my house as the class was ending... I got a call from Boris saying that he was playing at Paris and to come Join him.... by the time we got to Paris, it was time for him to go to the airport. I said C’mon Boris ... you're my friend, I’ll take you to the airport.. so Koi, Boris and my students hopped in my car and off we went... 

After dropping Boris off at the Airport, we decided to take a ride to South Point for lunch and to play a session.

My students shot very well at the casino... Koi got really hot and tossed the dice with a mid 20s roll, but was getting heat from the box man about his hand being in front of the Stickman upon release. The box man kept hassling him and making him move back to Stick 2. Then almost to the hook when he finally 7'd out.

We colored up and drove over to the Orleans for another casino session... the table was choppy...and it a bit bouncy with the pad under the layout... some medium rolls resulted.. mostly in teens. My blood sugar was off, so I was feeling fatigued and didn’t shoot much.... 

There was a Stickman at the Orleans Casino who would play a little game... which for very annoying. As a shooter was ready to toss the dice he would make a cricket chirping noise with his mouth. Maybe he thought this annoying sound would distract the shooter and cause him to 7 out... anyway he thought it was funny... I complained to the pit boss who also smirked.

The next day, I went back to the Orleans with Dennis and Koi to score a few buffet for dinner... We found the line too long to get in... so, the Pit Boss remembered me from the day before, and apologized for the Stickman’s behavior and gave me a $60 comp for the restaurant and gave Koi a $30 comp... We had a great dinner!

At night I took a walk in the Strip... enjoying Saturday Night Fever in Vegas... it was a great night for people watching, and enjoying the excitement of Vegas. I watched the beautiful twin blondes play the dueling pianos at a Harrahs, pick up tickets for a Sunday night show at The Flamingo Hotel, had a snack at White Castle and watched the celebrities coming out of the Donnie and Marie Theater .. it was a fun night!

On Sunday, my Hawaiian students texted me and told me that Linda had a monster roll! It was just under an hour long... They clocked a 45 roll  hand at the California Casino. Congratulations on some great shooting Linda! I’m glad that I was able to help.

Sunday morning I met my student Stephen at Paris. He came over to my Craps pit a couple of weeks ago for a tune up. He has a beautiful on axis end toss. The dice really stay glued together. We both had some good rolls from straight out... both rolls in the mid 20s.

I took a break and went out for breakfast, and then back to my condo. Koi came over and we warmed up our tosses. We took a ride back to Paris. I met Stephen and Darrin at the tables and played a short session. Soon we left for a lunch break and went over to the Ellis Island Casino...’behind Bally’s. 

The pizza is excellent at Ellis Island ... they also have a good barbecue restaurant, and if you ask the server, you can have a full steak dinner for $9.99 ... but to be honest the casino is kind of a dive. But, the food is good and the Craps table is good too... although, they need to put more lights over it... it’s kind of dark.

Boris had a big 24 roll hand there the night before.. parlaying the hard 4 for $25 and hitting it... He finally 7’d when he hit the back wall on a fly... it’s really dark on the left side.

Well on Sunday, Darrin, Koi and I had some great rolls.. I tossed two rolls, 24 and 26 from Straight Out.. with my high Parr toss. Darrin had some terrific rolls from stick left.

After the session I asked Dennis to meet Koi and at the Orleans for dinner .. this is when the Pitboss apologized for the stickman’s antics of the chirping cricket sounds when a player was shooting.

After dinner, I drove Koi home and treated Dennis to the “Legends Show” at the Flamingo Casino. It was a terrific show of Celebrity impersonators... who look, act and sound like the real celebrities.. Last nights show featured.. Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, Johnny Cash and Tina Turner.

It was a very entertaining evening!

On Wednesday, a student named Dave came over in the morning for a one on one 2 hour class. His toss was pretty good when he arrived, but needed some tweaking... We worked proper breathing, hitting a target, squaring shoulders, and softening his toss. 

After a while his toss looked great! We then worked on some Specialty tosses, which he really enjoyed implementing and with good results.

After class I invited Koi to join us... We went for lunch and then played a session at an off strip casino. He took stick left, i took my old Stick right position. We both used the on axis Parr toss.
I tossed a 36 roll hand.... hitting 3 repeater bets....My student Dave followed up with a 30 roll hand ... Hitting 4 repeater bets! That’s back to back 30 roll hands!! 

Next we met Tony Dice Guy downtown. We tried a session at The Golden Nugget.. my student Dave continued having 2 good rolls... the class really helped his toss! He just missed hitting the Tall by one number each time. Dennis joined us and we had a fun dinner at the Main Street Station Buffet. 

We then went to an off strip casino, where I got dialed in with my classic Parr toss on Stick right and tossed a 24 roll hand !

Koi, Dennis and Dave had good rolls in the 15-18 range.

It was another fun day in Vegas!

On Thursday, I met Dave and Ron at the Gold Coast casino in the morning. 
We didn’t have any great rolls that morning... But something interesting happened. A Shooter way down at the hook on the opposite side of the table, starts having a good roll...the table was cold up till then. So we tiptoed in with our betting. We were cautious ... but this guy kept on throwing numbers.. sometimes he’d throw the dice under hand , sometimes over hand.. He ended up throwing 26 numbers and made 6 points! ... then surprisingly he passed the dice to the next shooter, and left the table. It seems that he was shooting from the Don’t pass and hoping for a quick 7... but instead he foolishly chased his losses by increasing his bets, and kept making points. It’s a funny thing playing Craps, when trying to hit the 7, it sometimes eludes you.... But, when you are on the do side and trying to avoid the 7, it often shows up.

I soon got a phone call from another student named Anthony. He was supposed to come over for a class on Friday, but since I was available on Thursday, we moved his class up one day.

Anthony is a veteran shooter and has taken classes before. He has a great shot, so it was easy to observe his toss and make a few suggestions and tweaks.. Then, we spent some time on some Specialty tosses so that he could shoot from Straight out, if his stoclmleft position is taken. We had a great 2 hour one on one class Thursday afternoon.

Our casino session was at Ellis Island once again and we had some good tosses. Dennis, and Dave Joined us. I used my Parr toss form stick right, Dennis was at on the hook, stick left, and Dave and Anthony were on stick left one and two.

It was a fun session with many rolls in the teens and some in the low 20’s.

On Friday, my last day in Vegas for this trip.. I spent the morning packing and preparing for my flight later in the evening.

At noon, I taught my last class for this trip... I picked my students up at The Gold Coast and drove them to my craps pit near by... This class was made up of 3 really nice guys form Texas...Randy, Riga and Ben. They had heard about Dice Control and wanted to learn all about it. I know that many first time shooters learning Dice Control techniques want a toss that they can use in the casino right away. Of course, the veterans of Dice Control know that it takes lots of practice ... So, I’m always thinking of what is a good technique that is easy to learn for a newbie, that they can use with confidence in the casino, right after my class.

We reviewed how the game of Craps is played, table etiquette, betting and some simple throwing techniques to get them started. We started with the basic PARR toss form stick right and stick left... now the class was only 2 hours long and I know how much practice it takes to get good with the 3 finger on axis Parr toss. We worked on it for about an hour..

Then, I thought of an easier technique that a newbie can master in a shorter period of time... One was an low rolling on axis Specialy toss, and then an even easier toss was the “Ice Tong Toss” from Stick left. They all understood that it’s going to take practice to master the 3 finger front on axis Parr toss... but they are in Vegas now for a couple of days and want to have success at the tables, during this trip.

The Ice tong toss works great! I remember teaching it to my Brother in law “Cedric the Flea.” He was skeptical about Dice Control working.. He is a retired Science teacher and wants to see proof. I taught him the “Ice Tong Toss” using the hardway set, when he visited me last year in Ft Lauderdale. We practiced and he got pretty good at it. A few months later, I invited him out to Las Vegas. We played on a 16 table at the Silverton Casino, sure enough while using the Ice Tong Toss, he tossed a 32 roll hand!!! He was the best shooter on the table :)

Ok back to  my story... my three new students new got pretty good at the Ice tong toss .. and after having good results on the practice table, we were ready to try it in a real casino.

We went to the Gold Coast Casino, which has good tables and are usually $5. Min. The tables were a bit full, but we managed to get in. Some of the students were too far back and out of position, but some managed to have some good rolls using the Ice tong toss. We played a 2 hour session session.. I took Straight out, blocked for the students to make sure no chips were in their landing zone.

I had a good roll, making 3 points and rolling 20 numbers. Dave had a good hand of 18 numbers, the 3 students had some good results with the Ice Tong toss. We all had a great, fun session!

There were a couple of shooters at the table that mastered the drop shot.. having the dice land flat that had a couple of good rolls.

Pretty soon it was time to say goodbye to the students. Dave, Dennis and I had a nice Seafood buffet at the Gold Coast.

Soon it was time to head to the airport to catch the Red eye back to Ft Lauderdale...

I’ll be back in Las Vegas for another adventure... playing and teaching "one on ones" from Oct. 29-Nov 14.

Atlantic City Trip Report - July 2018

Posted on August 1, 2018

Hi Everyone,

I just got back home from a two week adventure visiting Atlantic City NJ, Long Island NY, The Catskills NY, The Poconos in PA, and back to Atlantic City again.

On Tuesday, July 17th, Ivy and I flew into the Atlantic City Airport.
We landed about an hour late because of thunderstorm delays. We checked into Caesars Casino Resort and were very happy that my host put us in a room on the 43rd floor of the Centurion Tower, with a beautiful view of the Ocean and beach.

We enjoyed dinner at the Caesar’s Noodle Bar restaurant. After dinner, Ivy went upstairs to relax and unpack. I went to the casino to scout out the tables.

I played one session which lasted about an hour. I took my straight out position and used my High On-Axis Parr Toss. I tossed a nice 22 roll hand, hitting lots of 6s & 8s. My toss looked good, and I was happy to have my fist win of the trip, to keep my winning streak going..

The next day, Wednesday, two of my friends, who are also students arrived in town. Their names are Lefty AJ and Boris (Coal Miner).

For our first casino session, we checked out Caesars Casino. Players at the table were complaining that the tables were cold, so we took a walk over to Bally’s. Bally’s had two tables open, a 14-16’ and a 12 foot table. Of course we chose the 12’ table.

I took straight out, Boris took stick right one, and Aj took stick left one. Boris’ toss was looking good! He used the all sevens set on the come out. His goal is to hit as many consecutive 7s as possible on the comeout because he hops the 7s and parleys them all the way up as hit hits them.

Once a point is established, he switches to the hardway set, and tries to hit as many hardways as possible... also parlaying them as they hit. His favorite is the hard 4. I’ve seen him on past trips have his hard 4, parlayed up to $500 dollars. He also bets the Ace/deuce, because of his hard 4 misses, he often hits the ace/deuce. It’s a risky way to play, but when his toss is on, it’s very exciting to watch.. and he’ll win a lot of money. This trip he hit the hard 4 in two different sessions with $125 on it.

I tossed some medium size rolls 14-18 numbers, making a couple of points each time, using my High On-Axis toss. I had a little trouble staying focused and in my zone, with late bets, hands out, and dealers fixing the chips as I was tossing. It was winning session and time to color up.

We took a dinner break around 6:30 pm and enjoyed the buffet in the Caesars Diamond Lounge. I have really cut down on eating carbs and sugar and I’m losing weight and feeling great! 
In the old day, I’d have dinner and dessert and afterwards, I felt like I needed a nap... but now with cutting out carbs and sugar, my energy level has increased and I’m feeling great!

After dinner, we took a ride over to Resorts. The table was empty and we took our positions. I took straight out again, Aj took stick right 2 and Boris took stick right one.

I got the dice first, and used my Low Yuri toss. I set the 3V and his time I was able to stay focused and dialed in. 

I ended up having an hour long roll, hitting 45 numbers without a 7... and hit around 15 hardways!!! Mostly 6 and 8’s.. a few 4s and tens too. It was a fantastic roll!!!! 

Boris and Aj had a couple of good rolls, and I finished up the session with a 23roll hand. It was getting late... time to call it a night.

On Thursday morning, Gene the Russian, and John joined us at the tables. We played a session at Caesars, and it was a good, solid winning session. 

Gene tossed a 20 roll hand using his corner toss, AJ tossed a 15 hand roll, John tossed an 18 roll hand and I tossed a 21 roll hand, using my high parr toss from straight out.

Lefty AJ was having a great toss, using the low Yuri toss from straight out, when... as he was letting go of the dice, a guy that just walked up to the table and not paying attention, put his hand out and his free "paper bet" on the pass line... the dice hit it.. 7 out!!

Gene and Boris had quite a few strong words with that guy... especially when he said, "It’s not my fault, I didn’t do anything wrong." It was time to color up.

Around lunch time, Gene and John had to head back home. Boris, Aj and I walked over to Resorts. 
During that session, Boris got hot! He tossed a 26 and a 20 roll hand.. hitting the hard 4 with $125 dollars, on it paying him $875.

We had a nice dinner at Resorts Epic Lounge, and decided to play one more session for the evening.

I noticed a shooter at the other end of the table setting the 3V set and tossing the dice at around 45 degrees using an underhand spiral spin. He had a nice long roll with it, tossing 20 numbers. 

I recognized that technique, because a few years ago I was experimenting with it... I used to be a softball pitcher, and it’s the same spin that I would put on the ball to pitch a curve ball.

So, I decided to take it out of mothballs and try it... sure enough, it worked like a charm. I was amazed how many points I was hitting and ended up with a 22roll!!

Later in the session Boris stayed hot and tossed a 32 roll hand from stick right, making 4 passes.

On Friday morning, we all met for breakfast like usual at Johnny Rockets at Bally’s. After breakfast we played a session at Caesars.

I used the “Spiral Toss” again from Straight Out and made 6 points, with a 24roll hand, using a 3V set.

Lefty AJ got dialed in and tossed a 30 roll hand using his "Helicopter Toss" from straight out. Boris tossed a 22 roll hand from stick right, using a hardway set.

We took a walk over to Resorts and had lunch at the "Soup Man’s" place (Soup Nazi... from the Seinfeld show). The soups are very good, as well as his sandwiches.

Boris, Aj, and I played a session at the Craps tables. A student named Florence soon joined us.

Boris got the dice first and tossed a nice 18 roll hand, hitting the hard 4 with one hundred dollars on it... paying him $700... Aj tossed a decent 16 roll hand, making a couple of points.

The dice came around to me and there were 3 guys playing Straight Out... they had paper match play bets with chips on them. They were spread across the layout. I was Straight out on the opposite side, and noticed that there were no empty spaces on the table to land the dice. The only clear space was the corner.

I remembered the previous week, when Dr Franz and I were practicing a corner toss.. from one corner of the table to the other. The toss worked even better than I could have imagined! 
I use an Ice tong grip on this toss.

I tossed an hour long roll, hitting 46 numbers!!.. Boris said it was about a 60 roll hand. I hit 12 hardways... Which made Boris very happy! 

Later that evening was our Meet and Greet for my class.

Saturday was my Atlantic City Summer Dice Control Class

It went really well! We had a class full of students eager to learn. Some were beginners, some were from other camps, and others had taken my class before and just needed a refresher and a tune-up.

During the morning, everyone’s classic toss was tuned up, corrected and perfected. At around 12:30 pm we took a lunch break... with excellent subs from Jo Jo’s Italian Restaurant, down the block, in Pleasantville, NJ.

The afternoon part of the class was focused on “Alternate Toss techniques”, and how to shoot from a second position, how to shoot from straight out with a controlled toss.

The student’s favorite Alternate tosses seemed to be the “Yuri toss,” “the Ice Tong Corner toss” and the “Split Shot.”

We reviewed betting techniques, and then we played a mock session with betting and everyone demonstrating their favorite toss.

Everyone had a great time... I stayed an hour after class to make sure everyone had their tosses down and answered any questions.

It was soon Saturday night, and Atlantic City was packed! With the new casinos opening up, The Hard Rock and The Ocean Resort, it has really brought life back to Atlantic City. It was truly Saturday Night Fever!!! The Boardwalk, the rides, the casinos, the clubs and the concerts ... the place was really hopping!!

Lefty AJ and his wife joined Ivy and I for dinner. Afterwards we we went to a concert at the Hard Rock. It was a country singer named Chris Young.. He was very good and we enjoyed the show!

Earlier in the week AJ and his wife, and Ivy and I went over to the Hard Rock to get a new players card. If you have a Diamond Card at Caesars, they’ll match it, and give you a free buffet for 2, and free slot play, and 2 free show tickets, and rooms for 2 nights.... What a deal!! Ocean’s Resort is also offering similar perks if you sign up for a new card.

On Sunday morning, the class met at one of the casinos off the boardwalk. The table looked pretty full, so I asked a supervisor to open another table, but he said that they didn’t have the personnel and another table would open up at 12 noon.

It turned out to be OK, because the whole class slowly got their positions on the table and within the next 1/2 hour, I got a text from 22inside and asked him to join the class at the table.

I took my straight out position so I could watch the students shoot, and also to protect their landing zone.

AJ took the opposite straight out position where he had a very good roll using his helicopter toss. He tossed a 20 roll hand.

I used my Ice tong Corner toss and was getting dialed in when one of my dice got stuck leaning on a chip... perfectly balanced. The Stickman and Pit Boss couldn’t decide what number to call... so they called over the Shift Manager... who decided to call it a no roll.. A few rolls later the same thing happened. The game stopped and they had to call over the Shift Manager again, who once again called a no roll.

Ed had a nice hand in the teens using the Split Shot.
Bob made 3 points with a 15 roll hand, using the Yuri toss.
22 inside, tossed a 19 roll hand with his classic Parr toss.
Dan D. Tossed a 21 roll hand using the Yuri toss from straight out.
Leon tossed a 16 roll hand with the Yuri roll.
Jesse, David, Charlie and Chris all had decent rolls.

Our first session was a winning one and everyone was in an upbeat mood.. we took a lunch break at the White House Sub Shop located at the new Hard Rock Casino. The original White House Subs restaurant is about a 1/2 mile walk from Caesars off the boardwalk. It’s a classic place with great subs, and has been open since around 1948. Order a 1/2 sub... because the full size is 18 inches long.

After lunch we played another session in the same casino.
This time some of the students really got dialed in and had great rolls!

Chris, who was a first-time student, had the longest roll with his on-axis Parr Toss. He tossed a 34 roll hand!... making 5 points.

Dan D. Tossed a 26 roll hand, making 4 points!
Leon tossed a 16 roll hand, followed up with a 19 roll hand.
The other rolls of the session were in the 8-15 range.

We all said our goodbyes after the sessions. We all became good friends spending two full days together. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again in the future.

The next morning, Ivy and I checked out of our hotel and took a long drive up to NYC, going through Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau County, and eventually Suffolk County to visit my sister Shelly on her Birthday. My other sister Arlene was visiting as well. 

We all took a short ride over to Port Jefferson, to enjoy the scenery, and visit with my niece and her family. At night, we all went out to dinner to celebrate my sister’s birthday. What a great time we all had!

The next day Ivy and I said our goodbyes to my family, and drove upstate to the Catskill Mountains to visit my brother-in-law Cedric who, with my younger sister Bevy, bought a great house right off the Delaware River. He has a big back yard that backs up right to the river. From his window we watched deer, groundhog, lots of birds, hummingbirds and other wildlife... it’s a beautiful wooded area. Across the Delaware River is the State of Pennsylvania... and the Pocono Mountains.

We spent two days in the mountains and enjoyed seeing the sights, Monticello, where I used to visit as a child, Ivy’s old camp when she was a kid, the Roebling Bridge (built in the 1840s... forerunner to the Brooklyn Bridge built in the 1880’s. We also visited the property where the Woodstock concert took place in 1969.

Then we also visited 2 casinos... one in Monticello... we found it to be very nice and smoke free. The table looked good with a hard surface...12’ and very playable. Minimum bet was $15 during the week.. one table open.

The next day, we visited PA and went to the Mohegan Sun in the Poconos. The casino and hotel were very nice. The tables are 14 feet long and a little bouncy. Last year, I taught my brother-in-law Cedric an Ice tong Toss from stick left... He’s left handed. His Ice Tong Toss with the hardway set worked great on this bouncy table! He had 2 good rolls...an 18 and a 24 roll hand.

We hit a lot of rain upstate so we decided to cut our trip a day early and headed back down to Atlantic City... where it was sunny and beautiful! 

Our hotel room was comped once again and this time we stayed at Resorts. We requested a high floor with an Ocean View in the new tower.

On Friday, Gene the Russian, Lefty AJ and Boris came back to visit. The first session was an early one with just Gene and myself. Unfortunately, the table was very cold, good for playing the Don’t side. We struggled to get a good roll going. I had one decent roll using my Split Shot.. about an 18 roll hand.

The next session was much better. It was later in the day, around 4 pm, on a different table at Resorts.

Lefty AJ tossed a 24 roll hand.
I tossed a 20 roll hand making 3 points 
Boris got dialed in and tossed an 18 roll hand and a 34 roll hand!!

During a session at night, AJ tried out the Corner Ice tong toss that he learned in class. He has really become good at that toss. He tossed a 28 roll hand. We met a nice couple, Bob and Donna, who were controlled shooters.

We all went out with Ivy and AJs wife, for a very nice Asian Dinner at East Winds Restaurant.
We took a walk on Saturday night and Atlantic City was really hopping... so full of life!!!!

The next day, Sunday was our last day in Atlantic City... we enjoyed our lunch at the Soup Man’s place and dinner at the Epic Lounge at Resorts. 

We had some good rolls and of course a few short rolls on our last day...

It was a wonderful two week adventure... Atlantic City. the beach, my class, the casinos, the mountains, good friends and spending time with family all added up to a great time!

Las Vegas and Hawaii Trip Report - June 2018

Posted on July 10, 2018

Hi Everyone.

Ivy and I arrived in Vegas very late on Sunday night June 3rd. We traveled in Delta Airlines on a 6 pm flight. We had frequent flyer points, so the flight was free. They have a TV monitor in the back of the seat in front of you, so time goes a little faster while your enjoying a movie or a TV show. The only negative issue is that there are no direct flights to Vegas on Delta from Ft Lauderdale. 

So we got to the airport 2 hours early to check in, then 1 1/2 Hours later we arrive in Atlanta... walk about a mile, catch a train to another terminal... and catch another plane to Las Vegas..

Now we had another 4 1/2 hour flight to get to Vegas. Our plane was delayed in Atlanta due to storms... so by the time we arrived in Vegas it was 1:30 am Monday morning Vegas time and our EZ car rental, where we had our reservation, was closed.

Alright, what can you do, it is what it is.... we waited in line next door at Budget and got a car for 3 days.

By the time we got to our condo it was 2 am Vegas time and 5 am Florida time... I was up 24 hours!

I woke up a few hours later and picked up my cousin Ricky.. who also arrived on Sunday and was staying at Bally’s. We had a nice buffet at the Gold Coast. After breakfast, I dropped him off at Bally’s and picked up a very nice student named Leon for a one on one class back at my Vegas Condo.

By the time I returned to my condo Craps pit, Ivy awoke And while Inwas teaching class, she had the car for a few hours to shop and have some fun.

The class went well, and afterwards, I invited Leon, Koi and Dennis to join us for lunch and a casino session. 

Before I get into my Hawaiian adventure, I'd like to what share with you the few days that I spent in Vegas.

So, to continue my Vegas story, Monday was my first day. I picked up my cousin Ricky at Bally’s, and took him for breakfast at the Gold Coast Buffet, after breakfast, I dropped Ricky off Black at Bally’s... He went to the pool and I picked up my student Leon. Leon, had taken a couple of my Atlantic City classes, so he is very experienced and wanted a review of the Parr toss, and some of my Alternate Tosses. After some demonstrations and lots of hands on practice, Leon’s tosses were looking good.

We took a lunch break and met Dennis and Koi at the Gold Coast.
The Gold Coast only had one table open, and it was packed. I asked the pit boss, if he can open another table... the answer was no, because they didn’t have enough dealers.

So, off we went to try out the Orleans. The Orleans had lots of tables open... but Im not crazy about their tables. They are slightly bouncy with a pad under the layout... but the tables are playable. Leon got the dice and tossed a beautiful 18 hand roll, using the Yuri Toss from Straight Out! The next day, Leon texted me that he tossed a 20 roll hand and was really happy that he came over for the review class.

On Tuesday a very nice couple came over for a class: Wilton and Elena. The class went very well.. Elena and Wilton really liked leaning the Yuri Toss from Straight Out, and the “corner toss”.

After class we had a wonderful lunch at a local Greek restaurant. (Ivy, Koi, Dennis, Wilton, Elena and myself.) Then we went to the Gold Coast for a session. Elena had a great toss in the 20s using the on- axis Corner Toss that she had just learned.

Ivy, Ricky and I went to see the Bronx Wanderers show Tuesday night at Bally’s .
I love that show and see it almost every time that I visit Las Vegas. Lots of good old rock n roll out of the 50s and 60s... they do a great Four Seasons medley, plus lots of Dion and the Belmont’s etc... right out of the Bronx!

Wednesday was another great day in Vegas. After breakfast with Ivy’s and Ricky, I picked up a student named Jim at the Gold Coast.

Ricky went up to the Cromwell Pool/Drais Club to check out the ladies. Ivy went shopping and Jim and I focused on our tosses at my Craps pit. Jim is a pretty good shooter ready, so tweaked a few things, went over some Alternate tosses, practiced till everything looked perfect, and we soon were ready to take on The casinos together.

We started at the Gold Coast, but the conditions weren’t right so we took a ride over to a casino in North Las Vegas, Texas Station...I invited the students from the last couple of days to join us, plus some fiends ..koi, Dennis and Kerrie... when we got there the 2 tables were crowded. We waited and slowly for our spots as players left.

Soon everyone got their spots. The session was going pretty well.. a few good rolls, a few bad ones, some in the Teens...  I got the dice twice this session. The first time, I used my Low Yuri Toss... it was looking good... I hit 4 consecutive hardways... then some one bought in... pile of cash on the table, the game and momentum stops... Next roll 7 out! 

Then, about 45 minutes later the dice came around to me again and I decided to try out my High Parr toss from straight out. I told my friends to keep telling me what number I need to hit... for example...” c’mon Howard, the point is 8, hit the hard 8, 4-4... this really keeps me focus.. and with in the next couple of rolls,hit it.. hard 8!!

So, I’m in my zone, Dice a flying on axis like they are glued together, made 3 points, ready to hit the Firebet...and I’m at around my 30th roll... when all of the sudden, this mean looking older guy walks up to the table, stands right next to me .. crowding me... takes me out of my zone... next roll 7 out! He doesn’t buy in... mutters a few words ... and walks away... the damage was done.. the Cooler had arrived.

Well it was a good winning session.. time to color up and meet Tony the Dice Guy, Ricky, and Ivy for dinner... 

It was a great 3 days in Vegas ... the next morning, June 7th, we caught our plane to The Hawaiian Islands.

We flew from Vegas to the Island of Oahu on Thursday. We stayed in a fabulous hotel across the street from Waikiki Beach, Honolulu. Also, on the other side of the street was the Honolulu Zoo.

From our windows and terrace we had a great view of the beach, the Pacific Ocean and the surfers. The street that ran along to the beach is called Kalakaua Ave. it’s full of high-end shopping stores (Saks, Rolex, etc) and restaurants... it’s a fantastic street, especially at night when everyone is out and strolling. There are “ABC” stores on every block, selling liquor, T-Shirts, Hawaiian souvenirs, water, soda etc.

On Thursday, while driving to our hotel On Waikiki Beach, we stopped off for some authentic Hawaiian food. It was a lunch place and they had some fantastic tasting teriyaki beef, fried chicken and fried fish combo plate... served with white rice and very tasty macaroni salad.

We checked into our hotel. Ivy went upstairs to take a nap (we had to be at the LV airport at 4:30am to Catch a 6:15 plane to Honolulu) I went out exploring and watched the boogie boarders and surfers catch the waves in the ocean.. The swells were pretty big and well formed, perfect for surfing. The Pacific Ocean is crystal clear blue... just a beautiful setting. Coconut Palm trees line he beach and the streets along with flowering trees.

I stopped off at a snack bar to relax in the shade... the sun was getting pretty hot... and I ordered a fruit cup... fresh Pineapple. It was the freshest, sweetest, most refreshing pineapple I’ve ever tasted.

On Friday, we took a drive away from Waikiki Beach up to the mountains to the Dole Pineapple Plantation. They have 3 activities that you can do there. A train ride through the fields of the plantation, get lost in the worlds largest maze, and tour the botanical gardens. It was really getting hot, so we opted for the Train Ride tour of the plantation farm. They were growing primarily pineapples, but also sugar cane, cocoa, and other crops.

After the train ride we went into the gift shop / restaurant and enjoyed fresh pineapple and pineapple soft serve ice cream... called pineapple whip.

That evening a very nice female relative who is in the Military stationed in Honolulu, visited us at our hotel and then joined us on a Sunset Cruise. 

It was on a catamaran sail boat... we had a great time seeing Waikiki Beach from the ocean... drinks were included... lots of spiked fruit 🍉 punch and mixed rum drinks. There were about 30 other young tourists having fun aboard.

We sailed around Diamond Head and along the coast. It was just beautiful!!! We also so some native Hawaiians paddling their our riggers... sail boats and lots of surfers.

We had some authentic Hawaiian food for dinner afterwards... and had a wonderful evening together.

On Sunday morning June 10th, Ivy and I had our usual breakfast at a very nice nearby restaurant called (Honolulu) Lulu’s. It was right next to our hotel, on the second floor which has a great view of the beach, ocean and surfers....The ocean and waves are just beautiful!

Then, after breakfast, Ivy and I took a beautiful ride up the Northern Coast. We passed by Turtle Bay, Sharks Cove and Wiamea Bay, to go snorkeling. We went to one quiet beach, which had a quaint little town. We went for a swim, but didn’t see any fish... oh well, wrong cove. Tomorrow we’d try another place... we had fun swimming and relaxing in the Pacific Ocean.

We traveled all along the Northern Coast enjoining the lush tropical plants , beautiful ocean and mountains.. We stopped off at some food trucks for lunch... it was a really great sight seeing day!! We stopped off in front of the Cultural Center ... where they filmed many scenes in the movie Jurassic Park... We had reservations to go there the next week.

There was a parade along the Main Street in front of our hotel. Celebrating one of the Hawaiian Kings... Monday was a holiday in his honor.

On Tuesday the 12th we had a nice breakfast at Lu Lu’s restaurant next to our hotel. It’s upstairs and had a fabulous view of the beach. I took my daily walk on the the pier to take in the view of the blue/turquoise waves rolling in, the beach, palm trees and the beauty of Waikiki Beach.

After about an hour we got in our car and took a ride to the Polynesian Cultural Center on the North Shore. This attraction was really great! You get to experience each culture of the Pacific Islands. They each culture have their own unique architecture, dance, music and customs... although they are similar too.

We enjoyed each exhibit and demonstrations from Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand, Bora Bora,... just about every Polynesian Culture was represented... It was a fun and educational day.

On the way home, we explored another part of the Island and found a terrific Italian Restaurant called “Baci Bistro”.

On Wednesday, we went for breakfast at our favorite morning restaurant .. LuLu’s... in the second floor, overlooking Waikiki Beach. After breakfast we took a ride through the mountains and visited the Kualoa Ranch... best known as the location where they filmed the movies and shows Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, Jumanji, Bill and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Kong, Lost, Magnum PI. and many more... We took the movie bus tour and really enjoyed it! They also offer horseback riding, and ATV tours, jungle tours etc ... it was just great. Ivy and I really enjoyed the tour and the scenery in the Valley and along the Ocean... beautiful and exotic scenery!

Later, we went for lunch at a “food truck” stop that we saw on the show Diners, Drive in’s and Dives with Guy Fieri. It’s a few miles up the coast and is called Mike’s Huli Huli Chicken. It was very good!!

On the way home we stopped off at a nearby bakery, which is always crowded... we had to see why day and night people are lined up outside...It’s called Leonard’s Bakery... it’s specially we found out at these hot, crispy fresh donuts.. called Malasadas.. wow! They were great!!  We drive back to Waikiki, Ivy went up to the room for a nap and I went to visit the Honolulu Zoo.... right across the street from from our hotel.

That night we went out with our niece who’s stationed in Honolulu in the Coast Guard, for dinner at a nice Seafood Restaurant called Nico’s. It’s at the harbor, right on the water.. They had a very good trio playing guitars and singing Hawaiian Songs... a local woman got up and danced the Hula... 

It was a great way to cap off a very full day of sight seeing and enjoying the Island of Oahu!

On the 15th, we flew to the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. Everyone was right! It’s a beautiful tropical garden island. There is beautiful scenery everywhere you look.

We rented a car and drove up to the North Shore where our hotel was located. It was a beautiful Windon Resort called Bali Hai. As we drove up the mountains it was pouring rain. When we checked in, it was still pouring and the concierge told us that they’d been having a lot of rain in the Princeville area in the Northern Part of the Island. The road a little North of us that leads into a beautiful State Park was closed due to flooding. It turns out that this is the rainy side of the (mountain) Island.

We arrived at our room, which was a two bedroom apartment... but it was humid and hot out and the units don’t have air conditioning. Yikes.

Ivy and I scrambled to find another hotel, which was hard to do at the last minute... We checked out of The Windom Resort and headed South.... I remember a friend mentioning staying at The Marriott... Well as luck would have it, we got a reservation for their very last room at a hotel right across the street, called The Garden Island Inn.

Wow! What a difference!! It was right across the street from the beach and best of all, not raining... it was sunny and beautiful and would be for the rest of the week! We had a wonderful dinner at Dukes Restaurant with a beautiful view of the beach and ocean.

Here we are driving through the rain forest, arriving at our new “sunny” hotel. The beach across the street ... Paradise!

The Island of Kauai is a circular Island. The roads go along the beach along the circumference. If you turn off the road you will soon be in the mountains. 

Saturday was a full day of seeing the beautiful sights on the southern side of the Island. We took a drive first up the mountains to Waimea Canyon.... it’s similar to the Grand Canyon, except is different shades of green and also has a magnificent waterfall! The drop off the cliff into the canyon is around 3,000 Ft. It was a really beautiful place to visit.

Next, we went to Kalakaua Look Out... it’s a beautiful view high up in the mountains overlooking a valley and the Pacific Ocean.
In the afternoon, we had time for one more trip, a drive to see “Spouting Horn” It’s a beautiful scenic drive to the Ocean. There is no beach, but black volcanic lava leading out into the ocean... There is a lava tube, which is a natural tunnel formed when the lava cooled and turned solid. The waves enter the tube and spout out of a small hole... looking like a geyser.

We saw a sea turtle in the ocean nearby.

Sunday, we took a drive up to the Northern part of the Island, Princeville. The rain from a couple of days ago stopped and it was a beautiful sunny day... 88 degrees. It was pretty hot and steamy!

We drove a little further north to Hanalei Bay. It’s a beautiful bay with surfers, body boarders, and paddle boards. I heard that the ride around the North Shore is beautiful, but a short while ago they had record breaking torrential rain, washing out the road, and causing some landslides.

We stopped off at Pinks Ice cream on the north shore... it was excellent and creamy.

Then, as we were driving back to the South Shore, where we are staying we stopped off to see another scenic waterfall leading into a river.

Kauai is truly a “Garden Island”

On June 18th we flew to the island of Maui, where we spent two days snorkeling in a submerged volcano and touring the island. Maui, just like of the Hawaiian islands, was very tropical and beautiful. 

On the 20th, Ivy and I arrived back in Vegas. Thursday morning I went to the Paris Casino Hotel to pick up a very nice student named Skasower.

We were both lucky that our schedules matched and he was able to come over for a 4 hour “one on one” class.

The class went very well and we worked on his on-axis toss from stick left. I observed his toss and after about 10 tosses I began making suggestions and tweaking his grip, softening his toss, hitting a target, and changing his set. After a while, his toss looked really good and he consistently tossed many box numbers.

Then, we worked on some “Alternate Tosses” from Straight Out. He really enjoyed tossing the “Split Shot” and after a while, became pretty consistent. We worked on one other toss from Straight out, which was a low toss, using an unusual but productive set... a mutant 2V set.

The 4 hours of instruction seemed to fly by... lots of hands on tossing...and perfecting each different technique.

We broke for lunch, I drove him back to Paris and met my old pal Dice Coach for lunch with Beth and Ivy.

After lunch, as I promised each student we would play a casino session after their class, I picked up Skasower at Paris and went to a Station casino off the Strip to play together.

I started getting phone calls from old friends that heard that I was in town and asked where I playing ... We soon assembled a terrific team of veteran players.... Koi, Dennis, Bill, Wilton and Elena.

We had a good session, which lasted 2 1/2 hours. Koi started things off with a 22 roll hand. Bill tossed a 15 roll hand and later tossed a 25 roll hand. 

I tossed a nice 18 roll hand, using my High Parr toss from straight out (not bad for not being able to practice for 2 weeks.. while enjoying Hawaii) ... then, my second turn with the dice used my “Split Shot “ from Straight Out and tossed a 20 roll hand.

Elena had a nice hand, until someone put a chip in her landing zone in the middle of her roll. Her husband Wilton, seemed to be doing well on the other table.

Skasower had 2 good rolls, from stick left. He seemed a bit nervous at first, but got past it, and tossed a 15 and then later, a 17 roll hand! 

He said that was best he had rolled in a while was really happy with his progress.

It was a great first day back in Vegas!!

On Friday, I picked up a student names Rusty from the Paris Hotel and brought him back to my Vegas Craps pit.

His 3 hour "one on one" class went very well. He had the basic technique for on-axis, stick left toss down. He needed some tweaks and adjustments, and pretty soon his toss was looking good. We tried different sets, until we found the right one that would give him the longest rolls.

Next, we worked on Alternate Tosses.. He really liked the Yuri toss and “The Split Shot” from straight out.
By the end of 3 hours, he was ready to try out his toss in the casino.

We drove to an off strip casino that has good tables and good dealers. I invited some friends and recent students to join us at the tables. Koi, Dennis, Wilton and Elena soon joined Rusty and myself. I took Straight Out, RD took stick left and everyone else filled in spots that were available.

It was a good session with some good rolls. Rusty was very consistent and tossed two 17 roll hands. I tossed an 18 roll hand using my High Parr toss, and later, a 24 roll hand using my Low Yuri Toss, with a 3V set... hitting lots of 6 and 8s.

Dennis had a nice roll of 22 with an underhand toss, making 4 points!

Koi, Elena and Wilton had decent hands in the teens.

It was a fun, winning session!

Later in the evening, I got a text from my student Rusty, who had a big roll at Paris and hit the All, Tall and Small... He said that he used the “Spit Shot” that he had learned earlier in the day.

On Saturday, my son came visit Ivy and me in Vegas. It was great to see him and I decided to take a day off from teaching and playing in the casino. He is a mechanical engineer and, like his dad, loves nature and exploring the outdoors.

We spent a nice family day driving up to Mt. Charleston and looking at the beautiful scenery. We stopped at the Lodge, had some cold drinks, posed for pictures, and enjoyed the mountain view. Ivy liked the jewelry that the Native Americans were selling outside.

Next we drove to Lee Canyon to the ski lift area. We were surprised to see so many cars parked up the mountain as we got closer to ski area. It turns out that there was a Mountain Festival going on.

It was great!! Even though it’s summer and of course there is no snow up there this time of year, they had the ski lifts going, for fun and sight seeing. The temperature was comfortable at around 80 degrees... compared to down in the the valley in Las Vegas which was 110 degrees. I guess we were at around 8500 ft above sea level.

They had food, music, archery, log sawing, horse shoe throwing, and lots of people dancing and relaxing.

The music was interesting.. they had different bands playing.. I guess, every hour a new band would come on the stage. The band that was playing when we were there was a “Surf Rock Band”... like the Ventures. They played all the classic surf songs, such as Wipe Out, Pipeline, Walk Don’t Run, Tequila, Apache... etc.

Next, we drove down the mountain to 95 and soon took a left turn to some obscure nature center in the middle of the desert. My son had heard of some fossils discovered in that area. We came across “The Desert Wild Life Center”. 

It was really hot outside, so of course we were the only ones there, except for a Park Ranger. It turned out to be an interesting place... best visited in the winter when it’s cool outside. 

We walked on the trail for about a mile... we came across birds, hawks, and a stream which had Crawfish, fish and frogs... which is pretty unusual to see in the desert. There must be springs around because there was water, lots of trees... like an oasis in the desert.

Next we stopped off for a late lunch at the Texas Station casino buffet. I had played there during the week, so they were very nice to comp us for lunch.

After our late lunch, we headed to the strip to see a show at Bally’s... my son is a musician and an aspiring song writer, so I got us tickets to see the Bronx Wanderers... Yeah, I know, I see their show every time I’m in Vegas...These guys are great musicians! I enjoy the show every time...It’s terrific!

Well, the show capped off our wonderful family day on Saturday.

On Sunday, we said goodbye to my son who was driving back home to Arizona.

After dropping him off at the airport, I picked up a student named Chase at the Gold Coast for a 2 hour class. I brought him over to my Craps pit. When he tossed the dice I noticed that he was already a good shooter. He had taken some courses, and also practices everyday. His on-axis toss looked good.. He just need a little tweaking... and then it looked great. We worked on the Yuri Toss from Straight Out, which he seemed to enjoy... plus it gave him another toss to shoot with, when his stick left position was taken.

I invited Koi, Dennis, Jim, Elena and Wilton to join us for our casino session. Our first session was at Texas Station. I had been winning there almost every time I played there, but this time it was a struggle... We had some pretty good rolls, but weren't getting ahead. We took a break... Wilton and Elena stayed, now that they were able to get their positions.

The remainder of the group took a ride to an off strip casino. The table layout has changed since the last time I was there. It now has a smooth microfiber layout with a pad under it, making it bouncy. Chase had 2 good rolls... a 20 and 24 roll hand . The conditions are not good there because of the surly staff and bouncy tables.

We soon left because it was getting late, and we had dinner plans with Tony Dice Guy and his wife.

On Monday morning, I invited Koi to come over to my craps pit and practice. It was a good practice and warm up for the casino action later in the day.

Around 1pm I picked up a couple who had flown into town for a class. We worked on their Parr toss from stick right and stick left. After observing their toss I made some suggestions, and tweaks... and pretty soon their toss was looking good.

Next, I taught them the “low Yuri toss” and “Split shot” from straight out. Then, after they accomplished that toss, I showed them how to do the Split Shot from stick left and stick right.

We took a ride down to South Point, so that they could try out some of the new techniques on a $5.00 table. The tosses looked good and it was a nice session. Later that night, I heard that this couple had some big rolls in the casinos downtown.

On Tuesday, my last day in town. I played a session, lone wolf at a strip casino. The Pitboss there used to be very nice and friendly. I used my Low Yuri toss and stared rolling some number. The pitboss came over to me and said.. “you have to have the dice bounce into the pyramids...I’m very strict about this rule”. Even though I hit the back wall every time, I guess the dice didn’t bounce high enough and hard enough for his liking.

I took a walk over to another Strip casino and the dealers and supervisors were much friendlier and welcoming. Soon, VDC, S n' V, and Chase joined us. One shooter tossed a 32 roll hand. I soon tossed a 22 roll hand. S n V and VDC were shooting well.. as a matter of fact V used my Split shot from stick right and it looked perfect!

I left the table at around 2 pm to pick up my last student for the trip. His name is David. Even though he had taken lessons with others before coming to me, he was very open to perfecting his toss, and learning new tosses... especially from straight out.

After observing his toss, I mad some tweaks, softened his toss, tried different sets and his stick left toss looked good. He was very interested in learning how to shoot from straight out. I demonstrated the high toss, Yuri Low roll, and Split Shot.

With practice and instruction, David got very good at the Yuri Low roll... He really caught on fast and loved using it.

Well, now it was time to try out the Yuri toss in the casino. We went to Rio where we met Koi, Dennis, VDC, S n V... plus Tony dice guy and his wife. As you can see, I love people and am very inclusive... Ivy and Tony’s wife enjoyed some drinks at the bar, and each other’s company as the guys played Craps.

At Rio 2 tables were open and crowded. I was able to squeeze in at Straight Out.. soon David joined me. Tony and VDC were next to me on Stick left. S n V found 2 spots open on Stick right on the other table... The S n V table was hot!!! I could see Everyone was cheering... good positive energy!!

The table I was on was choppy... VDC had a nice hand, I was treading water... until the dice came to my student David... He had tossed the Low Yuri toss like a pro...you would never know that he just learned that toss!! He tossed a 20 roll hand !!

We all colored up and went to the Rio Buffet for dinner. We got a table for 8 in the Diamond area and had a great evening together. A great way to end My Hawaiian / Las Vegas adventure.

Tunica Trip Report - May 2018

Posted on May 24, 2018

Hi Everyone.

On Monday the 14th, I left Ft Lauderdale and drove up to Tunica with my sister Arlene. It was a very long drive, about 16 hours, and the first 5 hours we drove in pouring rain, all the way up to Gainesville, FL.

At night, we finally arrived in Tunica, and we checked into the Horseshoe Hotel. We had a beautiful room on the top floor overlooking the Mississippi River.

On Tuesday, my sister and I drove up to Memphis and toured Graceland... which was just great!! The last time I was in Graceland was about 8 years ago and although the house looks the same, across the street they made a fantastic museum of Elvis memorabilia. They had one big room for his cars, a big room for his Sun Records and early career, another room for his costumes, his airplanes, etc.. There was another room dedicated to Sam Phillips, the owner of Sun Records, and a mockup of Sun Studios, Sam's big Cadillac, and memorabilia.

They made some changes to Graceland by moving some of the memorabilia into the museum across the street. Otherwise, it looks the same as when Elvis lived there.

After touring Graceland, we had lunch at Corky’s Bar B Que restaurant in Memphis.

Then on Wednesday, we took a drive up to Memphis again... it's only about 30 miles from Tunica... and we toured The Peabody Hotel (which has ducks that they roll out the red carpet for ... and it's the darnedest thing, they come off of the eleveator at 11 o'clock and walk to the center fountain in the lobby to swim and eat.)  then, after a while, they walk back on the red carpet, following the "duckmaster", and go up in the elevator back to their room. The Peabody has been around since the 1920s and this is an old tradition. It's a beautiful hotel with a stately lobby, very high class, old world.

Then, across the street, down the alley is the Rendezvous restaurant. It has fantastic Memphis barbecue and excellent ribs. After lunch, we walked over to Beale Street, which is a very famous street where Elvis used to buy his flamboyant clothing back in the 50s.  Right now, Beale Street is known for barbecue restaurants, bars, and blues bands. It's most active at night when the bands are playing in the bars.... similar to Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

We drove over to Sun Studios where Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash recorded their early records that made them famous. Sun Studios was owned by Sam Phillips.

While we were in Memphis... I got texts from students that arrived early in Tunica, before the weekend’s class. In town were Nick, Coaster, Biloxigirl and Biloximan. While I was seeing the Memphis sights, they had been busy playing. I finally had a chance to play and have dinner with everyone, after we got back from Beale Street, in Memphis.

We played at the Horseshoe Casino. I got the dice first and tossed from stick Left 1... I used my “Dr. Franz” Ice Tong Toss into the corner. I used a 3V set, and tossed the dice very softly. I had a nice 25 roll hand.

Biloximan soon got the dice, shooting from Straight Out, and using “The Yuri toss” tossed a fabulous 40 roll!! making the “All Small”.... and just missing one number for the Everything.

We had a nice dinner at the Horseshoe buffet, and the group told
me about the great rolls they had over the previous two days while I was touring Memphis.

Here are the highlights... of course, there were a few short rolls in between. But, students have been having a great time at the tables.

Biloxigirl tossed tossed a 40 roll hand yesterday at the Crapless table! Later the group struggled a bit at the Gold Strike, but when she went back to the Horseshoe Crapess table she tossed a 42 roll hand! She used the Low Yuri Toss, that I taught her, from Straight Out!

Biloximan, also shooting from Straight Out and using the Yuri Toss, had 2 big rolls. One was a 40 roll hand that I saw at Horseshoe. The day before, he tossed a 45 roll hand... hitting the All Tall and Small!

Coaster had a few good rolls over the past 2 days.. all in the 20’s.. the longest was a 28 roll hand! Also shooting the Yuri Toss from Straight Out!

Nick set the dice on the crosses 6’s from Straight Out and tossed a 25 roll hand the day before.

By Thursday we were off to a good start... I played 2 sessions with Biloximan, Biloxigirl, Nick, and Coaster... We won both sessions with rolls in the 20s making the All Small or the All Tall... each time at bat!

Wednesday was also a great day! I had a wonderful breakfast with Biloximan, Biloxigirl, Nick, Arlene, and Coaster. Then after breakfast, I checked out of Horseshoe and checked into Gold Strike.

After breakfast we hit the Craps tables.....I had 2 winning sessions at the Craps tables with students. Then we took a break from the casino when Laguna Flats came into town. He lives in the Tunica area and was very nice to show my sister Arlene and I the area. We drove down Old HIghway 61, saw lots of farms, the Mississippi River and the old country town of Tunica.

Later in the day, Heavy arrived and along with Biloximan, Biloxigirl, Nick, Arlene, Heavy and I enjoyed a wonderful steak dinner at Binion’s Steak House at the Horseshoe Casino.... Afrer dinner we played a session at the Horseshoe.

I took Stick left and was very happy to see my hot shooting streak continue! Thursday night we played a session at after dinner with Heavy, Huff, Nick and Buddy. I tossed a 32 roll hand making the All Tall... just needing the 2 for the Small/All. I used my Dr Franz toss... Ice tong corner toss 3V set... tossing the dice very gently

Friday, our group got up early and met at the Horseshoe Craps table, where we got our comps for breakfast. We had a very enjoyable breakfast at JB’s restaurant. We had a nice group... Heavy, myself, Arlene, Laguna Flats, Spitnik, Thnick, Biloximan and Biloxilady

After breakfast, we played a session. Right off the bat, Biloxilady got hot, shooting the Yuri Toss from straight out... making the All Tall with a 35 roll hand!

The rest of the rolls were around the table were 10-12 numbers... perfect for 2 hits and down.

Then, Laguna Flats got hot, shoooting from straight out.. Making the All Tall! He tossed a 25 roll hand!

We took a break after the session.. My sister Arlene, Laguna Flats and I took a wonderful tour of the Tunica area. It was a fun afternoon driving though the country and seeing all of the farms and scenery.

We had a session planned with everyone around 2-2:30pm but we lost track of time and got back around 3 pm... by then, everyone was gone from the tables.

So around 3:30, I texted Heavy and some of the students to see if they wanted to play a session with us at Horseshoe. We had a nice group with Laguna Flats, Biloxilady and Biloximan, and Buddy. I tossed from straight out and was really in my zone.

I tossed for over an hour, having a 52 number roll... hitting 16 sixes and making the entire All, Tall, and Small!!

After the session we had our Meet and Greet over at the Diamond Lounge.. it was nice to meet the new students, and many old friends.

After the Meet and Greet, we went over to the Gold Strike to play a session. The new tables there have a pad under the layout making them bouncy. No one at the table could get anything going because of the bounce.... so, I tried out my “Holy Roller” toss, which is a very low toss, where the dice roll into the back wall.

It works well, even on a bouncy table. I tossed an 18-20 roll hand and made 3 points. During my roll, the Pit Boss came over to me and said, “You have to get more air under the dice “ Of course once you change your shot in the middle of a roll, it never ends well.. time to color up and call it a night.

Saturday was our class. I got up early and took my sister out to breakfast at the old Waffle House. Then, drove over as I dropped her off at the Hollywood casino, so that she would have something interesting to see and do while we were having our class.

Heavy and I arrived at 8:30 am to set up the class. Soon, the students started arriving. We started the class off with introductions, so everyone would get to know each other.

Next, we talked about table etiquette and soon it was time to observe everyone’s toss... one student at a time. After each student's toss was tweaked and their technique improved, the students moved over to the second Craps table, where i continued to work with them.

Heavy worked with each student on Table A, and I worked with each student on Table B. This way, the students had plenty of table time with the dice to work on their technique.

We had lunch at the Gold Strike buffet, then it was back to the classroom at the Dealer School.

During the afternoon session we worked on some “Alternate Tosses”.
I demonstrated my various tosses and the students' favorites seemed to be the "On-Axis Corner Toss,” “Ice Tong Corner Toss” (Dr Franz) and “The Split Shot” from Straight Out.

After the students learned these tosses, we then discussed betting strategies, including 6/8, 5/9 and 4/10 progressions, regression, and also how to play the Don’t side on a cold trending table.

Finally, we closed out our class with a mock session at the dealer school, where everyone demonstrated their shooting and betting skills. This was followed up by a question and answer session.

After class, we headed over to the casino for a live session. It was around 7 pm and the session went well... no monster rolls, but, looking at my chart, I see the first shooter made the All Small. Soon Laguna Flats made the All Small, and Crimson Tide also mad the All Small!!! Everyone had modest rolls in the 12-15 level.. and hitting the bonus bets!

For dinner, we went to a little country restaurant in downtown Tunica called The Blue and White. It's actually an old gas station that they converted into a restaurant, but it has excellent homemade country cooking. Our group consisted of Ron and Rose, myself, Heavy, and my sister Arlene. We had the best time there, lots of laughs, and the best homemade pies in the state!!

On Sunday morning, we got up early and met at the Craps table to get our comps for breakfast. When I got there Lucky Duck, Little Duck, and Heavy were playing at the table. I got into the game with a bet on 6 and 8... soon the 7 showed. I said I want to toss the dice one time and I'd meet them at JBs for breakfast.

Well, my one roll lasted about a half hour and I hit the All Tall!

We had a nice breakfast and afterwards with the class, we went to the casino to play a live session together. Little Duck got the dice first shooting from the hook, and had a pretty good roll.

I got the dice next, shoootng from Straight Out. I used the "Holy Roller" toss that worked well at Gold Strike the day before. I was getting zoned in and was on my 12th roll, when the pit boss and bowman double teamed me with “you’ve got to get more air under those dice/" I told them that the dice were rolling and hitting the back wall, so I’m following all of the rules, but they didn’t care... as long as I’m throwing numbers, they want me to toss the dice higher. Well, I tossed them a little higher and they were satisfied... because it caused the dice to roll a 7 Out.

We only got the dice once on the table because it took 2 hours for the dice to get around to each shooter. The dealers setting up the All, Tall, Small bets waste a lot of time.

Looking at my chart, I see Joe (Hoof) had the longest roll in the session... a 25 roll hand!

Biloximan made 3 points with a 15 roll hand. David hit the All Small with a modest roll, and Biloxi Lady tossed a nice 14 roll hand.

We took a break for lunch and I drove my sister to the Tanger outlet mall about 30 miles away, to get her out of the casino and enjoy the rest of the day... she told me that the slots were just not paying out.

I got back to The Horseshoe Casino to meet Heavy and the class for our 2nd session of the day. Laguna Flats started things off with a great roll! He tossed a high, on-axis toss from straight out, and tossed a 24 number hand.

Heavy made a couple of points with an 18 roll hand, Crimson Tide also had a pretty good roll. This session lasted 2 hours as well. It was time for a break. The guys wanted to stay.

I was getting tired and decided that It would be a good time to pick up my sister Arlene at the mall and take a much needed break away from the casino.

When I returned, I heard that the session never got any better, and I didn’t miss anything. Sometimes you just get a feeling it’s time for a break.

On Monday everyone was in an up mood... for many of us, it was our last day and we wanted to make it count.

We had a nice large group meet at JBs for breakfast. Lucky Duck, Little Duck, Arlene, Heavy, myself, Ben, Hoof, Crimson Tide, Billy, David, and Laguna Flats and Sarah... we had a great time together!

We played our morning session at the Horseshoe. Joe (Hoof) got things going with a 22 roll hand from straight out. Then the rest of the players had short rolls.

The dice came around to me, standing straight out opposite Hoof, and I used my Low Yuri Toss... 3V set and threw 10 sixes with an 19 roll hand.

Crimson Tide had a pretty good roll in the teens.

Laguna Flats got the dice and had a fantastic 42 roll hand!!!! Making the All Small... just missing one number..the 10 for the Tall and All.

That was the end of our first session... We were off to a good start!!

We had lunch at the buffet and at 2:30 played our second session of the day.

Crimson Tide got things going with a 12 roll hand. Laguna Flats tossed a 17 roll hand. David had a modest roll making the All Tall. Laguna Flats had another decent roll in the teens.

I ended the session with a 24 roll hand... making the Tall, and just needing the 2 for the All Small and Everything. I used my Yuri Low toss from Straight Out once again.

After our session, Lucky Duck and Little Duck had to head home... we said our goodbyes.. it’s a long ride back to Indiana. It was really great seeing them again.

Heavy, Arlene, myself, Cee Jayy, and Ben went out for a wonderful steak dinner at Binions to celebrate our winning session.

We had time for one last session for our trip....

After we enjoyed our Steak dinner at a Binion’s Steak house we decided to play one last session before calling it a night. The next morning we were all planning on returning home.

Crimson Tide got the dice first. He tossed an 18 roll hand from straight out. I got the dice next and was really full from the steak dinner. I said “guys, bet lightly, I’m really full... We’ll see what happens”... 3 numbers and 7 out!

Heavy fared a little better, making one point with 11 numbers. The next shooter seven numbers and 7 out... Uh oh! We were off to a slow start... not good for our last session. We should never play after a big meal!

The next shooter tossed a point 7 out.

Then Ben got things warmed up with a 14 roll hand. Laguna Flats topped it with an 18 roll hand.

Finally, like a baseball game, we were at the bottom of the 9th inning and the home team (the casino) was winning. It's my turn to bat.

I was feeling a lot better by now, and tried out my Yuri Toss again. I got dialed in and tossed 34 numbers making the All Tall. I needed one more number for the Small and Everything... the number 4 was missing.

That session was a great way to end my Tunica trip. It was like itting a grand slam home run. Everyone around the table was cheering, and it was just great fun.

Las Vegas Trip Report - April 2018

Posted on May 6, 2018

Hi Everyone,

I arrived in Las Vegas late on April 3rd, around 11:30 pm, rented a car and drove to my condo. By the time I unpacked and went to sleep, it was about 1 am Vegas time and 4 am Florida time.

I was able to get a few hours sleep. By 6 am Vegas time, I woke up but was still a bit drowsy... At 8 am, I called Koi and invited him out for breakfast. We enjoyed the omelets at the buffet at Gold Coast. After breakfast, Koi and I checked out the tables at Gold Coast and later at the Orleans.

I broke even at the Gold Coast had a winning a 22 roll hand at the Orleans.

Soon, it was time to pick up my first student for the trip named George at the Gold Coast. 

He came back to my condo for a 2 hour lesson and tune up. He is an old PARR and GTC student and this was his 2nd class with me, so his toss from stick left looked pretty good.. just needing a little tweaking.

For the second hour we worked on learning the Low Yuri toss form straight out... By the end of the class his Stick Left toss looked great and his Yuri toss was working very well too.

After the class, we met Tony Dice Guy at the Orleans to play a session together. A Hawaiian shooter at Stick Left was using an underhand toss. He tossed a 20 roll hand and 7'd out when a player placed a bet on the line, causing the shooter to aim for another target on the back wall...this caused him to toss 2 horn numbers. I took my bets off and next roll, 7 out!

We colored up, a winning session, and the pit boss comped the 4 to the Buffet for dinner. Dinner was fun... good conversation and good food.

Tony Dice Guy requested we play downtown. We stopped at the Fremont Casino, but it was too crowded. Next we walked over to the Golden Nugget. My student George tossed a 15 roll hand from straight out, using the low Yuri Toss.

I got the dice next, bet $5 each on the All, Tall , and Small bet. I got dialed in with my Yuri toss from Straight Out, using the 3V set. I started knocking off all the Small Numbers. In the meantime, I was trying my best to stay focused while a guy next to me kept telling me that he’ll give me 2 black chips if i hit back 2 Yo’s.. back to back.

I was able to keep focused through out my toss, ignoring him. Koi acted as a buffer as he was charting for me. I ended up with a 25 roll hand ... and I hit whole thing, The All, Tall and Small!!!

The beautiful thing was that my student George was there to witness my roll, and made enough money to pay for his class plus a nice profit.

My winning streak since January continued!!

April 5th was another positive day for me in Las Vegas.
Koi, George and I went downtown to play a session. We started at Binions.

Binions changed their layout with microfiber and a pad under it which made it bouncy.

I took Straight Out and used my Low Yuri toss, but in order to get good results, I tossed the dice a little lower than usual. I had a nice 24 roll hand making 3 points. Koi and George struggled a bit getting anything going because of the bounce.

We had lunch at Binions, which has very good hamburgers and sandwiches. After lunch we drove back to my condo for a practice session and tune up. We took a drive on the strip to see the sights and eventually ended up at the South Point Casino. I went to the box office to treat Koi to a show. I bought 2 tickets to see Tony Orlando that Saturday.

We had dinner at the South Point Buffet and then checked out the Craps tables. All of the tables were full of cowboys in town for the rodeo. We found a few a few spots open and bought in. I took Straight Out, George was on the other end position and Koi took Stick left.

Koi got things going with an 18 roll hand making 4 points. Then the dice went around the table and finally came to me.

I used my Low Yuri shot again and started making numbers, then after around 10 rolls, a cowboy put 3 red chips in the come box... unfortunately, it was exactly where my dice were landing... my muscle memory was on and I was hitting the same spot every time.

I tried to toss over the chip, but my muscle memory was so exact that the dice hit the chips anyway. But luckily they went to a box number.

He stopped making come bets, so my landing zone was clear, at least for the next few rolls. Then came the 3 stacked come bet again. I switched my toss to my high on-axis PARR toss.

It worked well most of the time, but because the table was very hard, when my dice landed flat (intentionally) in front of the back wall, they would often fly off the table. The table just wasn’t absorbing any of the energy.

So there I was switching back and forth with my toss. Low Yuri when my landing zone was clear and high PARR when my landing zone had the chips in the come.

It was almost like a comedy switching shots back and forth and I managed to have a great hand ... a 28 roll hand!

On Friday, A very nice student named Glenn came over to my craps pit in Vegas for a class. He had never taken a dice class before. He is an engineer, very smart and picked up nuances of the game quickly as I explained them to him.

I taught him the classic-on axis toss from stick left, then stick right. He’s right handed and seemed to favor shooting from stick right.

Then I showed him how to toss on axis from straight out. Next we worked on my Split shot from straight out. He was eager to learn and time passed quickly. We had lunch at a nearby Greek Restaurant, and then headed to the casino.
We played at the Gold Coast Casino. Koi and George met us there.

I had a couple of rolls where I made a couple of points, but no monster rolls this time. But my student Glenn had the best roll on the table... an 18 roll hand, shooting next to me, straight out, using an on axis high toss. I am really proud of him and his progress!! 

After class, Koi, George and I drove up to a small casino called Railroad Pass. It’s up in the mountains, on the way to Boulder City and the Hoover Dam.

It’s a low end casino...$3 tables. I went there because my friend Bill invited all of his local friends for a wonderful steak dinner at the steak house. We had a nice group of 6 friends... all of the guys had close to 20 years of Dice Influencing experience.. because they had all taken the PARR class with Jerry Patterson and Sharpshooter, around 2000-2001. They all live in Vegas now and are all wonderful friends.

We played an hour session before dinner. Dennis had a great roll, a 24 roll hand.. using an Ice tong toss, 3V set. 

Another local player at the table at Stick left used a Pincer grip, 3V set, and with a stiff arm, launching the dice flat on the deck, no back spin...and dropped the dice softly about 2” from the back wall. He tossed a 22 roll hand.

Bill had a great off-axis toss technique that gave him a 21 roll hand from the hook.

Koi used his Miyagi toss and had a good roll, a 20 roll hand.

It was great to see my old friend Jimmy Mac also known as “Red Husky.” He’s a wonderful friend that I met many years ago when he lived in Biloxi. He moved to Vegas and also lives part time during the summers in Alaska. He’s a hypnotist and a great guy. He had a CD/tape out called “Nothing Else Matters” which helps you get in the zone, when tossing the dice.

After our session we went to the Steakhouse for dinner. It was decorated as nice as any Strip Steakhouse. The food was excellent!

After dinner we were stuffed and sleepy...not a good time to play.

Dinner with wonderful old friends was a perfect way to tip off a nice day... Thanks Bill!

Saturday I decided to play solo, hit and run, along the Strip. 
I started at Bally’s shooting form straight out. I quickly got dialed in and tossed a 24 roll hand. 

I colored up a winner and walked over to Paris. I tied out the “Drop Shot” that I had seen the night before. I used the hardway set and hit the 4 four times....a couple of other box numbers. Then my wrist turned a bit, causing the dice to go off axis... 7 out... I see the potential in this shot... I just need to practice and get the muscle memory.

I then ventured back to Bally’s and was going to try the Drop Shot again, but a very nice student named Mike walked up to the table on stick left and said Hi. He's a very good shooter. I figured with students watching me, it’s not a good time to try out a new shot. 

So, I moved to my favorite straight out position, focused, got dialed in and tossed a beautiful 26 roll hand using my High On Axis Parr toss. Hitting five 5’s for the repeater, plus many other numbers.

Took another stroll on the strip, saw women dressed as sexy Police officers, and other interesting characters, posing for picture for tips.. eventually I made it back to The Bally’s Valet to get my car.

I went back to my condo for a much needed nap. At 5 pm I heard a knock on my door and it was my friend Koi. We practiced for a few minutes and then took a ride down to the South Point Casino to see Tony Orlando in concert.

He put on a great show.. an hour and a half of non stop entertainment..He sang all of his hit songs from the 70s when he was with his group Dawn. Songs such as Candida, Knock 3 times, Tie a Yellow Ribbon, Sweet Gypsy Rose , and He Don’t Love You, Like I Love you.

It was a very enjoyable evening.

Sunday I picked up another student named David. I met him around 2006 when I was one of his instructors in GTC. I’m glad that he remembered me and called me to take a one-on-one class. 

He now lives full time in Las Vegas, but had just about given up on Dice Influencing. He had gotten discouraged using the on-axis GTC toss because he wasn’t winning, and couldn’t stand double pitching causing him to 7 out.

When he came over to my Craps pit, I observed his toss from stick left and made a few adjustments, changed his set and tweaked his toss. He was happy with the improvements. He was intrigued hearing about my “Alternate Tosses” so I demonstrated 2 tosses. One was my Low Yuri Toss and the other was my “Split Shot”. 

He practiced and followed my instructions on both tosses for the remainder of the 2 hour class. He needs more practice at home with the Yuri toss, but he really caught on fast with the Split Shot from Straight Out.

Koi stopped over towards the end of the class and demonstrated and warmed up his “Mr Miyagi” toss. We then took a ride downtown to play a session at the Golden Nugget.

I hit the All, Tall, and Small at the Golden Nugget the other day and hoped that I could do it again. Well, I had a decent roll but no ATS this time. But...

The good news is that my student David tried out the Split Shot form straight out, standing right next to me, so I could coach him. At first he was tossing the dice too flat with not enough trajectory. I told him quietly what to do and then he got dialed in.. and tossed a 19 roll hand... excellent roll, for the first time using it in a casino.

Next, Koi got the dice and was really in his zone, using his Miyagi toss....number after number... he hit the “All Small” bet! Then he started hitting the Tall numbers, but the dreaded stick change happened. The Stickman had a bad attitude like he hated being there, plus he had a big pot belly, extending over the table.. 

Koi tried his best, but he was now out of his zone, his toss changed trying to get around the Stickman belly and soon the 7 showed. He still had a great roll... he tossed 24 numbers!

We colored up, another winning session.. My student was thrilled. We celebrated at dinner at Main Street Station. Then, spent a couple of hours enjoying the sights of Downtown.

Monday morning I met my friend Beau (Dice Coach) for breakfast at the Gold Coast buffet. We had a nice breakfast and talked for a couple of hours, catching up. It was very enjoyable seeing him again.

Afterwards I called Koi. He told me that he had a doctors appointment, so, I offered to take him safely there... He’s 92 years old... but still in good shape!

My student George called me up and told me that last night he played a session at Orleans and had 2 good rolls... each time making 3 points. He really likes the Low Yuri toss from straight out, that I taught him.

I asked him if he wanted to take a drive with Koi and I, and he said yes.

After the doctors appointment we went to Sam’s Town to fill a prescription... then we went Downtown to meet Tony Dice Guy. We had a hamburger at Binions and then walked over to the Golden Nugget.

I took my straight out position and used the Yuri toss and got dialed in. I hit the All Small in 6 rolls! Then, I started knocking off the Tall numbers, then I started repeating the 6-8 and 4s... I’m up to roll 20, when someone puts a chip in my way. I avoid hitting the chip, but the dice hit the back wall and then hit the chip on the rebound... stopping 1 die dead. 7 out! All I needed was one more number... the eleven, to make the All, Tall , and Small!

Tony requested playing at the “D",  but it is too noisy in there with the loud dance music blasting and the Go go girls dancing.

Next to the "D" was a stage with a pretty blonde DJ... as she was dancing and playing music, she came to the front of the stage wearing a sexy outfit and doing tricks with hula hoops.. she also had other dancing props that made it an interesting evening.

Tuesday morning I called Koi and asked if he wanted to take a drive with me to Walmart on Rainbow Blvd to pick up some things for my condo.

Afterwards, we went to Bally’s to play a session. At the table, I saw a familiar face from New Jersey ... Gene the Russian. He was with a friend named Eugene from Brooklyn NY. As I approached the table, Eugene was in the middle of a long run hitting a few repeated bets.

I bought in after his roll and the dice soon came to me. The dice were polished and blue, that’s the same dice I practice with in my Craps pit.

I used my Low Yuri toss... landing the dice 3/4 down the table. I used the 3V set and after a couple of tosses, got dialed in.

I started going on a tear hitting 6’s... a woman player next to me was playing the field and losing. I quietly told her to bet 6 and 8.. because those are the numbers that I’m setting for... then I hit 3 hard 6’s in a row!!!! She was parlaying them and making a fortune.

I hit eight 6’s and and paid $90 to 1 for the bonus bet.. and ended up with a 32roll hand.

On Wednesday the 11th, I picked up a very nice student staying at the Flamingo Hotel. He had taken the GTC course many years ago, and was named Richard.

He signed up for a 4 hour “one-on-one” class - two hours in the morning, lunch break, and then 2 hours of instruction in the afternoon.

His PARR toss looked very good. You could see that he had training and has been practicing. I made a few suggestions and adjustments and his toss really really looked great. We practiced from mostly Stick Left, worked on Stick Right ... it was a very productive morning.

We had lunch at a restaurant nearby called “The Fat Greek”.. they have excellent Gyros! Plus other Greek dishes.

The afternoon session was a review of what he learned In the morning. He wanted to learn some Alternate tosses. We worked on the “Low Yuri shot” from straight out, “Split Shot” form straight out and the high on axis toss from straight out.

Next we worked on the on axis corner toss. He was doing very well with the “Alternate” tosses and was having some nice long rolls.

Koi, stopped over and demonstrated his Mr. Miyagi toss from stick right and stick left... It was a fun afternoon of instruction, and he told me that he enjoyed learning other tosses.

After class we went to the Orleans... when we first got to the table, a guy at table end was in the middle of a big roll. After he made a point, I got into the game and roll continued for quite a while.

My student Richard, took Stick left and used the On Axis Parr toss and had a nice hand ... around a 14 number roll. Orleans has a pad under the layout, so it’s a little bouncy... A little challenging for the on axis parr toss... but he did ok.

Next we went to the Gold Coast casino, which has a hard table surface. Koi, George, and an old Member of the APC board, Scribe, joined us. Richard once again used the PARR on axis toss form stick left and had a nice hand... 17 box numbers!

Next his friend Scribe got the dice, they switched places with Richard and moved into Stick left one... He was using an unusual “Alternate” toss.. I had never seen a delivery like he was using.. so I tiptoed in lightly... His unusual toss worked great and he was rolling number after number... He hit 3 repeater bets and was in the groove... very focused.

But, as people on the other end we’re making all kinds of hop and prop bets, he was getting agitated waiting for the dice to come to him... the time between rolls were too long and he wanted to get a rhythm going. He looks straight down at the table so he couldn’t see the confusion going on at the othe end.. especially with the break in dealers and the crazy crapper bettors.

He finally exploded and yelled “what the F is going on down there making the game so slow!!" One guy who had his chips in Scribe’s way, says “Don’t you want to make money?” Now that guys chiming in made Scribe lose his temper... and he tells us to take our bets off.

He sets for the 7 and yells out “Now that you guys pissed me off you are all going to lose!!" Next roll 7 out!

It was a crazy thing to do ... he was really on a hot roll.. close to 20 numbers when lost his temper... Later he apologized and said that he’s working with a life coach to help him control it.

He calmed down and apologized to us and the dealers, and then we all went for a comped dinner together. 

Scribe planned to come over to my Craps pit the next day for a tune up and practice session... I thought about putting on some soothing music to keep him calm!

Scribe came over for a tune up class. He was in a great mood and we had a great time. After class, Koi and I went for lunch at a local Thai restaurant. He had never had Thai food before and he seemed to enjoy it.

Koi and I took a ride over to the Palms Casino which was recently sold to the Stations Casinos. The casino was still under construction, and we weren't impressed with their table because a pad under the layout made it bouncy. We then took a ride over to the Paris Casino. where we met Gene the Russian and Eugene. I used my High On Axis toss from Straight Out and for dialed in and tossed a 26 roll hand !

Later, we had dinner and drinks at the Diamond lounge, where my student David and other friends joined us . 

After dinner, we checked out the Paris tables... they were crowded. So, we all walked over to Bally’s and even though the tables were pretty busy, we were able to find a few open spots. Then, I recognizedan old student.. “Darrin the Pilot” and his friend Adam.

They both have beautiful Parr shots from stick left 1 and 2.
Adam was in the middle of a good roll as we walked up. Darrin and Adam came over to shake hands and say hello. It was great to see them again.

Well, the table stayed cold as the dice went around.. I didn’t bet on anybody else, so I held on to my profit... we colored up and left winners.

Saturday I met up with my student Gene the Russian and two of his friends. They wanted to try The Hard Rock Casino. One table was hot the other was cold... unfortunately, we were on the cold table.. We just couldn’t seem to get a good roll going. We soon colored up and cut our losses.

Then, I contacted 2 other students in town, Darrin The Pilot, and his friend Adam... who is also a pilot. They told me that they were over at the Cromwell Casino. We went over to the Cromwell and Darrin was in the middle of a big roll... Making the All Small!

We bought in and placed money on the All Tall Small bet. Adam got the dice next at stick left 2... He got dialed in using his Parr toss and had a great roll! Not only did he hit 30 box numbers, he made the All, Tall and Small!!!!!

At night, Koi and I explored the new MGM Park and NY NY casino.
It was a very exciting atmosphere because the Vegas Hockey Team, The Golden Nights, we’re playing in the arena nearby. Everybody was wearing the GN jerseys and were excited about the playoff off game.. it was a fun night at the MGM Park.

That was a fun day of teaching and meeting new students. After the class at my condo, with Banker Dude, Xich, and Jonas, I called Aloha Johnny and asked him to meet us at Bally’s to play a session. When got on the table, a shooter next to me at Straight Out.... Tossed a 35 roll hand. Hitting eight 8s... 3 of them were hardway.

We colored up big winners and walked over to Paris to play another sessions.
At Paris I tossed a nice 18 roll hand... The star of the show was my student Jonas, who used an “alternate toss” and tossed a roll in the mid 30’s.

...During that weekend we stopped off at the Gold Coast. I shot from straight out using my high PARR toss. Aloha Jonny kept me focused by reminding me of the number I needed to hit, and I went on a monster tear tossing a 40 roll hand, hitting 10 hardways, often back to back.

Anyway, we had dinner at the Rio hotel and then went back to my condo, to practice our tosses.

After practice, I dropped everyone off at their hotels and went to the Airport to pick up my sister Arlene. Arlene would be visiting all week. Magician was flying in from PA to visit for a few days. 

That night Boris the Coal Miner arrived to stay for a week. New adventures are awaiting us.

The next day was a full day of teaching Dice Influencing. Word spread of my big roll at the Gold Coast and people were calling me everyday for a class. I guess word of mouth is the best form of advertising. I am honored. 

Monday was my sister Arlene’s Birthday. So we all went out for dinner to celebrate. We had a fun group.. Arlene, Boris, Bob the Magician, Koi, and my student Matt. We had so much fun .. it was a great evening!

After my big roll at Gold Coast, word of it got around town . Craps players have been calling me up for classes ever since.... so, I was really busy this trip teaching. One of the student’s favorite Alternative tosses that I teach is the “Low Yuri Toss” from Straight Out... Well, I’ve expanded on how to use it not only from straight out .. but also tossing it from stick left and stick right.

So, the last few days, I’ve been teaching it, and many students are getting very good at it.

Something amazing happened the day before...

This week and husband and wife team flew out to Vegas for a private class with me....”Biloxi Man” and “Biloxi Lady”. They were eager to have their toss tuned up, and learn an “Alternative Toss.” I really focused on the Yuri toss and they seemed to enjoy learning it... they did very well in class and learned the technique within 2 hours... tossing it from Straight Out, Stick Left and stick Right.

Well, we played a session at the Paris Casino. I invited 6 student students that recently took my class to join us.

Biloxi Man (Dan).... Tossed a an amazing 2 hour roll, hitting 85 numbers, 15 points and 6 Repeater bets!!!!

He used the Yuri Low toss from stick left one... He stayed focused the whole time... number after number.... for 2 hours!!!!!!

One player cashed out for $27,000 dollars!!! There was no heat, he hit the back wall every time .

It was an amazing feat... a monster roll!!!!!! Congratulations Dan!!!! The “Biloxi Man” and his lovely wife .. Lori, the “Biloxi Lady”

Last Thursday, I took my sister Arlene to a show... The Bronx Wanderers at Bally’s . I’ve seen this show a few times before always enjoy it. Great music, talented musicians, and a great story of a record label executive... who secretly yearned to be a rock n roll singer himself. He eventually forms a band with his 2 teenage sons, when SONY buys the record label, and he is out of a job..... He finally gets to live his dream and hits the road as the lead singer in a rock n roll band .

Well, I seemed to be at the right place at the right time... the day that we saw the show... Just happened to be the leader of the band.. "Vinny from the Bronx”'s birthday. 

The room was packed with fans and celebrities... Wayne Newton came up on stage to wish Vinny a Happy Birthday, then Tony Orlando came up and wish Vinny a Happy Birthday... then the Tony and a Vinny with the backing of the band .. Sang a duet of all of Tony Orlando’s hits... then, the Righteous Bros. Came up.. and it was such a great party atmosphere... Jerry Lewis’ wife was introduced... then the shows producers came up on stage and the whole gang sang together as a grand finale. Runaround Sue... and the Chuck Berry Classic .. Johnny B. Goode!!

Last weekend was the annual Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend!
It ran from Wed- Sunday. It right up my alley, because although I love the music of the ‘60’s ... especially the Beatles, and the British Invasion bands... but, I also have a fondness for the 50’s Rockabilly Era. Just give my electric Fender Strat guitar and a lot of echo out of the mic... and I still sound pretty good!

Just think of the movie Grease... The tough “Greasers” like Danny and His Thunderbirds gang... or Fonzy on Happy Days ... and the movie “The Lords Of Flatbush”. The black leather jackets, motorcycle boots, hair greased upnand slicked back.. an fhe tough attitude... Also the gals are made up with 50’s hardoos, poodle skirts ... and let’s not forget ‘50’s cars parked outside.

There were bands playing Rockabilly Music on stage at the Orleans... Think of Early Elvis or Carl Perkins... just a lead guitar, rhythm guitar, upright bass, and drums. The folks in the audience wearing ‘50’s outfits, dancing the Lindy.... Everyone was having a great time!

On Saturday Night the headliners were Jerry Lee Lewis and later in the evening performing were the “Stray Cats” featuring Brian Setzer... people came from all over the world to participate and have a good time.

During the last few days of my Las Vegas trip, some very good friends, Ron and Rose came over to visit, other students took classes, and the highlight for me... not only spending time with good friends and meeting new students, but a student on the last day during a session at the Cromwell, had a 30 roll hand hitting the All Tall and Small!