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Las Vegas Trip Report (April 2022)

Posted on May 4, 2022

 Hi Everyone,

I flew into town on April 17. It was a pretty long flight from Ft Lauderdale, 5 hrs, but I entertained myself watching an Elvis movie, and some old DVDs I made years ago of the old Geraldo Show… On this particular show he had Little Richard and the Broadway cast of Buddy (Buddy Holly)

The next Geraldo Show has stars from the 50’s and Early 60s… Bobby Vee, Connie Stevens, Eddie Fisher, Vince Everett (Ben Casey) and Tommy Sands…

The show were nostalgic and kept me entertained for the whole flight.

When I arrived in Vegas I had to wait another 40 minutes for them to locate an SUV for me and have it washed.. There is a shortage of rental cars, but they found me a nice one.

Yesterday was my first day in Vegas, and since I didn’t have much sleep I had some jet lag, plus getting. Used to the 3 hr time difference from the East Coast.

I called up some of old local buddies to make plans to get together. One of my local friends, Ronny Binkier who is a GTC instructor was available, and we had a nice breakfast together.

After doing some shopping for my condo, I met Ronny at Casino Quest at the Fashion Mall on the Strip.

He introduced me to the owners and other people working there… They were all very nice people.

Ronny and I spent the afternoon warming up practicing our tosses on their tables.. We had a great time together!

I called my friend David Carlin to make plans to have dinner and some casino play together. Dave Carlin has an excellent channel on YouTube called the Same Bet Show.

In the past year we have done a number of interviews together. They are all good shows and have had thousands of views. Dave is from Kansas and has a great radio voice.

I also invited my friend Dennis F. for dinner with us. He is an old friend from the Parr days with Jerry Patterson and Sharpshooter.
I picked up Dennis and Dave and we headed over to the South Point Casino. They have one of the few buffets open in Vegas, and the food is very good… Unfortunately, as we headed South on the Strip to South Point, we soon found the line to the buffet very long.. it was about an hour and a half wait. So, we went another restaurant and had a great time together.

After dinner, we played a session on their craps tables. They have a bad reputation of giving controlled shooters heat.. especially if they see you using the pendulum swing toss… I still call it the Parr toss, bit it’s the on axis toss, most dice setters use today. The session started out a little slow, nothing much happening, then, I said to myself, I may get heat, but I’m going to do my on axis parr toss that I’m famous for… Sure enough, I soon got dialed in and tossed a 28 number roll!!!

It was a nice way to end the evening with a winning session, and get the first day jitters out.


My second day in Las Vegas was an exciting one!
I picked up my student Charles ( Chuck) from our meeting place at the Gold Coast. We drove 5 minutes over to my Craps Pit for a tune up class. He had a pretty good toss, and was had previously taken a class with my old group GTC. It was nice reminiscing about my old friends in the group.

His toss looked good, but just needed a little tweaking. We worked on his grip, and softening his toss. We worked on it for about an hour, and when he tossed a 32 roll, during our practice session, we knew that his toss was really on.

We then worked on tossing from a second position, stick right.. staying with the Parr on axis toss. He wasn’t comfortable with it at first, but as we practiced his toss was steadily improving.

I demonstrated my low Yuri Toss, which he really liked.. and told me that he would practice it when he got home. We did a final review of his primary on axis toss from stick left, and it looked really great.

After class, I had some free time, and told him that I can drop him off Downtown, where he had told me that he wanted to go… So on the way downtown, on Decatur, we approached Arizona Charles Casino… I’m pretty spontaneous, so I said “Do you want to play a session there and have lunch afterwards?” He said sure…

We walked in and took a look at the craps table.. It was totally empty of players, so we bought in at stick left. Charles went first had a pretty good roll..He wasn’t as relaxed as he was at my craps pit.. It’s funny how being in a real casino, with money at risk, and the Pit-boss staring at you, can tighten you up and affect your game. Charles texted me later, and told me that he was having good rolls, and was more relaxed at the table.

I got the dice next, tossed from stick left, using my on axis Parr toss and soon got dialed in. I ended up making 10 points, and tossed a 50 roll hand!!!! Man, that felt good!!

We had lunch and celebrated. Chuck told me he made all of his money back that he spent on his class, plus a lot more. 🙂

After I dropped Charles off Downtown, I got a call from one of my local buddies, who used to teach with the Parr organization. His name is Bill D. and he asked me to join him at a casino called Jerry’s Nugget. I said Ok. Jerrys Nugget, is a low end casino, about a mile North of Fremont Street. They have a $5.00 game, with only one 14’ table open during the week. It’s kind of disturbing driving towards it, seeing all of the homeless and the people camping out… I really don’t really recommend this place.
Anyway, to make my friend happy I stopped by... just to say hello. The table was packed and you had to put your name on a waiting list to get a spot on the table. I waited for a little while, and sat at a Blackjack table nearby. I did pretty good at Blackjack and doubled my buy in and cashed out.

My name finally was called to play craps.. the spot they gave was stick left 3. I laid back and watch the random shooters have short rolls, and finally the dice came to my friend Bill.

He tossed a beautiful 26 number roll. We colored up and left winners. It was a fun winning day. My second day in Vegas.


My third day was another good day in las Vegas. I had the morning free so after breakfast, I went to Ellis Island Casino to play a session. During the week the table opens up at 10 am.. So I got there a few minutes early to get my spot on stick left 1.. I figured that I would use my Parr on-axis toss like I did over at Arizona Charlie’s Casino, when I tossed a 50 roll hand.. I knew that it would be a hit and run session, which means getting the dice once, having a big roll and leaving.

When the table opened, it filled up fast. The table was full of beginner random rollers, so I knew that after roll, I wasn’t going to stick around.

So, the dice starts going around, and finally came to me at Stick Left 1… It looks like a mine field of chips in the landing zone area. I tossed my first shot, wow, the dice really bounced… This is not the same layout that they had on the last time I played there 3 months ago. They must have put a pad under the felt layout.

So, I switched techniques and used my low Yuri toss… The sharp edge of new dice dug into the felt and never made it to the back wall. Uh oh. When I played there last time the surface was hard and I had a monster roll with the Yuri toss.. the table conditions had changed this time.

The next shooter was my student Charles from yesterday’s class. He had a nice hand, adjusting his trajectory and made a few points, but it soon ended when the dice hit someone’s chips.

I was down a little for this session, so I went to the blackjack table and won my money back, plus a little profit. While looking at the table, I realized what happened. They put the good hard 12 ft. table in the back, and only open it during the evening. The table that was open in the front in the morning, was a new 14’ bouncier table..

I headed downtown to meet my old friend Beau Parker aka Dice Coach for lunch. We met way back during the Parr and Jerry Patterson days. We’ve been pals for 22 years, and whenever I come to Vegas we always get together for lunch and to catch up with what’s new in our lives. He has a lovey wife named Beth, who my wife Ivy is good friends with too. When Ivy comes to town, we always get together with Beau and Beth. They are wonderful friends.

During lunch my student from New Jersey named Gary C. Called and told me that he just landed in Vegas. I told him that I’d pick him up at his hotel and we’ll start our afternoon class. A few weeks ago, Gary flew into Ft Lauderdale for a full day class. He enjoyed it so much, that he signed up for a second full day class.. this time in Las Vegas. We’ll do the class In two days… Yesterday was the first half and today is the second half…

Last night I met my local friends Tony and Dennis for a delicious barbecue rib dinner, at Ellis Islands Barbecue restaurant. It was very nice of the pitboss to comp us.

I picked up my student Gary C, from NJ from his hotel at Paris. Gary has become a very good shooter. He had previously taken the GTC class, where they did a good job teaching the On Axis Toss from stick left.

So, all he needed was a tune up with that toss. We worked on his grip and also softening his toss. Gary had taken my class in Ft Lauderdale a few weeks ago, when he was in town. He enjoyed learning some new toss techniques, such as the Low Yuri toss, softball toss, and also shooting on axis from Stick right and Straight Out.

He came to Las Vegas to take another full day class with me, he said that he enjoyed it so much, he wanted to do it again, and perfect his tosses.

His favorite toss is the Low Yuri Toss from Straight Out. Yesterday, he practiced it for hours, under my supervision, and couldn’t wait to use it in the Casino.

The previous night he played at a Paris and was like a Rock Star 🙂. He had 2 big rolls using it and was the star of the craps tables. All of the young college age players were congratulating his and asking him “How do you toss the dice that way?and have these long rolls. He also hit the All, Tall and Small bet.
Yesterday, around lunch time he said I’m warmed up and ready, let’s play in the casino.

The first casino we went to was Arizona Charlie’s on Decatur Blvd. I previously had a 50 roll hand there the other day… so I was hoping for another big roll.

I took stick left one, Gary played the straight out position. We had so much fun together. We both had rolls in the mid 20s and making one side of the All Tall Small bet 4 different times. We came close to hitting all of numbers 2 different times, with usually the 12 missing. We played for about 2 1/2 hours having a great time. The Pit Boss treated us to lunch with a $40 comp… plus yesterday was 20 percent off for those of us that are over 55 years of age… We ate like kings! 🙂

Next, we took a ride over to Bally’s.. There was only one table open and it was packed… We walked through the connecting mall to Paris and the regular table was crowded, and the Crapless table was empty. I bought in and used my Dice Magic (split shot) from stick left 2… This technique worked great!!! I was making points, and always seemed to hit the ace-deuce (3) which payed Nicely on the $15 table.

By the time Gary arrived, I was way up in profit… Gary bought in, but kept looking at the regular craps table behind him… That was the table that he had the big rolls on the night before…
When his spot at straight out became available, he wanted to move over to that table.. Reluctantly, I moved too… I was doing so well on the Crapless table, I hated to leave…

The regular table was so-so, I was way back in the hook and out of position, so I didn’t shoot.. One guy on the table had and decent roll from stick left 1, about 15 numbers.. but all and all, it was a mistake to change tables, especially one full of random shooters..

I was tired and took a break, went back to my condo to take a nap. Gary stayed and said he had 2 good rolls after I left.
We met later around 7:30 pm once again at Paris… I watched, the table was cold, nothing much was going on…

I suggested let’s see what’s doing at Ballys…They we’re opening a new table… just one side was open because they didn’t have enough dealers… That table was soooo hard, it’s like they put the microfiber layout with no underlay, right on top of plywood … it was a rock hard table… It was a big adjustment from the Paris and Arizona Charlie’s tables.

We decided to walk on the Strip to try other Caesars Properties. We stopped off at The Cromwell.. The table was full of random, college age students..but they were cheering and having fun. It looked like it was their first time playing. Gary tossed from straight out, on the stick right side… the dice acted a little funny when they hit the back wall… I checked the alligator skin on the left back wall… The glue had given away and it was loose and bubbles out a bit… not good conditions for us … We soon left… Took a walk over to Flamingo, O’Sheas, Linq… all of the tables were packed.. We couldn’t get on them.

We stopped off for a slice of Pizza a the food court at the Flamingo… I guess that place is under new ownership.. because they no longer used casino points on out players cards, and the cheese pizza slices were smaller and kind of dried out.. not much cheese or sauce… not good like to used to be, and way over priced.. By then it was 10 pm , time to call it a night for me, because I have 3 students coming over for classes, and I want to be at my best when I teach…

Day 5: I taught two classes, had 3 wonderful people come over to my craps pit for classes, and saw a great show with Peter Noone, Herman’s Hermits... 60s band from England.. at the Golden Nugget….They were part of the mid 60’s British Invasion.

In 1964, The Beatles started it off when they appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show… soon followed The Dave Clark 5, The Rolling Stones, Herman’s Hermits, The Animals, Gerry and the Pacemakers.. and many other great groups from England.
Herman’s Hermits biggest hits are: I’m into something Good, Kind of Hush, Mrs Brown you’ve got a lovely Daughter, No milk today, and many other songs… On YouTube you can see their videos..

I was invited to a special dinner celebration with great friends, and tomorrow I’m a “Special Guest” at the Hawaii Craps Shooters, Meet and Greet at Casino Quest at the Fashion Mall…. All wonderful things…
I want to thank Andrew B. from Hawaii, and Fran and Gary for coming over for classes. We had a great class, and they couldn’t wait to try out their tosses and new skills in casino. The On axis Parr toss and The Yuri toss seem to be their favorites.


Day 6: in the afternoon Andrew from Hawaii came over for the 2nd part of his full day class… We reviewed all of the toss techniques that I taught him the day before, and then went on to learn new techniques to beat the craps tables in the casinos. Our class went great and we had a terrific time.

In the Evening, it was time Celebrate my good friend Bryan’s (Money Shot) Birthday. I was honored to be invited to this wonderful celebration.

We had a large table at The Red Wood Steak House at The California Casino. I met and made so many new friends with the Hawaii Craps Group. There must have been 30 or more guests.

We had such a great Birthday Celebration for Bryan! When we sang happy Birthday, Kevin played his ukulele as musical accompaniment. Soon Bryan was playing it too as we songs from the 50’ and 60’s.. Then UnKo Hoko started playing some great Hawaiian Songs.. We all had so much fun, I wanted the evening to never end.

Everyone was so warm and friendly.. such a wonderful group of friends.. I’m so happy that I was able to be part of Bryan’s Birthday Celebration.

At 2 pm... The Hawaii Craps Shooters, Meet and Greet, at Casino Quest at the Fashion Mall… I really looked forward to meeting everyone and making new friends, and seeing old friends. Bryan, Cory, Mar, Chef Dice and I were there with the Hawaii Craps Shooters.


The next morning my friend from Hawaii, Kevin Kap Farm took me out to breakfast at the Main Street Station buffet restaurant..
As I was walking through the California Casino, on the way to Main Street Casino, I ran into Money Shot, Mar, and Chef Dice filming their bubble craps video. Mar was so excited, because I gave her a couple of shooting tips the night before at Bryan’s Birthday Party, and right after dinner, she tossed a monster roll… a 32 roll!
I congratulated her, and told everyone I’d see them later, I was on my way to meet Kevin for breakfast.

Kevin and I had a great breakfast and good conversation. Then, we met UnKo Hoku, who was explaining his betting strategy, which is a very good regression strategy.. as he approaches his average roll number.

After breakfast Kevin and I went back to my craps pit for a little tune up/ warm up practice. Then as 1 pm approached, we headed over to the the fashion Mall.

Yesterday was The Hawaii Craps Shooters Meet & Greet at Casino Quest on the Fashion Mall. I was being featured as Their Special Guest, which was very exciting, and quite an honor.

The Meet and Greet went really well, I met so many new people and old friends, it was really great!! I took lots of pictures with everyone, and everyone was so warm and friendly. Many of the people recognized me from YouTube, when Bryan, Cory and Mar came over for a class at my Vegas Craps Pit, and also an interview… That video is so popular that over 17,500 people have already viewed and enjoyed it. It’s on The Hawaii Craps Shooter YouTube channel…

When I first got to the Meet and Greet, I said lots of hellos, then went to the craps tables to practice, and warm up with the guests… I demonstrated some of my on axis tosses from Stick left, Stick right and Straight Out and also the low Yuri Toss.

Soon there were about 50 people or more attending.. My friend Ronny Binkier was there working as a dealer, Kerri Koda soon arrived, Garrison and Miss Megan came by to say hi, and so many wonderful people came to the Meet and Greet.

Money Shot, Chef Dice, Mar, and Cory did a great job organizing and hosting the event… The owner Alex, of Casino Quest and my friend Ronny B , did a great job as dealers, running the craps table. There were about 16 people on the craps table competing for the longest roll, and making the most money ( chips.. not real money :)).

There were so many good rolls and everyone had a great time. It really was a fantastic event!

I can’t wait to get together with my friends Hawaii Craps Shooters again!!

My last day in Vegas for this trip... It has been a very exciting week.
I want to thank everyone who came over to my Vegas craps pit for classes this past week.
I also want to thank Bryan (Money Shot) and the Hawaii Craps Shooters for inviting me to Bryan’s Birthday Party, and also making me the Special Guest at their Meet and Greet at Casino Quest. We had such a great time together!!! Bryan, Mar, Elmer, and Cory are really special people and good friends.

I also want to thank Kevin Kap Farm for taking me out for Breakfast and also my new friend and student, Andrew and his girlfriend for inviting me to a wonderful dinner on Sunday Night. Also , thank you Andrew for a wonderful dinner together on Sunday night.

Also, i want to thank my friend Ronny Binkier who surprised me with a DVD of my old pals Jerry Patterson and Sharpshooter from 22 years ago… when modern day dice control first began. .It was great being part of this movement from the very beginning. This is where is all began, and I met my friends Dominator, and author Frank Scoblete. It’s been a wonderful journey so far.

I’m excited to fly back to Ft Lauderdale, because I’m going to enjoy the weekend with my Daughter, Son in-law and my two Grandchildren at Disney World, in Orlando. I really love being with my family and sharing a wonderful trip together. I love to share the excitement of Disney world with my two grandsons. I know they are very excited to go with their Grandpa Howie coming. 🙂

So, I’ll enjoy about 3 weeks in Ft Lauderdale, Visiting Disney World then, Celebrating Mother’s Day with my wife Ivy, my Daughter April and Sister Arlene, and my our Grandkids ….plus take my daily walks on the beach. If anyone would like to come over for a private class in Ft Lauderdale, I’ll be available, from May 2-May 16.. Just give me a call or send me an e mail.. Then, I’ll be heading back to Las Vegas May 17-June 21 and will be teaching private and small group classes for a whole month!… then, back to Florida for the month of July.

My friend from Hawaii, Rodney, came over for a tune up class. I’ve known Rodney for many, Many years.. He knows all of my tosses… but today, I surprised him with a new toss… The Softball toss.. He loved it!!! He later told me that he used the Yuri toss and had a big winning session at a casino on the strip.

In the afternoon, a new student named Jim came over for a 4 hour class. He was pretty new to dice setting and controlled tossing… I worked with him on the on axis toss, until his toss was looking good. It turns out that he tossed much better from stick right. We used the 3 finger grip and he after a while his toss was looking good.. I also taught him a few of my Specialty Tosses, which are actually easier to learn, and when he saw the results with longer rolls. It really built up his confidence.

In the Evening, I met my old friends Bankerdude, Banker Bro, and his son Banker Jr. Bankerdude treated us to a wonderful Italian Dinner at the NY NY Casino… It was really great seeing my old friends.. We’ve gone on cruises together, and had classes together.. they are wonderful friends.
After dinner we played a sessions at Arizona Charlie’s .. I had a 50 roll hand there a few days ago… This time I had two good rolls, made a few points … not the 50 I had a hoped for, but one of the guys heard the dealer say that my last roll was the longest roll the table had all weekend. Bankerdude, had a good roll too. Rodney also joined us at the table. It was a fun event with good friends.

I’m teaching a full day class… Then having dinner with my local friends Tony and Dennis “Ping Pang Pong” at The Gold Coast Casino, before I head out to the airport… Whew! Another busy, and fun trip in Las Vegas!!’

Meeting Las Vegas Royalty

Posted on November 20, 2021

 Meeting Las Vegas Royalty  🎲🎲  

Hi Everyone, 

I’m going to call this story “Meeting Las Vegas Royalty”. During my last visit to Las Vegas, a gentleman named Marvin Roth came over to my Las Vegas Craps Pit to learn some Dice Control techniques.

The class went very well, and soon we became friends.  During our conversation, he mentioned that his wife was Joan Adams and was Miss Nevada in 1957.

He said when I had some free time, come over to our house and meet Joanie. So one day, I took a break from teaching and took a ride over to their house.

Marvin welcomed me warmly, and when I walked through the front door, the first thing I noticed was a real Lion. I mean, you couldn’t miss it... it was in attack mode! I looked around the room, and everywhere I looked were pictures of Las Vegas, and Joanie posing with just about every big name performer that came to Vegas.

There she was with Elvis Presley, Liberace, Johnny Carson, Frank Sinatra, Paul Anka, Pat Boone, Tom Jones and just about every celebrity that ever performed there.

I sat down and Marvin began telling me stories of Joanie and old Las Vegas… I love that era of Las Vegas of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Soon Joannie walked in, I got up to meet her, although so many years have passed, she’s still beautiful and looks at least 20 years younger than she is.


We sat and talked for hours about old Las Vegas.. Since I was a kid, I’ve always been a big Elvis fan, so when I saw pictures of her with Elvis, and then found out that they dated for a while, It really piqued my interest. I mean, how many people do we know, who actually knew Elvis, and spent time together. She told me some wonderful stories about that time in her life.

I soon found out that Joanie dated Frank Sinatra and and later Johnny Carson for three years. She was friends with the Las Vegas Mayor and every important person in town.  

She later met and married Alex Shoofey who was the Top Gaming and Casino Executive at the Sahara Hotel, The Flamingo Hotel, and later the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas. In 1969, He was the President and General Manager of the new International Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Mr. Shoofey, was the one who brought Elvis back to Las Vegas in 1969.
He  made a deal with Colonel Tom Parker, and signed Elvis Presley for a long contact as the main Performer at the International Hotel… (later the hotel became the Hilton, and is presently called The Westgate Hotel.)

Joanie was instrumental in getting Elvis to appear at the International Hotel.  She was also instrumental in bringing a new comer to Las Vegas, during the 60s...Tom Jones, plus so many others.
In later years she met Marvin Roth and they are still married today. They are a wonderful couple.

I had such a wonderful afternoon, listening to Joanie’s stories about Las Vegas, the celebrities she knows, the ones she dated... It was really great!!!

I can’t wait to visit them once again in January.  She is Las Vegas Royalty, and watched the Strip and the city grow from the early days. She is a wealth of information,  and I’m looking forward to hearing more of her stories.

Checking out Craps at the Hollywood Hard Rock Casino  🎲🎲  

Hi Everyone, 

A student named Tom flew into Ft Lauderdale from Maine for a full day, 8 hour class. To make his visit easier, I picked him up at the airport, and divided the class into two days of instruction. We did a 4 hour class the first day and a second 4 hour class the next day.

This gave us plenty of time to perfect his On-Axis Toss, from Stick Right, Stick Left and Straight Out. I also demonstrated, and taught him the Low Yuri Toss from Straight Out, and stick Right. Then, I taught him the Dice Magic toss from Straight out and from Stick Right. Lastly we reviewed the Corner toss.

Tom is a great student, and picked up the techniques pretty quickly, and by the end of the class he tossed rolls in the mid-20s.

Tom and I took a ride to the Hollywood Hard Rock Casino… The Guitar Hotel was all lit up and beautiful! We walked around and were so happy to see the new craps tables they have installed.. 
They had two 12 foot tables in the high roller room. We were told that they were going to be $25 min.

Hollywood Hard Rock Casino High Roller Room

Then, we saw another craps pit nearby on the casino floor with 2 tables. The pit boss said they were going to have up to 12 craps tables throughout the casino, most likely $10-$15 minimums.
The largest craps pit was going to be set up in front of main cashier cage.

Next, we drove South about 1/4 of a mile from the Hard Rock to The Seminole Classic Casino. This property is an older property. It reminds me of an old Downtown Vegas casino, similar to Binions. The Pit boss told us that they will be installing 2 craps tables next week. This will be their lower end local casino... probably the table will be $10 min.

After class, we took a drive to a casino about 15 minutes away, The Isle, which is a racino owned by Caesars Corp. It’s also known as Pompano Race Track… They have races with the trotters at night.
This casino is beautiful, pretty large, very high ceilings, smoke free and features a large poker room on the second floor, lots of slot machines, bubble craps and bubble roulette.. The new addition was table games… of 3 card poker, pai gow poker, stud poker etc…. no live blackjack or live craps… the Seminoles have the exclusive.

Finally, we headed back toward my craps pit and stopped by the Coconut Creek Casino. The craps pit is complete, with 4 beautiful tables. The pitboss said that they are expecting them to be open within the next few days. They were installing the roulette tables... It’s getting very exciting here in Florida!!

Seminole Coconut Creek Casino

If you would like to come over for a class or tune up in Ft. Lauderdale area, and then play craps in our new casinos, please contact me for information or to schedules a one on one class.. I’m running a special.. if you bring a friend or spouse to the class, they can come for 1/2 price.
I’ll be teaching one on one classes at me Ft Lauderdale craps pit, 
from November 1 - January 10th.
Then I’ll be teaching classes at my Las Vegas Craps pit from January 10th - February 9th... a full month.

Then back to Ft Lauderdale again February 10th - March 10th to teach more one on one classes.

Biloxi Trip Report (July 23-25, 2021)

Posted on August 22, 2021

 Hi Everyone!

I had a great time in Biloxi at the Heavy and Howard Back to Biloxi Dice Class The title was apropos, because I haven’t been able to teach a class in Biloxi with my pal Heavy for the past two years. The Covid pandemic of 2020, really kept me away from the casinos.

So this was our first class together in quite a while, and I really appreciate everyone coming out! It was a sold out class, with 20+ students, and it really felt good to teach a group class again with Heavy and Mark (22inside).

On Friday night... July 23... our Meet and Greet at the Blind Tiger was a lot of fun. There were around 25 or more people that showed up, and it was great to see everyone. It got pretty warm inside our room, so many of us ventured outside on the patio to talk and get to know each other.


The next morning was our class. We arrived early and disinfected the classroom and craps tables. Soon Heavy, Mark and I introduced ourselves to the students, and we went around the room with the students introducing themselves and saying a few words.

After our introductions, the class was divided in three groups. Heavy, 22inside, and myself each took our group to our craps table. The dealer school has 3 craps tables, so each individual in the group was able to get some private instruction as we tweaked and tuned everyone’s toss. Then, after everyone had their toss tuned up, they would move to the next craps table for further instruction by another teacher.

We broke for lunch at around 12 noon, and walked over to a great sub shop a block away called "Monster Subs." The subs are so stuffed with meat, that half a sub and some chips was all you needed… They were really great! 

Then, back in the classroom, the class was divided in half. Half the students came to my table to learn my Specialty Tosses. I like to demonstrate each toss first, and give the theory of why and how it works. Heavy was on the second table teaching advanced betting techniques.

I taught the Split Shot, also known as "Dice Magic", the "Ice Tong toss", "Magic Ice" and "The rock n roller Super Toss" which I think was everyone’s favorite. Before we knew it, it was 6 pm and time to finish up our class… Time seemed to go by fast!

That evening, Ivy, Heavy, 22inside and I went out for dinner together. We were looking forward to having a nice dinner at a local seafood restaurant in Ocean Springs, across the bridge from Biloxi. Unfortunately, the pandemic caused them to go out of business.

Ivy suggested the buffet at The Palace Casino. We took a ride over and found a long line of people waiting to get in. We decided to stay, and it turned out to be a good choice... It’s a smoke free casino, the food was fresh and good, and best of all, we stayed there quite a while, talking and catching up.


On Sunday, Shawn, 22inside, Coaster and myself met at the Hard Rock casino for a morning session. Coaster used the Yuri toss that I taught him a few years ago and tossed a 20 and a 22 number roll.

After that session the class headed over to Harrah’s casino to the crapless table. It was a pretty good session. I tossed from Straight out using my “Super Toss” and rolled 5 elevens a 3 and a 12 during my hand…which is a good hand for a Crapless table.

We took a breakfast break and Mark, Ivy, Coaster, Shawn and his wife, and I went to The Waffle House… it’s not fancy, but the food is good… Biloxi seems to have Waffle Houses every few blocks 🙂

In the afternoon, the class played a session at the Hard Rock Casino. There we had some great rolls. I used my Super Toss from stick right this time, and tossed a 24 roll once again. From stick right, I normally use my On-Axis toss that I’m known for, but a few days before our class, I fell in my garage and injured my left shoulder... my tossing arm. I’m glad that I had another toss technique to use.

The star of this session was our student Ryan (Dr Luke) who tossed a 30 roll hand, making a fantastic 9 points!!! Heavy tossed a nice 18 roll hand.

Steve H. told me that he used my "Dice Magic" shot (split shot) at the Palace Fiberglass table, and rolled a 33 roll hand! It really makes me feel good when my students have such great rolls.


Our new student Caroline tossed a 41 roll… This was her first class and we are all proud of her!

The next morning at 6:30 am, I met Coaster and Selfer61 and Bobby Bones at Treasure Bay Casino. This was another great session! All of us were on!! Coaster tossed a 28 roll hand, using his Low Yuri Toss, Selfer61 (Gene) tossed a 24 roll hand, using a stack toss, and Bobby Bones, who I had tuned up earlier in the trip, tossed a 22 roll hand, using the Parr on axis toss.

I finished up our session with a 26 roll hand, using my Super Toss from stick left.

Ivy and I went to our favorite Waffle House along the Gulf and then decided to take a ride and do a little sight seeing. We drove along the coast on Rt. 90, which is like A1A here in South Florida. We enjoyed the beach, antebellum houses, mansions and scenery along the way. About 45 minutes later we arrived at the Silver Slipper Casino. I played one session which went well. I tossed a 26 roll hand with my On-Axis toss from straight out.

Soon we left and enjoyed the ride back home to Biloxi.. We had a quick lunch at Raising Canes Chicken Fingers. I picked up Coaster along the way at Treasure Bay, and drove over to the Palace Casino. Nick soon joined us… We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the buffet once again.

Then after dinner, we played a session together. I tossed from Straight Out, using what I call, my Parr on-axis high toss. Coaster and Nick said I looked like a machine, banging out number after number, making the all small and just missing the tall by one number. My roll lasted an hour and I tossed 42 numbers!!!
Coaster tossed a nice hand of 22 using his Yuri low toss and Nick had a nice hand in the teens with his on axis toss from stick Left.

Nick and I went back to the Hard Rock to play some roulette.. the craps tables were packed and Nick wanted to show me a strategy that he uses to win on roulette.

The next day, Ivy and I checked out of the Hard Rock early in the morning, to drive back to Ft. Lauderdale. I soon received a text from 22inside: "Where were you last night? You missed all of the fun." I soon found out that many from our class went over to the IP casino. They had a big winning session! 22inside tossed a monster, hour-long hand tossing 56 numbers!! Ed R (Parson) and Heavy had good hands too.

What a great way to end a wonderful weekend Heavy and Howard class in Biloxi.

Las Vegas Trip Report (May/June 2021)

Posted on July 13, 2021

 My story starts with a phone call that I received about a month ago.. The gentleman on the line said that “He want to learn from the best”. He asked if i would come out to Vegas to teach him Dice Control techniques.

He said that in the past he was at one time a dealer in Vegas, and later went to Law school to become a lawyer.. He was very successful and is now retired and living in Mexico.

He saw my YouTube interviews researched me on the internet. He also read about me in Frank Scoblete’s books. I actually had no plans of traveling to Vegas at that time because the pandemic was still going on, but he offered me a lot of money to make it worth my while to fly out to Vegas and teach him. He prepaid for his full day class.

I booked a flight to Vegas from Ft Lauderdale and arrived a couple of days ago on June 25. The following day I explored the table conditions in many of the casinos. To my pleasant surprise, things looked pretty much the same as always. The casinos were busy and “The Vegas Strip”was full of life.
The table minimums are a little higher now...During the week, most casinos have $15 min, where before they were $10 min. Off strip, the tables in the Orleans and Gold Coast are now $ 10 minimums.
There are no longer plexiglass dividers and masks are optional...

Unfortunately, my first student that brought me out to Vegas, wasn’t feeling well so we postponed his class for another time. In the afternoon I met some of my local friends and played a session at the Gold Coast ....I took straight out and tried out a new “Specialty Toss” that I’ve been working on at my Fl craps pit. It’s an underhand toss, with an unusual set and grip... it looked promising at home....

My first time trying it out in the casino was pretty good with a 16 roll hand... I made a few adjustments with my grip and landing zone, and the next time I got the dice I tossed a 28 roll hand hitting 3 repeater bets... I hit Hard 10s in a row!

Then, 4 of my local Vegas friends took me to a locals casino in Henderson.. I had never been there before... the table conditions were good and I had 2 more great rolls in the mid 20s using my new toss from straight out..

Afterwards my friend Bill treated me, Dennis, and Tony to a nice dinner, where we celebrated out winning session, and caught up, with good conversation, with our friends.


I had another student come over to my Vegas craps pit. His name is Dan C. I met him years ago when I was an instructor at PARR and later when I was an Instructor with GTC. He’s a great guy and we had a lot of fun in class and then during our casino session. He loves my new toss technique and mastered it pretty well today.

I finally named my new toss, "The Rock n Roller Super Toss" 🙂
We played a casino session and I tossed a 32 roll hand with it... 

The evening session started off a little slow... my local friends’ tosses were a bit off and the random shooters were all having short rolls. Soon the dice came to me, and I used my Rock n Roller Super Toss from the stick left hook. That’s pretty far from the back wall, and I had to adjust to a different table from earlier in the day.. but still had a nice hand of 22 rolls...
Next, my local friend Mark, used the Parr on-axis toss from Straight Out and tossed a 28 number roll. He used a high grip.. fingers on the edge of the dice. The dice had a lot of back spin, and dice stayed together nicely.

The player next to him had one of the worst tosses ever 🙂 I don’t know what kind of crazy grip he was using, but the first 3 tosses from Straight Out flew off the table in all directions... I mean they didn’t even bounce on the layout!

So, Mark and I both played the don’t pass, don’t come on him...I don’t know what kind of crazy grip he was using, because his hand would cover the dice as he set them... His dice were flying everywhere, and sometimes hitting chips, but somehow he managed to have a nice hand and knocked us off of the don’t side.
We colored up winners and went for dinner, but my friend Bill still wanted to play... He was struggling with his toss earlier in the evening.... just couldn’t get a good roll going ...So he changed his position from stick left to stick right and used a different toss. About 45 minutes later, he joined Dennis and I at dinner with a handful of chips... lots of Black and Green.... He managed to have a great roll! We missed it, but I’m really happy that he had such a great comeback.


June 4: Dan C. came over again for the second half of his class. He has learned my new “Rock n Roller Super Toss” and after one class had a big 28 roll hand at Bally’s last night...

Today, after class, we did our casino session...I had 2 more big rolls.. a 31 and a fantastic 48 number roll, hitting lots of Hard Ways and repeater bets.

Before the session started, I called many of my students to join us at the tables... There were seven of us... I held the dice most of the afternoon... my second roll lasted an hour and a half.. There were so many hard-ways to pay out.. it slowed down the game.. plus all of the repeater bets.

Unfortunately, my student Dan C, became fatigued and took a cab back to his hotel in the middle of my big roll, to rest. But that’s Ok, because I’ll take him out again tomorrow for another casino session.. and hopefully have another big roll... plus there is a good chance that he’ll have a big roll too. 🙂

Everyone made money and had a great time.. We got comped, and celebrated at Ping Pang Pong Asian Restaurant.. with us at the table were : Steve, Gary, Daniel, Ricky, Coaster, and Gene “Selfer61.”
What a great day we had!!

June 5:  I picked up my student Dan C. from Bally’s to join Coaster an and Gene for another casino session. We took a ride over to The Gold Coast Casino. When we got there Coaster was in the middle of a hot roll.

A few years ago, Coaster came over to my Vegas craps pit and I taught him some of my toss techniques.. The one that he liked the most was the "Yuri Toss”. It’s a low on axis toss toss, and his favorite position is Straight Out. He practices his toss everyday and has really mastered this technique. Today he tossed a 38 roll hand at the Gold Coast ..

Next, we took a drive Downtown to check out the casinos on Fremont Street. There is a lot of road construction going on downtown. On the way there we passed by the new Resorts World Casino. They are still working on it, and it’s going to be the largest casino resort in Las Vegas. It’s looking good! Also, by the Stratosphere is a new Arch welcoming everyone to Las Vegas... It has lights on it so it must look pretty cool at night.

When we arrived downtown, we first checked out the Fremont Casino. The craps table was crowded, and only one table was open. Next we walked across the street to The Golden Nugget.. Again, only one table was open but eventually we found a few spots to squeeze into.

Once again Coaster had the best roll of all of us... His Yuri toss from straight out looked great!

I got a text from my friend Mike Mora who was in town, and invited him to join our group, Dan, Coaster, and Gene (Selfer61) and I for lunch at Binion’s.. I really enjoy their hamburgers. Mike is a great guy and it was good to see him again.

After lunch we walked down to The Plaza Casino to play... Once again they only had one table open, and it was packed. By then, Coaster’s back was hurting him, Dan was getting tired and Gene, Mike and I agreed that it was time to take a break.

Gene and I walked back to the Fremont hotel Valet, picked the guys up at the Plaza and dropped them off at their hotels. Since I’ve been on the go for the past 12 straight days, teaching and playing, I needed a break too.

I went back to my condo took a nap and soon my phone rang... it was Dennis, and he asked if I wanted to meet him and Bill D to play a session. I said Ok and we went to a casino for a late afternoon/evening session. During this session, we found a casino that wasn’t crowded and we were the only players on the craps table.

We had some pretty good rolls tonight. I used my new Rock n Roller Super Toss from stick left near the hook.. I tossed three good rolls.. a 2228, and a 32 roll hand
Dennis tossed a 34 roll hand from straight out using an off axis toss.
And Bill tossed an 18 and 24 roll hand from stick left 1, using an on axis Yuri type of roll.
We had a few shorter rolls too, in between the longer rolls..

All in all, it was a great evening session with good friends. I’ve known these guys for 20 years, since the older PARR days . We had some great rolls, a good time, and afterwards we enjoyed a nice dinner together.
In the next few day more friends and students, and family are coming to town .... Including Boris (Coal Miner), My wife Ivy and my sister Arlene... The adventure continues...


June 8: I am overwhelmed by the support everyone has shown by contacting me and coming over for classes.. it’s been so great teaching again and spending time with my students and friends.. After a year and a half of staying home and being safe, because of the pandemic, it feels great to be enjoying life again. Like the sign says at the Gold Coast “Open!” Yes, Vegas is open once again!!

So many students and friends have come into town, it’s really great to see them again.
I’ve been teaching almost everyday since I’ve arrived in Las Vegas on May 25... I’ve also been playing at least one or sometimes 2 session per day and have been on a winning streak... although I have to be honest, I did have a slight loss on Sunday morning at the Gold Coast .... My first loss. But that’s expected.... stay away from the dark opaque small dice they sometimes put out over there. It seems no one at the table could get things going. I should have played the don’t side... but, you don’t really want to do that when you are playing with friends.

At night I made up for it by having two good rolls at a different casino.. I tossed a 22 and a 34 number roll.
In the morning while i was playing with Gene and Coaster, It was good to see my friend Aloha Jonny who stopped by to say hello..

Yesterday, a student from Costa Rica came over for a full day class. We split the class into two 4 hour classes. He is a good natural shooter and had never had any formal training in Dice Control... Since it was his first class, I started him off on a very simple toss technique that he would be able to use in the casino, later in the day... I taught him The Split Shot from Straight Out ... but made a modification to make it very easy to learn, by using an Ice Tong Grip... He loved it, and it worked great! I showed him the classic “On Axis Toss” and “The ice Tong Toss”. We talked about betting, and we had 4 hours of on hands training. I’m looking forward to our second class.

After class, I had dinner with my old Parr friends..Bill, Dennis, Tony and Boris (Coal Miner). Boris isn’t a Parr guy, but is a great shooter. We always team up together in Atlantic City, and Las Vegas He flew into town Sunday night from Pennsylvania to tune up and play together.

Afterwards, I went to the Airport to pick up my sister Arlene. 

Boris told me about a great roll that he had at Bally’s. He took his spot at stick right and used his on axis toss. He held the dice for about an hour and cashed out thousands up!! He bought in for $500 He placed a hard 4 for $25.. and every time he hit it, he pressed his hard 4 up... He had it up to $175 and then he hit it!!! Making around $1400.. He also hit the ace deuce about a dozen times, sometimes having $25 on it... He bets the ace deuce because he is setting for the hard 4 and one die flips over at time to the 3. Plus he hit lots of hard ways.. Man, I wish I would have been there!


June 13: Sunday was a busy day once again. I had a couple of Students stop by for a class during the day. The class went very well, and I love teaching my students new toss techniques after their regular on axis toss is tuned up. We all had a great time together at my craps pit.

Then at night Arlene, Ivy and I had dinner at Famous Dave’s Bar b Que on Blue Diamond near Decatur.

After dinner, Ivy was tired, so I dropped her back at our condo, and I took my sister Arlene sight seeing Downtown, on Fremont Street.. .. On the way there, on Las Vegas Blvd we got to see the new “Las Vegas Arch” outside the Strat.. plus we got a glimpse of the new Resorts World casino... it almost finished.. and is big and beautiful!!! It’s supposed to open later this month.

We enjoyed all of the excitement, light shows, weirdos and rock bands playing on Fremont Street..It was crowded and quite a scene, and a lot of fun.
We finally had a chance to see the new Circa Casino.. It was beautiful!
They have 2 floors of gaming and a beautiful Swimming pool area, with giant screens to watch your favorite sports. Even though it was around 10 pm, there were a lot of people in the pool drinking and talking, while the DJ played loud dance music.
It was a nice way to enjoy a fun evening in Las Vegas!


June 16: Yesterday, I had the morning free, and planned to meet my students for dinner at 4pm, and then teach a 4 hour class in the evening.. The two students are part of “The Craps Nation”, and are really great guys.

It was Arlene’s last day in Vegas so I wanted to do something special.. So, we took a ride up to Mt Charleston. I love it up there, the pine forests and the cooler country air. It was about 114 degrees in Las Vegas... but on Mt Charleston it was only 83 degrees.. It was a beautiful sunny day and a nice change from the busy “Strip”.

I picked my two students up from Bally’s and along with Arlene and Ivy, we drove about a 1/4 mile to Ellis Island Casino, for their wonderful Bar-b-q. Having dinner together gave me a chance to get to know my new students. We all had a great time...

After dinner, Arlene went to play slots in the casino... My students and I went back to my craps pit for our class. The class went very well, we all had fun as I demonstrated and taught some new tosses .. plus tuning up on their classic Parr on axis toss... What a great time we had at my craps pit practicing and learning. I really love teaching, and watching the students become proficient with the techniques that I am demonstrating and teaching on my craps table.

Ivy took Arlene to the airport while I was teaching... It’s quiet now that all of my out of town friends and family went home. but I have Ivy and my local friends to keep me company.. Oh I almost forgot! Selfer61 is still I town. He lives near me in Florida, plus he bought a place in Biloxi too.
Today, I’m going to play a session with .. Selfer61. Tomorrow, he’s driving back home to Biloxi.
Then later today, my friend/ Student Karen is arriving for a class..I can t wait!
It’s going to be another fun day in Las Vegas..


June 22: Ivy and I had a wonderful visit with our family in Arizona on Father’s Day. It was great to see our Grand-Babies once again. The last time that we saw them was Jan 2020. Just before the pandemic started. So when we saw them last they were only a month old... now, they are around 18 months old..it was great to see everyone again.

We came home on Sunday evening, and had a nice dinner with our friend Tony “Dice Guy”. Yesterday, a very nice student, Ron, came over for a class. He signed up for a full day class and was a newbie on Dice Control. He had previously watched a few videos on YouTube and had the general idea of what the Parr on axis toss should look like... We worked on his grip, toss, landing zone, dice set etc, and after an hour, his toss was looking very good ... He was having hands in the upper teens and twenties.

Next, we worked on some of my “Specialty Tosses”. He really liked the new “Rock n Roller Super Toss”. This toss became his favorite of the day... and he became very proficient at it from Straight out and from stick right.

Next, we worked on my “Ice Tong Toss”. It’s an on axis toss from stick right one.. We use the Hard Way Set , or the 2/4-4/2 set... its a great shot, and he picked up the technique pretty quickly.. He was a natural at it.....
We took a lunch break at a nice Greek restaurant nearby, with Ivy joining us.

Then, we worked on some toss techniques from Straight Out ... After lots of practice his tosses were looking really good... We reviewed betting techniques... and all of the tosses learned.

Next it was time for our live Casino session. I called up my student Karen and asked if she’d like to join us.
Downtown casinos were requested so off we went... The I-15 was all backed up, so we got off on Sahara Blvd. There was so much road work being done on Las Vegas Blvd, heading downtown, it was ponderous and backed up too.

Soon we arrived at The Fremont Casino. The tables have a good solid bounce, but are 14’ long.. Still it’s a great table to play on. Unfortunately, since the pandemic, most casinos have raised their table minimums.. The Fremont was always a $5.00 game.. but now they raised the minimum bet to $15.00 Most of the casinos downtown have raised their minimums from $5.00 to $10.00. We went to Binions where I’ve had some big rolls In the past.. but this time there was a player that was drunk and very disruptive at the table.

We soon left and went to the 4 Queens Casino. In the past they used to have a hard table with ridges cut into the ends of the layout to stop on axis parr shooters.. I would alway beat them with my off axis Split Shot, because the ridges would help me hit box numbers.

Well, they changed the layout, no more ridges, and a soft pad under the layout.
The soft pad makes the dice bounce around more than normal, causing a problem for on axis shooters. There was a guy there shooting from the hook with an on axis toss who had a pretty good roll.. but watching the dice land, they were bouncing around a lot.

I later found out that his name was Mike as he seemed to recognize me and said to my student... “That’s Howard rock n roller!”  Ron ignored him...
Then the dice came to me... I used my on axis parr toss with the all 7s set with a lot of backspin, nailing numerous come out 7’s. Then I established a point and switched to my my “Ice Tong Push Shot”. I was hitting box numbers like crazy and hit four hard 8’s in a row and making points.
I hear the pitboss telling the box man, that I am a “Sharp Shooter”.. a professional... Then, Mike at hook yells out, “That’s Howard Newman, from Same Bets Interviews on YouTube “. It all took me by surprise.. but it was pretty cool.

Later he came over to shake my hand and tell me that he was a big fan...and congratulated me on my roll.
Soon it was time to head back to the Strip.. because I had dinner plans at Ping Pang Pong, Asian restaurant at the Gold Coast with Ivy, Aloha Jonny, Malia and their daughter Alex.

We had a great dinner.. the Gold Coast was very generous and gave me a $40 dollar comp from previous my play there. Dinner was great and we all had a fun evening together.

Today I had two classes to teach, a morning class and an afternoon class... The students names are Will and Tony. The classes went very well with my 2 students, both from New Mexico. Both students had previously taken classes with me, and wanted me to tune up their on axis toss, review some of my Specialty Tosses, and were really interested I learning my “Super Toss”. The class went very well and they became very proficient with the tosses.

In the meantime I got some texts from my students Ron and Karen, who teamed up to play together today.
Karen had a 36 roll hand at Paris in the morning, using the On Axis Parr Toss, that we worked on last week.
Ron had some nice rolls in the 20s, using my Rock n roller Super Toss”. This is really amazing, being a new shooter and first learning that toss yesterday... I am really proud of my students, and love hearing about their success at the tables..

I’ve been in Las Vegas since May 25th.. just about a month... and so much has happened during that time... I’ve taught about 35 students during this period and want to thank everyone for coming over for classes... I’m getting great casino reports from everyone and am so glad that I was able to help.
I had some great rolls with my students. One of my best ones was with 7 students at the table with me, and I tossed a 44 roll hand, using my new R n R Super Toss!
Another highlight was when my friend Art from Hawaii came over for a class with his niece Shyla and friend Calvin. Then after class we went to the Gold Coast and my students had rolls in the 30’s-40’s.. using the on axis toss and also the New Super Toss.... Wow what a day that was!

So many good memories.. too many to mention right now...

I’ve had so many out of town friends and relatives, and students visit me... From Coaster, Gene ( Selfer61) Boris the Coal Miner, my sister Arlene, My wife Ivy, Dave C and so many others.. plus playing with my students and local friends made for great times...Tony, Aloha Jonny, VDC and CDC, Dennis , Bill D, Gary, and a few others..
Oh, then our trips to Mt Charleston, Zion National Park and Tucson Arizona were great fun... plus sharing my Son’s Birthday and Father’s Day together, and seeing our Grand Babies..
Wow! What a great Vegas Adventure we had!!

Biloxi Trip Report (March 21-25, 2021)

Posted on May 6, 2021

 Hi Everyone,

I just got back from my second trip to Biloxi this year. It was another winning trip with some interesting things that happened.

Coaster called me up and invited me on another comped trip to Biloxi sponsored by the a Beau Rivage. The flight left from St Petersburg Airport, and was only an hour long flight to Biloxi.
I confirmed the trip, and then realized that I also had a wedding to attend in Tampa a couple of days before.

Our good friends Steve and Cathy’s son Anthony was getting married to his fiancée Brittany in Tampa.

So I really didn’t want to drive 3 1/2 hours up to Tampa for the wedding, then come back home with Ivy... then the next day drive back up to Tampa to visit Coaster for our Biloxi Trip. Coaster and his wife Skippy were very nice inviting me to stay over a couple of nights before our trip.. Ivy rode home with Steve and Cathy, which worked out well, so they could spend more time together.. Because of the pandemic we hadn't seen them for a year.

So a day after a wonderful wedding, I drove to nearby Plant City once again, to visit my friends Coaster and his wife Kathy "Skippy."

It was a nice visit and one day we went to a nice Mexican restaurant, and the following day we went to a famous restaurant called The Columbia, in Ybor City. It’s been there for about 100 years and has great Spanish food and terrific old-world ambiance.

The following day we headed to the St. Petersburg airport. When I got to the counter to get my plane ticket, I couldn’t find my driver’s license... Uh oh! Big problem ... I went through my mind, when was the last time I saw it.. it never leaves my wallet...Then I remembered, I took it out at the hotel in Tampa, the day of the wedding, when we checked in.

Perhaps the desk clerk at the hotel didn’t give it back, or I dropped it as I was carrying my suit and luggage to my room.. anyway it seemed to be a big problem... How can I get on the plane? How would I be able to rent a car in Biloxi? and How would I be able to check into my hotel room in Biloxi?

While looking through my wallet I found my Nevada driver's license (Seasonal Resident) because I own a condo in Vegas... thank goodness I had it with me.

So we boarded the plane, flew to Biloxi and checked into out hotels.. Coaster at the Beau Rivage, I stayed at the Hard Rock. We contacted our local friends and made plans to meet up in the morning.


So, as I previously mentioned I discovered that I lost my Florida Drivers License while standing in line at the St Pete Airport, waiting to get my boarding pass. Thank goodness I found my Nevada Drivers license buried in my wallet, and got through security ok... otherwise, I couldn’t get on the plane.

While waiting for our plane at the airport, I retraced my steps in my mind and realized that the last time that I saw my Florida Drivers License was when I was checking in at a hotel in Tampa... I called them right away, and they told me that they didn’t have it.. The house cleaner that cleaned my room after I checked out had the day off.

I was told that they would call me if they found my license. Well, I’m not holding my breath and waiting ... by the way it’s been over a week and I’m still waiting...

So, I called my wife Ivy and after she got home from Tampa. She got and the computer, and got in touch with the DMV and ordered my replacement Driver's License... by the time I got home from this Biloxi trip.. it was waiting for me in my mailbox. 🙂

Coaster and I boarded our plane, and an hour later we landed at the Biloxi/Gulfport Airport.

Though the Beau Rivage provided a bus for the people on the plane, we decided to rent a car, so we could travel to different casinos.

Sometimes, we would go to a casino and find that the craps tables were full, and have to play at another casino, so having a car really can come in handy.

In Biloxi, the casinos are too spread apart to walk... some are a couple of blocks away, and most are a couple of miles away.

So our day of arrival we checked into our hotels- Coaster at the Beau Rivage and myself at the Hard Rock.
I love staying at the Hard Rock. I’m fully comped there and checked into a beautiful room over looking the swimming pool and Gulf of Mexico... The whole wall facing the Gulf is floor to ceiling windows... My room was my oasis when I wanted to get away from the casino and relax.

The tables at the Hard Rock are very good, with felt layouts. I enjoy the dealers and the atmosphere. There are no bonus bets.. which is OK with me.. because at a $5-$5-$5 All Tall and Small bet.. if no one hits it, you can find yourself in a hole of $150 with just one lap around the table.. It’s a high house edge bet... The table minimums were $15 dollars.

I have to confess that I do sometimes play the ATS in other casinos when they offer it and I am shooting, or another good shooting friend has the dice.

The Beau Rivage is one most upscale properties in Biloxi. it’s owned by MGM and is modeled after the Bellagio in Vegas, at a smaller scale. The tables are often $25 minimums.. sometimes one might be $15 min. The rails on the table are a bit higher than other casinos, and unfortunately, they just put in plexiglass panels between players and also the Stickman.. Some of my old GTC and PARR students stopped by to see me and complained that the plexiglass got in the way of their toss.

Coaster wanted to try the Electronic Computer Table (Shoot to Win) at Boomtown for our first session of the trip. A few of our local friends joined us at the table. There are 10 stations at the table. Each person has his own computer screen for making bets.

Each player has a chance to toss the dice like a real craps table... it takes a bit of adjustment to get used to this type of table, because you are throwing the dice on a hard plexiglass surface. I was told by the Stickman that they wax the surface every night.

I tried shooting from straight out, with high on-axis toss, crossed 6’s set, minimal backspin, and landing the dice flat about 1 or 2 inches from the back wall. I had some pretty good success with that toss and rolled an 18 number hand. Pretty good for the first time trying it out. I later found out during another session, that my corner toss worked well.

Coaster tried shooting the Yuri Toss from Stick right 2 into the opposite hook. He had very good success with that technique, and rolled a 24 number roll.

Selfer61 tossed the dice with a crossed 6’s set, from stick left 1, with no back spin. I call it a "Drop Shot." He is pretty consistent with that toss and had a good roll.

Dennis used the "Yuri toss" from stick left 2, with lots of back spin. He sets the dice to hit his point. So each time he gets the dice and sets a point, his set is going to be different. One set hits outside numbers, the other set hits lots of 6 and 8s.. etc.

He tosses the dice straight down the table, low with lots of backspin. He is very consistent and had a good roll in the 20’s.... Today he tossed a 22 and a 24 roll hand.

We celebrated our win together at dinner at our favorite buffet, The Palace Casino Buffet.

The next morning we met at Boomtown Computer table once again. It was early in the morning. Even though we had good rolls on this table the day before, the thing that I don’t like about it is that the game is sooooooo slow. It takes forever between tosses. It’s not an exciting craps game, where there is lots of action and excitement, it is really slow. But my local friends like it because you can talk and relax between tosses, even close your eyes and take a short nap... well maybe I’m exaggerating a little... If you live in Biloxi, it’s ok, but if you are only there for a couple of days... it eats up a lot of time. I do like the idea of no chips placed in your landing zone.

We started playing at 7 am and finished by 11. I think we only had 2 or 3 turns with the dice in all that time.

At 11 am we headed over to the Palace Casino. It’s a smoke free casino and very nice. Our plan was to play for an hour and ask for a comped buffet for lunch. They have 2 tables. One was the Electronic Table and the other was a regular 12 ft craps table with the All Tall and Small bet.

At the table were me Dennis and Coaster. Dennis got the dice first. He used his Yuri toss technique from stick left 1. As a side note, Dennis is the one who taught me the Yuri toss way back around 2003–4 in Tunica. It was right after I helped teach a GTC class with old friends Frank Scoblete, Dominator and the guys... I’m going save that story for another time.

Anyway, Dennis is a real pro with the Yuri toss, and soon got dialed in during our session at the Palace. He was the first one of us to get the dice. After about 15 tosses the heat started. "You have to hit the back wall with both dice" and he was, although once every 15 rolls one die dug into the layout... stopped an inch short... but it wasn’t on purpose...

By roll 25, three supervisors were in the craps pit starring at him... soon he made the All Tall and Small... which we were all on... Dennis said "you can bet it again" which of course we did.

Then he kept on rolling. More heat was coming from the pit. He then began hitting hard 4s... quite a few of them. Some of the players had black chips on them by now. Dennis was approaching a second All Tall and Small. The pit bosses weren’t happy. Finally on his 42nd roll, his left die hit the back wall and his right die hit near the back wall but turned a little sideways and hit the side wall, another hard 4! The pitboss said "That’s it, you’re done, dump the bowl and pass the dice! You can’t shoot here for the rest of the day."

No one wanted to shoot after that. We said we would pass the dice around so it would come back to Dennis, as he was the hot shooter. The pitboss of course said, no way! Dennis kept his cool, didn’t argue and let it go.

Well, I suppose we can’t ask for our free buffet now... The pitboss was pretty angry. We celebrated at the buffet anyway and had a great time...

After lunch at the Palace Buffet, we headed over to The Hard Rock Casino to play a session. We had a good group of guys.. Dennis, Coaster, Ronny, Selfer61, and myself.

It was a winning session with some good rolls.

Ronny tossed an 18 number hand, Selfer61 tossed a 24 number roll, from stick left 1, using his drop shot..

Coaster tossed a 19 roll hand from stick right 2 into the hook.. using his Yuri toss, hitting 5 consecutive fives, and I had a nice hand using my On Axis Parr toss... 2V set with the 6/4 on top.

The next day, Tuesday, I picked up Coaster early in the morning and had breakfast at the Waffle House. We like the one across the street from the Beau Rivage.

We met Dennis, Gene, Biloxi Man at the Boomtown casino after breakfast, and played the Electronic Computer craps table once again.

I discovered that my low corner toss, using the 2/3-3/6 set with backspin worked better on the plexiglass layout. I tossed a nice 26 number roll. Soon Ronny and his son Dano joined us. It was an choppy session, with a few decent rolls sprinkled in here and there.

Our next session was played at Treasure Bay. I had another good hand with my corner toss, Coaster tossed a 20 roll hand from straight out, Ronny tossed an 18 roll hand from stick left. It was another good session.

On Tuesday evening, I got a phone call from some old friends from Virginia and Alabama. I’ve known these guys for almost 20 years. Some were my students back in my Parr and GTC days.. There names are Baitman, Pistol Pete, Bill and Slammin Sammy... all great guys. They just happened to be in town the same week as I was.

They were staying and playing at the IP casino, so Coaster and I went over to join them. Unfortunately the IP only had one table open and it was full. We said our hellos and after a 1/2 hour of watching them, told them we’d see them later.

Coaster was tired and went up to his room at the Beau Rivage to relax... I went to my hotel, the Hard Rock and decided to play a session..

I tried out my "Ice Tong" toss from stick left 1. It’s another one of my Specialty Tosses that I practice at home. I used a 2/4-4/2 set. It worked great! I had a 25 hand roll, stayed a few minutes after to see if any one else would have a good roll... I soon colored up with my winnings.

The next day, Dennis was telling us about the tables at the Hollywood Casino in Bay St Louis. To get there you head west along the coast on Rt. 90. It’s a beautiful relaxing ride along the beach, with historical Antebellum houses from the 1800’s lining the road.

It took us about 45 minutes to get there and we played Dennis's favorite “Shoot to Win” Computer Craps table. It seemed pretty similar to the one at Boomtown... Dennis had a great roll.. 34 numbers, Coaster tossed a an 18 and a 24 number hand..both using the Yuri low roll with lots of backspin. I did ok.. still not crazy about tossing the dice on a plexiglass layout... with a couple of tosses in the teens.

We then went to The Silver Slipper Casino nearby for lunch.. which had a great buffet!!!! Lots of variety and the food was very fresh.

We drove back to Biloxi and while resting in my hotel room, I got a call from Slammin' Sammy, "Hey Howard, I’d like to have a nice dinner at the Hard Rock and the join you at the tables after dinner."

This was great news, because my friends are all good on-axis shooters, but they only wanted to play at the IP casino.

So Slammin' Sammy, Coaster and I met at the Hard Rock's craps table. I had such a nice roll there the night before, I decided to take stick left one and use my Ice Tong Toss again. It worked like a charm!! I tossed a 30 roll hand. Slammin' Sammy tossed an 18 roll hand and Coaster had a nice hand...

Sammy was so happy with our session at the Hard Rock he invited all of his friends to join us the next morning, our last day in town. He said they were struggling a bit at the IP and were looking forward to trying another casino.

The next morning at 7:30 am the whole crew showed up at the table: Coaster, Biloxi Man, Slammin' Sammy, Baitman, Pistol Pete, Dennis and Bill.

I took stick left again and got hot with my ice tong toss once again...I tossed a 32 roll hand making 5 points, a 24, and a 22 roll hand.

The other guys did pretty well... but then Pistol Pete switched from stick right to stick left and had about a 40 number roll to finish off our session.

The pitboss comped is all for breakfast at the "Sugar Restaurant" and we sat for a couple of hours eating and talking and having a great reunion together...

Time flew while we were having a good time and soon, it was time to go to the airport and fly back to Florida...

It’s always fun winning at the tables, and spending time with old friends.