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Las Vegas Trip Report - Jan/Feb 2020

Posted on February 17, 2020

Part 1
Hi Everyone,

I flew out from Ft Lauderdale airport early in the morning on Tues. Jan. 14th, and arrived in Vegas in the early afternoon. After getting off the plane and walking about a mile through McCarran airport, I got on the bus to the car rental facility.

I got my rental car, and straight from the airport, drove to The Gold Coast Casino to meet 3 students that had signed up for my class.

There I met Peter, Miguel and Rick. They are all terrific guys! They had met me and my class in Vegas a few months ago, while we were having some pretty good rolls in the casino.

We drove about a mile from the Gold Coast to my Craps pit, and started the class around 2:15 pm and ended around 5:15. The class went really great, and while spending three hours together, we became friends.

The first part of the class was tuning up their on-axis toss from stick left... after everyone’s toss was tuned up we worked on tossing from straight out.. I taught them a very simple technique so that their dice stay on axis, with back spin.. even from 12 ft away at the tables end.

Next, I demonstrated and taught the students some of my Specialty tosses.. They seemed to really enjoy learning them and were amazed how long the rolls were with out any 7’s showing up...

After class we went out to eat together at Ping Pang Pong Asian Restaurant at the Gold Coast.. What a great day we had with new friends...Thanks Guys for coming over.

The next day I met the guys at The Gold Coast Breakfast Buffet... Miguel was telling me about the great roll he had after dinner, the night before... He had a 36 roll and made quite a few “Repeater Bets”. Congratulations on some great shooting Miguel!

The rest of the morning, I spent shopping for groceries and toiletries.. stocking up for my next 3 weeks in Vegas.

Later in the day, I picked up another student, Coaster (Doug) from Florida. We went back to my Craps pit for a 2 hour tune up class. He has taken 3 previous classes with me and knows many of my shots... but really likes the “Yuri” toss from straight out... He practices at home and often plays in Biloxi and has gotten very good with this low toss, with back spin from straight out.

Our class was 2 hours long and his shot was looking so good, that we couldn't wait to play in the casino... Coaster tossed a terrific 24 roll hand with it, the first time he got the dice. I followed up with a nice 21 roll hand, from stick right using my On Axis toss (Parr toss).

Coaster was tired from getting up early to catch his plane in Florida, and the 5 hour flight, and headed up to his room to relax for the night.

I was still in the mood to play, so I took a ride over to the Orleans for a session. The table was crowded so I was out of position, but I was still able to win by charting the table, playing the trends and "The Strategy."

I noticed across on the other table was my friend and student Elena White, and her friend. After I colored up my chips I went over to say hello. It was great to see her and she introduced me to her friend who was originally from Russia. We decided to have dinner together at the Orleans Buffet.

We sat there talking ‘till closing time... the food and selection was very good as well as our conversation about Craps, and hiking at the State Parks. Elena’s friend is an Engineer and also a guide on tours.. the pictures in the mountains and stories told were fascinating.

Today, I met my student Coaster and went for a nice breakfast together... Afterwards, we played a session at Orleans... The table was full of players and was very choppy... a tough table to beat.. but Coaster had a very good roll once again with his Yuri toss from straight out .. He tossed a 27 roll hand, which was the best roll of the session.

Afterwards, we went to the Strip to check out the casino conditions. After a while of walking, his back was getting sore. So he went up to his room to rest... I headed over the The Gold Coast to play a session.

That was another winning session. I tossed from stick Left and used my “Corner toss.” It’s an on axis toss where I gently toss the dice into the pocket of the corner curve... it’s a very soft toss and quite effective... On one of the Craps Cruises, I tossed for over an hour on the table in the casino with this toss. This time was not quite as long, but I’m not complaining.. it was a 28 roll hand.

Later in the day Doug arrived after resting and we played one more session.. Doug had another roll in the 20s using the Yuri toss once again. I tried out my “Ice Tong” toss for stick left one and tossed an 18 roll hand using a 2/4-4/2 set.. lots of 6 and 8’s.

But the biggest roll went to a woman standing at stick right 1, using a 3 finger grip, with a Straight 6s set, tossing the dice as best as she could on axis and very softly and tossed a 38 roll hand, making 4 of the repeater bets.

Afterwards, my friend Dennis joined Coaster and I for a comped dinner at the Orleans Buffet.


Part 2

On Friday I met my student Coaster at the Gold Coast buffet for breakfast. Afterwards we took a ride over to The Orleans for our first casino session of the day.

I had a modest roll of 18 numbers using my “split shot” technique from stick left 2. Coaster had a nice hand from straight out using the “low Yuri” toss that I had taught him, tossing 21 numbers.

Our second session for the day was at The Gold Coast Casino. My first toss was an ice tong 3V toss into the corner from Stick left 1.... The toss was going well, until the 8th roll, when I tossed it too hard...that was the end of that roll.

The next time the dice came around, I found my old Stick right spot open... I used my old classic On Axis Parr Toss, that made me famous 🙂 I quickly got dialed in, tossed the dice softly, on axis, backwards rotation, and dice looked like they were glued together.

I tossed a 32 roll hand, making 3 of the Repeater bets.

Soon, some of my friends/students came to town and joined us at the table... Coaster, 22inside DarthNater, Bankerdude, and his brother Keith.

Nater started things off with a big roll of 26 numbers, Coaster followed up with a 22 roll hand. I was shooting from stock left and tosses an 18 roll with my On Axis toss.
22 inside, Keith and Bankerdude has modest rolls in the teens.

Some people had left the table I found my Stick right 1 position open... I used my classic on axis Parr toss.. 3 finger grip and tossed a 30 roll hand making a few repeater bets.

What was amazing about this roll was that I hit six Hard 6’s, two hard 10’s and two hard 8’s..I was the Hardway King like the old days.. When Author Frank Scoblete coined me the Babe Ruth of Dice Control.

After our session, we were all comped for dinner at the buffet....

It was a great day at the tables and a great day seeing old friends!

Part 3

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been in Vegas for the past three weeks and so much has happened. Each week is a new adventure with new groups of friends and students coming into town.

When I first arrived in Vegas, I drove straight from airport to pick up three students at the Gold Coast Casino to bring over to my Craps pit for a Dice Control class. Peter, Rick and Miguel... three great guys and good shooters.

Then, within the next few days my student Doug (Coaster) came into town for a tune up... Then the next day Ivy arrived and soon a whole group of friends/ students showed up.... it was really great seeing Bankerdude, 22inside, Nader, Vin, and Nick.

We played a few sessions together and enjoyed each other’s company at dinner.... The highlights of our 2 sessions together was: Nader tossing a 26 roll hand and, me tossing a 30 roll hand ... hitting 6 hard 6’s and a couple of hard 8’s and 10’s, using my original parr On Axis toss from Stick Right.

We played another session the following day at Palace Station, where I tossed a 21 roll hand and Bankerdude, tossed a 28 roll hand from straight out .. making the Tall numbers bonus bet.

Coaster played a session at the Excalibur casino and tossed a 32 roll, hitting the whole All Tall and Small! He used the Yuri low rolling on-axis toss that I had taught him.

We had a wonderful dinner at Ping Pang Pong Asian restaurant at Gold Coast. Tony Dice Guy and his wife Sylvia joined us. It was a wonderful evening .. after dinner we said our goodbyes... The following day Ivy and I were going to visit our Son, Daughter in law and twin Grandbabies in Tucson Arizona.


The next morning we drove 7 hours to Tucson, and visited the family... Our Twin Grandbabies are only a month old and so cute that they looked like little dolls...

After our visit our son took us to an excellent restaurant called The Persian Room... which had very exotic Persian Cuisine... The food and atmosphere were excellent!

The next morning we visited our family and spent time with the twin babies feeding them bottles and getting to know them.

Afterwards our son took us to The Pima Air & Space Museum, in Tucson... This place is huge!!! Lots of building (hangars) of military planes going back to WWll, Korea, and the Vietnam War.. You need 2 days to see everything... We loved it and will be back to visit.

We had lunch near by at TTT truck stop and Diner.. Ivy has seen it on the TV show .. Restaurants, Diners and Dives...

The next day after visiting the Babies again .. Our son, took us on a tour Saguaro National Park... A natural area, featuring lots of Saguaro Cacti. They only grow in the Sonoran Desert.. which covers Tucson and Northern Mexico... The Sonoran Desert has a little more rainfall than the Mojave desert in Nevada, and has different plants.

Afterwards, we toured Downtown Tucson and the University area. We had dinner at an old historic Mexican Restaurant called El Charro...it had excellent food and atmosphere...

The following morning we stopped off to spend time with our Grandbabies and family, and soon it was time to head back to Las Vegas.

On the way ivy and I stopped off at Chompie’s Deli in Phoenix... The Pastrami and Corned beef was excellent.. the restaurant was in a mall, which was a little weird, but the atmosphere was pretty co with murals and phots of old NYC and Brooklyn...

Our next stop was Las Vegas..... to be continued

Part 4

My third week in Vegas was very exciting! When I arrived home on Friday, my friend from West Palm Beach, Steve Franzblau had arrived and was ready to teach his Baccarat Seminar the following day. We were both so busy, that it took a few days before we were able to get together. He often comes down to my Ft. Lauderdale Craps pit to tune his dice toss before his Vegas trips. We always have a great time together.

At the Gold Coast casino I ran into some students that had came to my Craps pit a few months ago .. It was great to see Belinda, Franklin and his fiancee Nicole again.

The next day Rodney from Hawaii, and Ron “Coach” came over to my Craps pit for a class. I’ve known them for many years..from the old PARR days.. with Jerry Patterson and Sharpshooter. It’s always fun to get together with my old friends. They reported having some big rolls during the weekend.

The following day Karen and Debbie came over for a class. They have had previous training, and just needed some tuning up on their toss. After instruction, their toss looked great! I also showed them other tosses and shooting from a second position. They reported back to me some great rolls in the 20’s-30s range and making the All, Tall and Small. They are terrific friends and students.

On Monday, Tim T. and his friend Norm came over for a class. They had also had previously trained with the Golden Group and needed some fine tuning with their toss. Their toss looked very good after working with them on my table... We had a great time at the class and in the casino.

The next day Ivy and I had lunch with Beau and Beth at our favorite lunch restaurant... and caught up like old friends do. We try to get together every time that we visit Las Vegas.

In the afternoon, I met my friends Sureshot from TX and Nader, for a session at the O’Sheas Casino.

My friends Michael Feldman and Sureshot came into town . It’s always great to see and spend time with them. Such great friends.

The next day Sureshot, and friend Ichael, and I got together for a live session at Bally’s. We all shot well.. I tossed a 36 number roll, using my On Axis Parr toss from Stick Right.

Later in the day we had another good session at a Strip Casino.. I tossed a 32 roll hand, Sureshot and Ichael also had good hands.

We had lunch at The Linq and a fellow named John Wayne joined us. I don’t know if that’s his real name 🙂

Later that night Michael Feldman organized a wonderful dinner for 11 guests at BLT Steak House in Bally’s Casino Hotel on the Strip... We all had a great time and lovely conversation with some very nice people.... Micheal F, Sureshot , Richard and his sister, Mike, Ichael and other nice people.

He next day, we played together again and another friend came into town ... Gene Krupnik with some his his friends Dave R. and Walt... We had some great sessions at the Golden Nugget, Paris and the Gold Coast ... Dave R had taken a class with me in Atlantic City and has become a great shooter.. as Gene would say with his Russian accent ... “We kill Table at Golden Nugget and Gold Coast”.

My student Rodney reported back to me that the dealer said that Dave tossed around a 60-70 number roll... making lots of repeater bets..yep, he killed the tables 🙂

We had some nice meals with Gene, Dave and Walter.. which were a lot of fun!

Later that night, Ivy and I met Michael F and his group at the Anthony Cools, Hypnotist show... That is a crazy show ... kind of x-rated, outrageous and funny. He’s able to get volunteers do the craziest things... all in fun.

Within the next couple of days it was time for everyone to fly home... but, a new crew were first coming into town...

First my wife Ivy went home back to Ft Lauderdale, Florida... Then, my brother in law flew into town to play together and attend the Super Bowl Party at Bally’s with me. Thanks to my host Cathy F. for making that possible.

I’m the meantime,’I started getting calls from students for classes... On Saturday, Jonathan came over for a tune up.. He previously took a class with me and was referred by my student/friend Coaster while having s great roll at the Excalibur.
Jonathan really likes the Low Yuri toss... We worked on tossing it from straight out and stick right and left. He had a terrific roll during our casino session.

The next day was Super Bowl Sunday. In the morning I took my brother in-law Cedric for a sightseeing tour of Mt. Charleston. It was beautiful full of snow. We visited the meadow where my kids would go sledding when they were younger.

Next it was time for the Super Bowl Party... What a fun time we had sharing the game with around 1500 fans. The food was good... Hand-carved Turkey, hot dogs, chicken wings. beer, open bar, and lots of desserts...my favorites were the chocolate covered strawberries. I placed a small wager on the game and my team won 🙂

Right after the game a student named Paul game over for a class... I was pretty tired from a full day of activities.. so we did a 2 hr class and the following day taught a 6 hr class... We had a great time together and during our casino session. Later, I called up my friends to join us.. Shooter, Tony, Paul, and Cedric had a fun dinner downtown at the Main Street Station Buffet. After dinner Paul had a roll in the mid 20s.

On my last day in town I taught a double header.. a morning class with Dice Pops and and an afternoon class with Dan S. who had driven up from Laughlin.

The classes went very well and we all became friends as I tuned up their toss and showed them some new toss techniques.

We played a winning session.. with Cedric tossing a 24 roll hand using the ice tong toss that I had taught him... plus a great roll by my friend Ronnie B, who just by chance happened to be at the table who tossed a roll in the 30s.

Soon it was time to say goodbye to my new friends... after dropping off Dice Pops off at the Airport, Dennis, Cedric and I had a very nice dinner at the South Point Casino Buffet.. “Prime Ribs night “

Cedric and I headed back to the strip to catch a late show ... and the next day it was time to fly back home...Whew!!! What a great time we all had!!

Las Vegas Trip Report - November 2019

Posted on December 6, 2019

Part 1
Hi Everyone,
After resting up for a couple of days after coming home from the Craps Cruise, I flew out to my new gaming destination... Las Vegas... 
I’m off to a good start winning most of my sessions. I've had some very good rolls on my first day here on Thursday, having rolls in the mid-20s.
Yesterday, I played with friends and students .. Bill, Shooter, and Ivan from Hawaii.
It was an off day for me throwing, but that didn’t matter, because as I chart and read the table using “the Strategy” I was still able to pull out some winning sessions.
Of course it helped having other good shooters with me! My old PARR friend Bill tossed a beautiful 32 roll using a Specialty toss from stick left.
I had a modest roll of 18 from straight out... My student from Hawaii has been on and tossed a 24 roll hand at the Gold Coast.
A shooter standing next to me tossed a 40 hand roll from straight out. I followed up with a 20 roll hand....
We met my old PARR friend downtown for dinner at The Main Street Buffet for dinner.
Today I’m picking up some students at the Orleans for a class at my Las Vegas Craps Pit. It’s going to be a fun and educational class. The students were recommended to me by their friends and family that took my class a couple of months ago.
The next few days are going to be busy ones, with lots of students coming over for classes and lots of friends coming into town... it looks like we are going to have an all-star team.... Boris, Doug Nitro, Ivy, and Bobby Bones are all coming into town tomorrow.
Plus, some good shooting students coming over for tune up classes before we play...

Part 2
Yesterday was a busy day for me here in Las Vegas... It’s hard to believe that just a few days ago, I was sailing around the Caribbean on Royal Caribbean on the Craps Cruise 2, and now I’m in Las Vegas.
In the morning, I played a successful session with Dennis, and Ivan from Hawaii at The Orleans casino.
After lunch I taught one on one classes to 3 very nice students from Arizona and New Mexico. The were recommended to by from two students who had previously taken my one on one class. We all had a great time at my Craps pit, as I tweaked their toss and taught them how to shoot from stick left, stick right and from straight out... by the end of our three hour class, their tosses were looking good!
Since it was a Holiday on Saturday night, we decided not to play. This afternoon, we’ll play our casino sessions together.

Last night, I ventured Downtown to Fremont Street, just to walk around and see Vegas like a tourist. It’s really fun to walk around downtown on a Saturday night and listen the bands and people watch.
Downtown was really packed with tourists.. I came across a great tribute to our troops with Actor Gary Sinise, Honoring Veteran’s Day.. There were lots of great bands playing.
This morning, I have a student from Texas coming over for a 2 hour class, and then afterwards we’ll play a live casino session together. I’m going to ask my students from yesterday’s class to join us. Plus, my student Ivan from Hawaii, who has taken my class twice and is now a terrific shooter!

Later today, more friends and students are coming into town... Boris (Coal Miner) from PA. Coaster, from Tampa, Bobby Bones, from MS, Annie Oakley from FL and Nitro from PA.
Looks like a fun and busy week ahead.

Part 3
I’m having a great time in Las Vegas!
In my last report, I talked about the fun I had downtown on Fremont Street on the Saturday night before Veterans Day. It was a wonderful festive concert downtown.. wall to wall peoplee, and great bands. One band across from the Golden Nugget was playing country music. The band farther down was playing music of of the ‘80s... it was a real party atmosphere.
On Sunday I took my 3 students from out Saturday class out to play. At the table was Belinda, Franklin and Nicole.. Franklin had the longest roll from straight out, with the on-axis toss that we worked on at my Vegas Craps pit. We all had a great time together.
Sunday was a very busy evening... more friends and Students came into town... play Ivy (Annie Oakley)... first Doug (Coaster) arrived from Tampa, then later Nitro (Edwin) arrived, soon it was time to pick up Boris (Coal Miner) at the Airport.. and have dinner at our favorite Asian restaurant at the Gold Coast, called Ping Pang Pong... 
After dinner, the guys kept me company in the coffee shop ‘till 11 pm , when it was time to drive over to the Airport again and pick up Ivy.
Monday was a very busy day teaching. A very
Nice student from Texas came over for a full day class.. 8 hrs... We divided the class into 2 days of instruction... 4 hrs each day.. plus casino sessions. The student’s name is Jesse and he was eager to have his toss tweaked and to learn some of my Specialty tosses.
He had previously had a class with my old group GTC, and was a pretty good shooter already.. especially from stick left. I tuned up his toss on Monday... and with a free adjustments, it was really looking good as he made lots of points during our practices session.
During our casino session, a student named Mark, ( from Texas) who had taken my class a couple of days earlier, had a great roll at the Gold Coast... He tossed a 26 number roll!
I used one of my Specialty tosses from stick left.. The Corner toss and tossed a 23 roll hand
Jesse tossed an 18 roll hand and a 20 roll hand.
Ron, who was one of my students when I was an Instructor in GTC, joined us at the table and had a beautiful 32 roll hand !!
Koi, my longtime friend and shooting partner, got dialed in with his special toss technique and tossed a fantastic 32 roll hand making 4 Repeater Bets!!! The 3-4-5-6!!!
We all celebrated our win at the Orleans Buffet.. Comped of course! At dinner was Koi, Shooter, Jesse, Ivy, Boris and myself... Mark M had to head back home to Texas... It was great playing with him. Thanks for coming over for a class Mark... I’m so happy that you had many great rolls in the casino. Earlier in the day, Mark had a roll in the mid 30s.


Part 4
Wow! So much has happened since my last trip report...
Two more students came over for a class named Jesse and Tim.. Both are terrific shooters and just needed a little tweaking to get their toss just right ... After tuning up their toss we worked on some of my Specialty tosses and shooting from straight out. They seemed to really enjoy learning new tosses which enabled them to shoot from different table positions.
My friends Bobby Bones and his wife Barbara came into town.. I usually see them when I visit them in Biloxi. Bobby loves to play craps and Baccarat. After Tim’s “one on one” Dice lesson, Ivy, Bobby, Barbara and Tim joined us for a very nice lunch at a local Greek restaurant... it has a crazy name .. “The Fat Greek”. Not a good name if your on a diet 🙂
After lunch Aloha Jonny who had just arrived in town joined us at the Craps table....soon Koi and his friend Ricky arrived and we had a fun time together..
That night. Boris ( Coal Miner) and Doug ( Coaster) flew back home to the East Coast.
Before Boris left, he had some great rolls, hitting the hard 4 numerous times with $125-$150 on it ... Paying 7 to 1. Koi had some great rolls too, in the 20s.
I played one last session with Coaster ... he likes the tables at Excalibur, where his Yuri low on-axis roll works really well from straight out... He also tossed a 20 plus roll. I had a good roll too from stick right, with my On-Axis parr toss from stick right. My student Jesse soon joined us and had an amazing roll. He hit the “Tall” bonus bet in only 5 rolls ... paying 34 to 1. The 8-9-10-11-12. At one point, he only needed the 11... I hopped the 11 for $1.00 and it hit the very next roll!
The next day, had a very nice lunch date with our friend Beau (Dice Coach) and Beth and their Grand daughter Camille. Ivy and Ivy and I have been friends with Beau and Beth for about 20 years.. they are wonderful friends.
That night Ivy and I had a quiet dinner at famous Dave’s bar b que in Blue Diamond.. near the Silverton Casino in South Las Vegas.
The next day was a quiet day since many of my friends went home.. I played a casino session with Ivy at The Flamingo Hotel. I saw something about very interesting happen that session...
A shooter from the hook tossed the dice really badly, while trying a Controlled toss... the dice stopped about a foot from the back wall.. The supervisor was looking at the other table so he didn’t see it.. the roll counted... Everyone at the table were playing the right side .. pass line and odds and place bets... but one guy had $50 on don't pass...
The next roll only made it half way down the table and stopped around the Hardway bets. The stickman said “no roll” because the dice didn’t hit the back wall. The dice landed on a 3-4 seven out!
The Don’t better got very angry with the no roll call....”What do you mean no roll? .. You called the bad roll before fair, and it missed the back wall!!.\
The pit boss who was watching another table, strolled over to see what the commotion was ... after weighing the facts... he said “Ok.. the Don’t better wins because of the 7... and the do bettors get to keep their bets because I’m calling it a no roll.” What a great Supervisor.. he was fair to everyone.
That evening Ivy and I had a dinner date with Rich (VDC) and Yerny at Nora’s Italian Restaurant on Flamingo Rd... We had a very enjoyable dinner. Afterwards, we drove to the Strip to see a fabulous show at Harrahs Casino..... It’s called “Heartbreak Hotel” It’s all about the early career of Elvis Presley... We really enjoyed the show and the terrific music...The singer portraying Elvis was very good as well as the Singer playing BB King... “Elvis”sang all of his early songs from Sun Records to RCA.. 1954-1960 era
We really enjoyed the show... If you enjoyed
the show “Million Dollar Quartet” I think that you’ll enjoy this show as well.
The next day Ivy and I had breakfast with Aloha Jonny, his wife Malia and their daughter Elizabeth, at Blueberry Hlll restaurant in Flamingo and Decatur. They have excellent food. We had a very enjoyable breakfast together.
After breakfast, Ivy, Elizabeth and I went on a nice adventure, about an hours drive form the Las Vegas Strip to an area near the Colorado River... across the River is Arizona...
It was an interesting area, which used to be a Gold mine... it was an active Gold Mine from he 1860s to 1940... We took a terrific guided tour of the area and the actual Gold Mine..

It was a really Interesting day... lots of old wooden houses and old cars.......The mine was abandoned at the start of World War 2.

At night Koi, Aloha Jonny, Elizabeth, Malia, Ivy and I enjoyed a nice dinner at Ping Pang Pong Asian restaurant at the Gold Coast casino.

Part 5
The last few days in Las Vegas have been a lot of fun.
I’ve had two very nice students named Rich come over for classes to my Vegas Craps pit over the last couple of days. Both students have had training previously and are good shooters.. They both have very good technique, and just needed a little tweaking. By the end of the the class, their tosses were really looking good.
Once their toss was toss looked just right, we went over how to shoot from stick right, left and from straight out... We all had a good time, practicing their toss techniques.
I heard from Rich from Texas the other day that he had nice rolls in the mid 20s over at Caesars Strip properties. I always enjoy hearing from my students.

Yesterday, at the Gold Coast, I ran into some of my students from previous classes..It was great to see them again. They seemed to be having fun at the Craps table.
I’ve had some good rolls the last couple of days at the Gold Coast, Bally’s, Excalibur, and Texas Station.. rolls ranging from 18-32... a few shorter one too.
My shooting buddy Koi got hot at an off strip property having a 38 roll hand hitting 3 Repeater bets .
After his roll, a woman who was a rhythm roller, standing straight out, tossed a 22 roll hand.. After her roll, we colored up winners and celebrated.
Between teaching and playing, I’ve had some time to relax and enjoy Las Vegas. One day I took a ride out to Red Rock Canyon, the scenery and cool weather,
Made for a perfect day to be outdoors.
Friday night I met Tony and Koi Downtown to play a session at the Golden Nugget... We had some decent rolls, but just missed hitting the ATS bet each time by missing the 12, before the 7 rolled. “Close, but no cigar” as the saying goes.
After our session, we had dinner, and then I went to see a show at the Golden Nugget.. I love the music of the ‘60s so the headliner act was Gary Lewis and the Playboys...
They had a lot of top 10 hits from 1964-1968... Gary is Jerry Lewis’s son.
Their hit records include “This Diamond Ring”, “Count Me In”, "Green Grass", “Just my Style” ”Everybody Loves a Clown”, “Sure Gonna Miss Her” and others.... Afterwards, I walked around downtown on Fremont Street... enjoying the ambiance, the light show and outdoor rock bands.
Last night after class, I took a walk on the strip and explored the Bellagio and Cosmo Casinos... both were very crowed, being Saturday night... but it was fun taking pictures and people watching.


Part 6

During my last 2 days of my Las Vegas adventure, I took a 4 hour drive to Prescott, Arizona to spend some time with my son Brian. Prescott is a really cool town to visit. We stayed at a historical hotel called St. Michael, which still had the original Otis Elevator, from 1904, and still running.

Prescott is over 5000 ft. elevation, so it was pretty cold there, 28-40 degrees... We left before a big snow storm was going to hit.
We had dinner at an old Western Saloon from the 1860s, as seen in the old black and white photo, and it still looks the same. Wyatt Earp was the Sheriff at that time.

The next day, we went to a wonderful museum down the block... It featured Fremont’s house (the same Fremont that Fremont Street in Las Vegas is named after) Seems that he was Governor, and map maker and explorer in Old West. The Museum featured original house and log cabins and historical items from Prescott during the mid-1800s.

Next we took a trip to Heritage Park which had unusual rock formations around a lake... The park also had a very nice zoo that we explored, which made for a very enjoyable day with my son.

After, the park and zoo, it was time to say goodbye.. He was heading up to Flagstaff ( about an hour’s drive) to enjoy the snow, as I headed back to Vegas to catch the red-eye back to Ft. Lauderdale.
I’m taking it easy during the month of December and early January, and relaxing at home in Ft. Lauderdale... I have a 12 ft. Craps table to keep my skills sharp and to teach on... I’ll be available for private classes during this time. Let me know if you want to come visit.. We have beautiful 75-80 degree sunny days during the winter months.
Then, in January I’m heading back to Vegas from mid January to the first week of February... and will be available for one on one classes with casino sessions.


Craps Cruise 2 - Allure of the Seas - Trip Report - October 2019

Posted on November 5, 2019

Hi Everyone,
I arrived home yesterday from a wonderful 7 day Caribbean Cruise, on the Allure of the Seas (Royal Caribbean).

I want to thank my pals Heavy & Craig for putting together “Craps Cruise 2”.
Craig Shacklett and the URComped team did a great job of taking good care of us on the cruise. Everything was top notch form the Dining experience, the casino with extended hours, extra professional dealers, and providing us with a great time!
The Allure of the Seas is one of the largest cruise ships in Royal Caribbean’s fleet... it holds 5,000 passengers! The ship had two 12 foot Craps tables which were pretty busy from opening to closing due to the large amount of Craps players on the Craps Cruise. The tables closed around 3 am... and I was told that there were many hot rolls late at night.... I was usually in bed by 1 am.
The table conditions were good... it did however, take a few days for many of the shooters to get their toss dialed in because the red layout was slightly soft and padded.
Once we figured out the bounce, and the energy needed to get the dice to hit the back wall...and hitting the right landing zone, the big rolls began.
I used various toss techniques to see which one worked best for me... I found if I used my On Axis toss from Stick left, at least one die wouldn’t make it to the back wall... I like to toss the dice very softly, using some back spin, from stick 1. I found that my toss was too soft for this layout and both dice didn’t hit the back wall. I remember one time my point was 6... On a long roll, I hit the 6, four times...but they said “no roll” ... finally I hit the 6 again, and they counted it.
When I moved back to stick left 2, using the 2V set, I started having rolls in the mid 20s because I tossed the dice a bit harder, being further back from the wall.

I found that my longest rolls were using the following techniques... “On-axis” parr toss from stick left 2, "Split shot" (Dice Magic) from Straight Out, and the "On-Axis Corner toss" from stick left one.
The cruise was a lot of fun and besides the casino, the shows were very enjoyable... One night was the Headliner show with a musical comedian... Playing songs on his piano of Elton John, Billy Joel and Stevie Wonder.
Another show had was the Musical Play "Mamma Mia"..the cast did a great job!!!

We enjoyed the Aqua Theater Show, Ice skating show, and the activities around the ship.

One of the things that Ivy and I really enjoyed was having breakfast and dinner with our friends everyday. It was great having wonderful meals with our friends Mark & Deb, Kevin, and his brother Keith, Heavy and his daughter Sarah, and Aloha Jonny and Malia... sometime we had other guests like Marshall and his wife join us too

Our first port was Labadie, which was a wonderful beach day and bar b que. I loved swimming in the warm turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. That day was a fun day with Aloha Jonny, Malia, Keith and Craig and his family.

We also toured the islands with our group. When we arrived in Jamaica, we rented a van (taxi) to take us on a tour of the local sights, we toured Falmouth and Montego Bay. We later stopped off at a local place that the taxi driver recommended. Aloha Jonny requested a place that the local taxi drivers ate.
It was off the road and right on the water... it looked like a broken down shack.... first fish soup in a coffee cup was brought to our table... not so good 😞.... Then, a steamed fish was was brought to our table... each one of us got one (it was the only thing on the menu). It looked like a red snapper fish...just laying there on the plate...... The head, the teeth, the eyeballs, tail and fins were all there...yikes!!!

We ended up eating it with some rice.... but the presentation had a lot to be desired.
Anyway, we had a fun day, seeing Jamaica like the locals.
Our next port was Cozumel, Mexico... all 6 of us took a cab (van) to explore the country side of the island... Aloha Jonny was looking at some property that he saw on the Internet. It seemed to be in the middle of nowhere, with only one house built on the area... it was next to a mangrove forest full of mosquitoes and no breeze...not a good combination....although the ocean was about 300 yards away.
Then, the taxi took us into town where we met Craig Shacklett and his lovely wife for a URCOMPED party at an outside bar/restaurant called Wet Wendy’s. We had a fun table together... soon Heavy and Sarah, Phil and Sonya joined us... We had a good time drinking frozen Margaritas and having Mexican Fajitas.

Now I’d like to talk a little about the casino action... The tables were both $10 min and single odds.. unless you were betting $25 chips on Pass or Come.
The dealers were great and on Halloween, all of the dealers were in costumes and makeup... everyone’s favorite costume was worn by Olga as a sexy zombie or ghost... not sure 🤔Many of the guests wore costumes as well... it was a fun night!
As I look at my charts of casino play... I notice that there weren’t very many long rolls early on, but, on the first night as players got used the tables, I see Mark (22inside) tossed a 20 roll hand..... Phil tossed a 20 roll hand, Gregg Stroud tossed an 18 roll hand and Jasper tossed a 24 roll hand and Joey tossed an 18 roll hand.
Rather than reporting day by day which would take too long, I’ll post some of the best rolls that I witnessed or heard about the next morning. Sometimes the biggest rolls happened at 2-3 am while I was sleeping.
My best rolls (Howard rock n roller): 18, 22, 23, 26, 28, 32
Phil: 20, 18, 24
Jasper: 24, 22, 18
Gregg S. 1895, plus some other big rolls very late at night
Mark: (22inside) : 20, 21, 23
Joey: 18, 22
Rich: 18, 21, 22
Eric C: 18, 30... plus a big roll while I was sleeping
Aloha Jonny: 18, 20, 26, lots of hard 6s
Ryan: 18, 30
Keith: 18, 19
Kevin (Bankerdude) 18, 25, 30 lots of hard 4s
Marshall 18, 20, 22
Heavy: 18, 20, 22
David : 18, 20
Roger: 42, plus other big rolls on last day

Those are the biggest rolls that I witnessed.... I was usually on the
Non-smoking table. There might have been many other great rolls taking place on the smoking table, and after I went to bed around midnight.... of course there were many short and medium rolls through out the trip as well.

I can’t wait ‘till we cruise again with all of my friends on Heavy’s and URCOMPED Craps Cruise 3... Valentine's Week, Feb 9-16, 2020...Oasis of the Sea...Leaving out of Miami .
My next adventure takes me to Las Vegas...this month.. November

Las Vegas Trip Report - September 2019

Posted on October 4, 2019

Hi Everyone,
I flew into Las Vegas on September 1st as Hurricane Dorian was approaching south Florida. My sister Arlene joined me the following day, getting the last flight out last Sunday at 2 pm... just before they closed the airport.

September 7

Thanks everyone for all of your good wishes to stay safe during he storm.. We were very fortunate in South FL that the hurricane stayed out over the ocean and headed North.
So I was in Vegas and off to a great start tossing the dice. I played 10 Craps sessions the first week, and won 8 out of 10 sessions.
When I was not playing, I was very busy teaching one on one classes and tune ups in my Vegas Craps pit. I want to thank everyone for coming over for classes. I’ve been very busy teaching, and am looking forward to playing more sessions with my students..
Here are some of my recent sessions that are fresh in my mind... Yesterday at Bally’s I tossed a 22 roll hand from stick left, making 3 points.
My shooting partner Koi, tossed for a monster roll, holding the dice for an hour two days ago at the Orleans casino. The amazing thing is not only is Koi a terrific shooter.. but he’s also 93 years old!!!
I tried out a new shot that I’ve been practicing and perfecting.. it’s an on-axis toss from stick right one, that I call the “Drop Shot”.... I had 2 great rolls with it.. and one not so great 😀... the first roll was 26 numbers .. hitting 2 repeater bets...
Then, my next roll was 40 numbers long... making lots of points and making 3 repeaters.. the 12, 9 and 5... I used the crossed 6s set...
When I first got the dice, the table was was pretty empty... but, by the end of my roll, many of my friends and students were on the table with me, and it was packed! It was great to see Wilton and Elena, Phil and Sonya, Terry, Kevin, Aloha Jonny, Koi and many others.
I took Arlene to an excellent show at the Golden Nugget. Remember the mid 60s group the Buckinghams? Well, we saw them in concert and they were great... They put on a great show singing their hits and lots of 60s music. Their hits include, “Kind of a Drag”, “Susan”, “Don’t you Care?”, "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" and “Hey Baby! They’re playing our song”.

They introduced a friend in the audience named Dennis Yost .. The lead singer of the 60s group The Classics lV.. of “Stormy” fame, and many other big hits from that era.
After the show we walked around Downtown.. Man, that place is wild. It was the "First Friday of the month" Celebration. Fremont Street was really jumping!
On September 7, I played with many of my students, then took a break to go site seeing around Red Rock Canyon. We stopped off at a quaint little town called Blue Diamond. It’s like an oasis in the desert... it’s a small community, with Parks and lots of trees.

I saw the Elvis show .. Heartbreak Hotel.. with my buddy London Shooter at Harrahs. Arlene saw Keith Urban at Caesars Palace..


September 14
I’ve been in Las Vegas for the past two weeks and having such a great time. I’ve been really busy teaching “one on one” classes on Dice Control techniques, playing, winning, seeing lots of shows and having great dinners.
I am very thankful to the all of the many students that have come over to my Vegas craps pit, during the past two weeks. I enjoy reading all of the great casino reports on how well my student are doing at the Craps tables. I really love teaching and sharing my knowledge and skill in the art of Dice Control (DI)
It’s been a whirlwind of students and friends coming to visit me... Some are flying in from the East Coast and some from as far away as Hawaii. I really enjoy helping people.
It was great seeing and being with my students and friends...Aloha Johnny, Arlene, Doug ( Coaster), London Shooter, Boris (Coal Miner), Koi, Dennis, VDC, Kent, Jim, Ivan, Kevin, Terry, Eric C, David, Gabriel, Jim G, Nina, and Mark, Walter, Edna and many others.. it’s been an amazing couple of weeks.
During the past 2 weeks, I’ve had some terrific rolls, when I had a chance to play with students. Many of my rolls have been in the 18-26 roll range...but, I did manage to knock out a 40 roll hand at the Gold Coast a few days ago. So far, I’ve played 15 casino sessions and won 12 of them.
My shooting partner Koi tossed a 50 roll.. an hour hand at Orleans... Doug (Coaster) has been red hot at Excalibur... using the “Yuri Toss” that I taught him when he came over to my craps pit. He’s been tossing lots of rolls in the 20-30 range.
Boris (Coal Miner) came over to my craps pit and I tuned up his toss and he’s on a hot streak ... He sets the hard way set with the 2-2 on top and loaded up his chips on the Hard 4... which pays 7 to 1... He’s hit it multiple times in the last few days with $150- $250 on it... when he misses... he usually hits an ace- deuce ... which he puts $25 on it... paying 15-1..... Its very exciting to be at the table when he is shooting . Of course he doesn’t hit these high risk bets every time ... but, this trip his shot has been on ... and he’s hit the hard 4 in many sessions.

Yesterday, a student game over to my craps pit, and I taught him one of my Specialty tosses after I tuned up his on-axis toss.
After class we joined up with Koi, Boris and Doug at Texas Station to play a live casino session... He tossed an amazing 36 roll hand .. it lasted a good hour!! He was all the way over on stick right 3... and the new toss worked great!!! He had the longest roll at the table .
Our dinners have been a little crazy.. I’ve been getting lots of comps, so we’ve been eating quite often at Ping Pang Pong at the Gold Coast, Orleans Buffet and the Ellis Island Bar b Q..
I really enjoy going to shows at night ... so far we’ve seen
“Heartbreak Hotel” at Harrahs, 60s Band The Buckinghams at the Golden Nugget, Arlene saw Tenors of Rock and Keith Urban (at Caesars)
Ivy just flew into town, so tonight we are going to see “Good Vibrations” ( Beach Boys tribute band) at South Point, then Next week Gary Puckett and the Union Gap at Golden Nugget .

I’ll be in Vegas for another 2 weeks .. I have a few slots open if you’d like to come over for a one on one class which includes a live casino session... please let me know and reserve your day.
My classes start at 2 hours, and I offer longer classes as well. My craps pit is only 3 miles from the strip.... just 1 mile from the Orleans or Gold Coast.

October 1
After a great month in Vegas, I’m finally back home in Ft Lauderdale.
Ivy and I flew home a couple of days ago and after resting, I’ve planned another Vegas Trip... Nov 6 – Nov 26.
This past trip was just fantastic! I was so busy teaching “one on ones” and playing, I hardly had any days off to rest. But, I want everyone to know that I am so thankful to all of the students and friends that stopped by for a class, and casino play. I really love teaching and sharing my knowledge and skill of 20 years of playing Craps professionally. I think that I enjoy teaching almost as much as I enjoy playing and winning in the casino.
It was really great seeing so many students and so many friends....Phil and Sonia, Koi, Dennis, Tony Dice Guy, Boris ( Coal Miner), My Sister Arlene, my wife Ivy, Beau and Beth, Rich and Yerny, Heavy, 22 inside, Eric, Banker Dude, Nate, Aloha Jonny, Kent and Jim, Ivan and Rodney from Hawaii, Kevin and Terry from Texas, Eric C, David J, Gabriel, Jim, Chad, Nina, Doug from Tampa, Alonzo, Matt, and Clay from Delaware and of course my mate from the UK .. “London Shooter” ( Stuart) So many wonderful people.
When I wasn’t teaching and playing, I managed to get out of the casinos and do a little sightseeing and get some fresh air... We visited Mt Charleston, Red Rock Canyon, toured the new neighborhoods of Summerlin, and Henderson... visited friends for lunch or dinner... It’s always good to get out of the casinos once in a while and recharge your batteries.

We saw some great shows my sister Arlene saw Keith Urban at Caesars, we saw the Buckinghams.. 60s Band ... “Kind of a Drag”, Don’t you care?, “Susan” and many other great songs from ‘67-‘69
Ivy and I saw Gary Puckett and the Union Gap at the Golden Nugget.. “Woman, Woman” “ Young Girl”, This Girl is a woman now” and many other great songs from “67-“69”
We also saw The Bronx Wonderers at Harrahs ... lots of Dion, Four Seasons , and other great songs from the 60s.
We enjoyed a terrific Beach Boys tribute show called Good Vibrations at South Point. Lots of great surfin’ films playing behind the band.
And finally a fun show called “Heartbreak Hotel” about Elvis’ rise to fame in the mid 50s... lots of great Rockabilly and a terrific blue guitarist playing BB King and Chuck Berry.... London Shooter and I enjoyed this show.
As far as casino play goes... I beat the odds and after a month of playing in Vegas almost everyday ... I came out way ahead for the trip... I played 38 casino sessions and won 32 of them!

My toss was really on, on most of my casino sessions ... of course I had a couple of off days too where I just couldn't find the strike zone. My longest roll was a 42 at Texas Station, where I tossed for about an hour... I tossed a 40 roll at Gold Coast.. hitting lots of Repeater bets.
I had some rolls in the 30s at Bally’s, Paris, and Orleans and many rolls in the 20s and Teens... and then of course a few shorter ones as well.
Many of my students had great rolls in the 20s and a few in the 30s and some shorter.
I’m very proud of them, some were beginners and some were experienced shooters who just needed a tune up on their toss.
I had such a great time in Vegas, I can’t wait to go back again in November. Looking forward to seeing you all in Vegas.

Windsor Trip Report - July 2019

Posted on August 6, 2019

On Sunday July 28th, Ivy and I headed to the Ft. Lauderdale Airport to catch the 7 am flight to Detroit. We landed about 3 1/2 hours later, and my good friend Gary (Six Shooter) and his lovely wife Vicky picked us up at the Detroit Airport.

Soon, we stopped off at the local White Castle hamburger place on the way to the Detroit / Windsor Tunnel. Scott and Patty soon joined us at White Castle... good friends and fun times.

After lunch, we drove through Downtown Detroit, and then through the tunnel to Windsor, Canada. We had our passports ready and after a pleasant conversation with Canadian Customs officers there we were... Welcome to Windsor Canada.

Just a couple of blocks away is the Caesars Windsor Casino Resort. What a beautiful resort! It is smoke free, and has two high hotel towers facing the Detroit River and Downtown Detroit Skyline.

My host Cathy arranged for Ivy and I to have a beautiful room on a high floor, with a river view... just beautiful! ...and it was all comped! Actually, four days were comped and the extra day was at a casino rate, but I knew that at the end of the week after playing, I’d have it comped.

The casino has two floors and connects to two hotels. The gaming space on two floors were very large. The craps pit had 6 craps tables. One was Crapless and the others regular craps with Fire Bets. The Crapless table was also crap less with a lower payout. All of the tables were $10 minimums, with a nice hard surface.


After we checked in and got our rooms, we headed down for the craps table. I’ve found through the years that all craps tables are not created equal, and when you get to a new casino, it takes a few rolls to get used to the bounce and the rubber on the back wall pyramids... some people refer to it as the alligator skin.

Our first session was so-so... most of our hands lasted 10-12 rolls... although someone had a 26 roll hand.

We took a break and rested from getting up at 4:30am to get to the airport, earlier in the morning. Eric (BuffaloYo) came in to town to join us.

We had dinner at the Diamond lounge. Our group consisted of Ivy and I, Gary and Vicky, Eric, and Scott and Patty. We had a nice time together. The Diamond lounge was not as good as last year when they served hot food... I guess Caesars is cutting back and only had salad, soup and sandwiches.. and dessert.

After dinner, we all went to the Crapless table and had a pretty good session with Eric and Gary having the longest rolls.

There are a couple of odd rules at Caesars Windsor. No free alcoholic drinks in the casino, and you can have a designated shooter if you’d like, when it’s your turn. So, let’s say a random shooter wants someone who’s hot that night to shoot for them. When the dice come to them they tell the box and Stickman to pass the dice to the guy that he chooses.

The next morning... Monday July 29th, we all met for a Craps session around 7:30 am. The only table open was Crapless, which means that whatever number you roll on the come out, becomes your point.... even a 12! There is only a Pass line.. no Don’t Pass... so the casino has a big edge over the players. But, if you can toss outside numbers ... 9-10-11-12 or 2-3-4-5... you can win, big time!

Our craps group consisted of Gary, Eric, Scott and I. Scott had the longest roll in our group, so he became the designated shooter, and followed up with a 20 roll hand!

We each took one turn with the dice and Scott (who previously took my class in Atlantic City) had the longest rolls. First, he used the On Axis toss from Stick left and tossed a 26 roll hand.

By then, our wives came down and it was time for breakfast. We took a walk a few blocks to the downtown area, and enjoyed a nice breakfast at a place called Pete’s. The restaurant only had one person working there, a very nice lady who was the server, the cook and the cashier. She works really hard!!! But, it took a while for our meals to come out.

After breakfast we played another session. It was pretty short... hit and run... then we relaxed the rest of the day, walking along the river, going to the swimming pool etc.

At night we all met for dinner at the Buffet. We stayed there quite a long time talking and having a good time.

On Tuesday morning, around 7:30 am, our craps group grew. More controlled shooters joined us. Our group consisted of Gary, Eric, Scott, Howard, Justin and Gregg.

When we first arrived, Justin was in the middle of a hot roll... He tossed a 35 roll hand, using an underhand toss!

Most of our rolls were around 15 numbers long, but, looking at my chart, it’s not clear who it was... but one of us had a 36 roll hand!

Soon our wives arrived... Ivy, Patty and Vicky... it was time to take a break and go to breakfast at Pete’s again. Justin and Gregg headed back to Detroit to go to work.

We played a session after breakfast, which was a good one!

By now, we started getting a feel for the tables and saw which shots worked and which one didn’t. I moved from Straight Out to Stick Right, and had a nice 18 roll hand. Scott tossed a 17 roll hand, and Eric got dialed in from Stick Left and tossed a 22 roll hand!!

We took a very nice drive along the Detroit River, heading south through small quaint towns for about an hour... and soon we were in the country... We saw lots of farms, horses and vineyards. We were in wine country!

We stopped off at one of the vineyards, which was very nice and right off Lake Erie. We sat and tasted all kind of wines. It was such a nice afternoon together with our friends... Gary & Vicky, Scott & Patty and Ivy and I. After a while, we headed back to our casino... It was such a nice day to spend with friends.

During our second session of the afternoon, I switched positions and tried Stick Left 1. I used my Ice Tong Toss. 4/2-2/4 set and got dialed in. That was the right position for me on these tables, Stick Left. That’s why I like having a-few different toss techniques. Once I see I see what works, I’ll have great rolls the rest of the trip!

I had 2 good rolls that session... an 18 and then a 35 roll hand...from stick left, using my Ice Tong Toss.

We had a very nice dinner at the sports bar restaurant in the casino... they have really succulent spare ribs!

Our group started getting smaller as we said goodbye to Scott and Patty, who had to get back home to Michigan. Eric took a ride to meet our old friend Lou in Toledo.

So, early in the morning, Gary & Vicky, and Ivy and I had breakfast at Pete’s one last time. It’s always nice to get out of the casino and walk to the downtown Windsor area.

We played a winning session after breakfast. Gary switched to his corner toss, using a diagonal grip. It worked very well and he tossed a 24 roll hand!!

Gary and Vicky soon left to go home to prepare dinner for us at their home off of Lake St. Clair.

Eric arrived back at Caesars in the early afternoon and we headed out to visit Gary and Vicky at their home, where they were planning a dinner party.

Gary and Vicky are such good friends and great hosts. We had a great time visiting with them. Soon, Gary took us out on his boat on Lake St Clair... what a great time we had!!

After we arrived back to Gary and Vicky's home, 3 more friends arrived, Justin and his wife, and Eric. Gary took his new guests out for another boat ride.. Of course I came along .. I always enjoy having a fun time.

After the boat ride around the lake Gary and Vicky had a delicious fish dinner prepared for us, What a great time we all had!!!

At night Eric, Ivy and I headed back to Caesars Windsor Casino Resort.

Thursday was a quiet day for Ivy and I. Eric went back home to Jersey and we were the only ones left in the casino from our group.

It was a good day to train Ivy on how to bet. The craps tables were empty in the morning. However, they were expecting a big crowd later on, because Ringo and his All Star Band were performing at night.

I had some terrific rolls playing with Ivy on an empty table. I used my Ice Tong Toss shooting from Stick Left 1. Ivy charted and practiced how to read the table and what numbers to bet. My fist roll was a 24 number roll.

I was in middle of my second roll when the stick lady started tapping her hand to the beat of the song that was playing on the speakers. It was very distracting, especially since my body is low using my Ice Tong Toss. So I switched to my On-Axis Toss where I stand taller, and tossed a 40 hand roll!!!

There was a lot of excitement around the casino about the Ringo Starr concert... but the host told me that it was sold out. But because I kept thinking about it, The Law of Attraction kicked in... What you think about and focus on is attracted to you!
I kept thinking about the concert and really wanted to go.. but how..it’s sold out...

Ivy and I went to Johnny Rockets for lunch. The place was pretty empty and the server sat us next to three guys having lunch. We noticed that 2 of the guys have long black hair, black shirts and jeans, kind of like the way a Rock Star would dress. Sure enough, as we’re eavesdropping on their conversation they’re talking about famous rock groups. Then, we found out that one of the guys wearing a Mets hat is the Road Manager, and one guy right next to us is from the 80s group Toto, and his friend is from the rock group Foreigner. We finally got up our nerve to say hello and they were so friendly.. The guy from Toto asked if we were going to the show tonight. I told him that it was sold out ... He said he wished he had tickets to give us.. but he already gave them away to friends.

But, I don’t give up... I really wanted to go to the show, now that I met some of the band members.

10 minutes before the show, I gave it one last try... The Law of Attraction kicked in... I asked the lady at the box office if any tickets opened up. She said the show was sold out, but wait a minute... three individual tickets opened up....I said all excited I’ll take the two best ones!

I called Ivy, who was relaxing up in the room..."Hurry up.I got tickets for the show.. it’s starting in 5 minutes!!"

I ended up sitting right in the center VIP seats!! The woman next to me must have been with the band... she had a paper with the playlist on it. I didn’t want to look at it so I would be surprised and enjoy the show.

I got Ivy a great seat too, a little off center and close to the stage. She said watching Ringo drumming was like watching him on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964, when the Beatles appeared.

The show started and I saw the Road Manager that we met earlier, sitting in front of me.. Then we saw our new friend from lunch, Steve Lukather from Toto playing lead guitar... the other guy at lunch from Foreigner playing keyboard... and Ringo looking great playing the drums and singing his songs! Wow!!!

The band members were Steve Lukather who played lead guitar and sang the songs by Toto, Foreigner, Men at Work, Average White Band and of course Ringo who sang his Beatles songs and his solo songs. What a night!... and for that matter what a great day!!!!

Here is a picture of Steve Lukather from Toto at Johnny Rockets .... before we got the nerve to say hello... and then later on stage.